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Andrew\Drawcli\ActiveX hyper linking.html (13451, 1999-03-30)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\BookmarksDlg.cpp (1881, 1999-03-13)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\BookmarksDlg.h (1365, 1999-03-04)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\CNTRITEM.CPP (4892, 1998-03-26)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\CNTRITEM.H (1784, 1998-03-26)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\Drawcl1.dcl (230912, 1999-03-18)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\Drawcl2.dcl (729088, 1999-03-18)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\DrawCli.aps (57292, 1999-03-18)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\DRAWCLI.CLW (25883, 1999-03-25)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\Drawcli.cpp (6973, 1999-03-29)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\DRAWCLI.DSP (9672, 1999-03-17)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\Drawcli.dsw (537, 1999-03-18)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\Drawcli.h (1613, 1999-03-29)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\DRAWCLI.MAK (14358, 1998-03-26)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\Drawcli.ncb (132096, 1999-03-30)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\Drawcli.opt (49664, 1999-03-30)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\DRAWCLI.PLG (3379, 1999-03-30)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\DrawCli.rc (38345, 1999-03-17)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\DRAWDOC.CPP (27422, 1999-03-29)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\DRAWDOC.H (5332, 1999-03-30)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\DRAWOBJ.CPP (31981, 1999-03-29)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\DRAWOBJ.H (6538, 1999-03-17)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\DRAWTOOL.CPP (11419, 1999-03-06)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\DRAWTOOL.DOC (103936, 1999-03-18)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\DRAWTOOL.H (2956, 1999-03-06)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\DRAWVW.CPP (38462, 1999-03-25)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\DRAWVW.H (6681, 1999-03-17)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\HLinkFormatPage.cpp (3456, 1999-03-06)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\HLinkFormatPage.h (1701, 1999-03-06)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\HLinkPage.cpp (2131, 1999-03-17)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\HLinkPage.h (1515, 1999-03-17)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\InputBox.cpp (1165, 1999-03-04)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\InputBox.h (1203, 1999-03-04)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\IpFrame.cpp (3253, 1999-03-29)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\IpFrame.h (1583, 1999-03-29)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\L.JPN (0, 1999-03-30)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\L.JPN\DRAWCLI.RC (16979, 1998-03-26)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\L.JPN\RES (0, 1999-03-30)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\L.JPN\RES\DRAWCLI.RC2 (1551, 1998-03-26)
Andrew\Drawcli\Source\MAINFRM.CPP (3292, 1999-03-13)
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This is a part of the Microsoft Foundation Classes C++ library. Copyright (C) 1992-1997 Microsoft Corporation All rights reserved. This source code is only intended as a supplement to the Microsoft Foundation Classes Reference and related electronic documentation provided with the library. See these sources for detailed information regarding the Microsoft Foundation Classes product. ------------------------------------------------------- DRAWCLI Sample Microsoft Foundation Classes Application ------------------------------------------------------- The DRAWCLI sample application illustrates the integration of OLE container support with application-specific features, effective use of polymorphism in C++, and Windows 95 logo compliance. OLE container support --------------------- The DRAWCLI was originally a stand-alone drawing application developed using the MFC classes. The stand-alone version of DRAWCLI was then integrated with a second skeleton version of DRAWCLI created using AppWizard's OLE Container feature. This process is similar to how the OLE Visual Editing server tutorial adds server support to create the Step 7 version of SCRIBBLE. The design of an MFC OLE container application should look essentially the same, regardless of whether you're adding OLE functionality to an existing stand-alone MFC (doc/view) application, or whether you're starting with an AppWizard-generated OLE container application. The following is a brief description of how DRAWCLI is separated into application-specific code and OLE container-specific code. Class CDrawObj, implemented in DRAWOBJ.CPP, is a base class for derived "shape" classes. This base class handles hit testing of shapes, moving of shapes, and resizing of shapes. Through the use of polymorphism, DRAWCLI can interact with objects of different classes through CDrawObj's interface. Classes CDrawRect and CDrawPoly are derived from CDrawObj. CDrawRect is used to draw rectangles, rounded rectangles, ellipses, and lines. CDrawPoly is used to draw polygons. These two classes are independent of DRAWCLI's OLE container functionality. Class CDrawOleObj is also derived from CDrawObj, and is used to represent OLE embedded objects. CDrawOleObj delegates any OLE-specific operation to a contained CDrawItem object (described below). For generic shape operations, OLE embedded objects are treated like other shape objects in DRAWCLI because CDrawOleObj is derived from CDrawObj. Class CDrawItem, derived from COleClientItem, handles all the OLE-specific behavior for the OLE embedded object. The implementation of CDrawItem is similar to the implementation of the COleClientItem-derived classes in the CONTAIN and OCLIENT samples. Class CDrawDoc is derived from COleDocument. The document object maintains a CObjList of CDrawObj objects. CDrawDoc delegates several OLE container-specific menu commands, such as Edit Paste, Paste Link, and Links, to the base class COleDocument. Class CDrawView is derived from CScrollView. The OLE-specific implementation of CDrawView is similar to the implementation of the view classes in the CONTAIN and OCLIENT samples. The bulk of DRAWCLI's drawing-specific user interface is also implemented in CDrawView. Windows 95 Logo compliance -------------------------- All MFC applications meet some of the requirements for the Windows 95 logo: having a Win32 executable, support for long filenames, support for UNC pathnames, use of system colors and metrics, and compatibility with Windows NT. DRAWCLI meets the remaining requirements for the Windows 95 logo by including the following features: - OLE support. DRAWCLI is an OLE container that stores its files in the compound file format, supports in-place activation, and acts as a drop target for drag-and-drop operations. - MAPI support. DRAWCLI provides a "Send as ... ...