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说明:  一个远程桌面协议的例子
(An example of Remote Desktop Protocol)

disks (0, 2000-08-09)
disks\3.5 (0, 2000-08-09)
disks\3.5\DISK1 (1474560, 1992-04-08)
disks\5.25 (0, 2000-08-09)
disks\5.25\DISK1 (1228800, 1992-04-08)
dsample (0, 2000-08-09)
dsample\CLIENT.C (3989, 1992-12-01)
dsample\SERVER.C (5205, 1992-12-01)
include (0, 2000-08-09)
include\NETDB.H (1899, 1992-12-01)
include\netinet (0, 2000-08-09)
include\netinet\IN.H (3557, 1992-12-01)
include\SOCKDEFS.H (5628, 1992-12-01)
include\SOCK_ERR.H (3280, 1992-12-01)
include\sys (0, 2000-08-09)
include\sys\SOCKET.H (4904, 1992-12-01)
include\WSOCKDEF.H (4283, 1992-12-01)
include\WSOCKETS.H (7082, 1992-12-01)
lib (0, 2000-08-09)
lib\DOS_SOCK.LIB (27935, 1992-12-01)
lib\OS2_SOCK.LIB (25839, 1992-12-01)
lib\WSOCKETS.DLL (32768, 1992-12-01)
lib\WSOCKETS.LIB (3584, 1992-12-01)
netprog (0, 2000-08-09)
netprog\SOCKETS.EXE (41792, 1992-12-01)
README.TXT (4829, 1992-12-01)
wsample (0, 2000-08-09)
wsample\clnt_srv (0, 2000-08-09)
wsample\clnt_srv\CLIENT.C (20311, 1992-12-01)
wsample\clnt_srv\CLIENT.DEF (295, 1992-12-01)
wsample\clnt_srv\CLIENT.EXE (17408, 1992-12-01)
wsample\clnt_srv\CLIENT.H (985, 1992-12-01)
wsample\clnt_srv\CLIENT.MAK (634, 1992-12-01)
wsample\clnt_srv\CLIENT.RC (662, 1992-12-01)
wsample\clnt_srv\SERVER.C (20824, 1992-12-01)
wsample\clnt_srv\SERVER.DEF (288, 1992-12-01)
wsample\clnt_srv\SERVER.EXE (16384, 1992-12-01)
wsample\clnt_srv\SERVER.H (1049, 1992-12-01)
wsample\clnt_srv\SERVER.MAK (634, 1992-12-01)
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Microsoft TCP/IP Sockets Development Kit Version 1.0 SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION Copyright (c) Hewlett-Packard Company, 1990. Copyright (c) Microsoft, 1992. All rights reserved. Microsoft, MS, and MS-DOS are registered trademarks and Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Operating System/2 and OS/2 are registered trademarks licensed to Microsoft Corporation. U.S. Patent Number 4955066. This file reflects last-minute information regarding the Microsoft TCP/IP Sockets Development Kit version 1.0. Installing the Microsoft TCP/IP Sockets Development Kit ------------------------------------------------------- The following files are included in the Microsoft TCP/IP Sockets Development Kit: README.TXT - this file \INCLUDE\ - the same include files are used for MS-DOS/Windows and OS/2 application development. By default, the libraries are used for MS-DOS or OS/2 application development. To designate Windows development, you must define the symbol WSOCKETS_DLL before including these files. See Windows sample apps. NETDB.H - defines data structures used by the sockets network database routines (gethostent, getservent, etc.). NETINET\ IN.H - definitions particular to the Internet address domain. SOCK_ERR.H - defines errors returned by sockets routines. SOCKDEFS.H - function prototypes for MS-DOS and OS/2 sockets routines. (Note: included in socket.h). WSOCKDEF.H - function prototypes for Windows sockets routines. (Note: included in socket.h if WSOCKETS_DLL is defined.) SYS\ SOCKET.H - contains socket definitions and type declarations necessary for most sockets applications. \LIB\ DOS_SOCK.LIB - This library is for MS-DOS sockets applications. OS2_SOCK.LIB - This library is for OS/2 sockets applications. WSOCKETS.LIB - This is a small static library that is used to handle the explicit loading of wsockets.dll. wsockets.dll is included with the LAN Manager product. See the following sections on Sockets DLL/Library and Static vs. Dynamic Link Library Interfaces. \DSAMPLE\ - this directory contains sample code for an MS-DOS or OS/2 (not Windows) application. CLIENT.C - sample client application source code. SERVER.C - sample server application source code. WSAMPLE\ - this directory contains Windows sample code CLNT_SRV\ - sample client/server application source code for Windows. UDP\ - source for a very simple UDP Windows application. \NETPROG\ SOCKETS.EXE - a patched version of socktsr.exe/sockets.exe that contains a bug fix not found in earlier versions of LAN Manager 2.1 and Microsoft TCP/IP Utilities for LAN Manager. You may freely copy the contents of this diskette to your hard disk, taking care to preserve the include file directory structure. After indicating to your compiler and linker the location of the include files and sockets libraries, you should be able to completely build your application. Sockets DLL/library ------------------- The sockets DLL named 'wsockets.dll will be made available to end users on the LAN Manager distribution diskettes. The user will be required to copy this file manually from the distribution disk - it is *not* copied during the installation of LAN Manager by default. It is also important to remind users that they must load either socktsr.exe (the old real-mode sockets TSR) or sockets.exe. Wsockets.DLL/sockets.exe bug fixes ---------------------------------- A bug fix was made to both wsockets.dll that caused some applications to UAE when the remote system closed the socket first in a TCP connection. This bug fix ... ...