开发工具:Visual C++
上传日期:2003-09-05 00:00:00
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说明:  一个通过udp进行通信的例子
(Udp communicate through examples)

MCIP (0, 2003-08-19)
MCIP\MAKEFILE (475, 1995-09-05)
MCIP\MCIPRECV.MAK (5648, 1995-09-05)
MCIP\MCIPSEND.MAK (5648, 1995-09-05)
MCIP\Mciprecv.cpp (2156, 2000-07-02)
MCIP\Unixsend.c (1717, 2000-07-02)
MCIP\MCIPRECV.001 (5648, 1995-09-05)
MCIP\MCIPRECV.DSP (3646, 2002-11-19)
MCIP\MCIPRECV.DSW (541, 2002-11-19)
MCIP\MCIPRECV.PLG (1091, 2002-11-19)
MCIP\MCIPRECV.ncb (33792, 2002-11-19)
MCIP\MCIPRECV.OPT (48640, 2002-11-19)
MCIP\MCIPSEND.001 (5648, 1995-09-05)
MCIP\MCIPSEND.DSP (3646, 2002-11-19)
MCIP\MCIPSEND.DSW (541, 2002-11-19)
MCIP\MCIPSEND.ncb (33792, 2002-11-19)
MCIP\MCIPSEND.PLG (1091, 2002-11-19)
MCIP\Mcipsend.cpp (2365, 2002-11-19)
MCIP\MCIPSEND.OPT (48640, 2002-11-19)
MCIP\WinRel (0, 2002-11-19)
MCIP\WinRel\MCIPRECV.exe (29184, 2002-11-19)
MCIP\WinRel\MCIPSEND.exe (29184, 2002-11-19)
MCIP\WinDebug (0, 2002-11-19)

This directory contains a UDP sender and receiver. UDP packets are broadcast on a single network segment, so run as many copies of the sender and receiver on the network as you like. The UNIXSEND file contains a C program that you can compile and run on a UNIX machine on the same segment. If the UNIX implementation gives you problems, see the book for a desciption of the problem and the solution. YOU MUST LOAD THE TCP/IP PACKAGE IN THE NETWORK APPLET OF THE CONTROL PANEL BEFORE THIS CODE WILL WORK. SEE THE BOOK "Windows NT Administration: From Single Systems to Heterogeneous Networks" for instructions. Use MAKEFILE to compile the program with the SDK. Use MSIPSERV.MAK and MSIPCLNT.MAK and compile the two programs separately if you are using Visual C++. You will need to include the WSOCK32.LIB library if you create your own project files.