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说明:  TMagRas Release 4是一套可安装的DELPHI非可视控件,其中包含一些示范和例子程序,还有一个帮助文件说明使用拨号网络或远程登录服务函数。Delphi开发者可以在其应用中加入完整的RAS功能呢感,包括拨号,监视多个连接,创建和编辑电话本(不用WINDOWS对话框)并且获得连接的状态信息。TMagRas支持Windows 95 *** ME NT4 2000以及XP,允许应用支持所有在NT和2000下不同的RAS扩展,包括多通道ISDN连接的子入口。在NT4下可以独立返回每个连接的性能统计,而在2000下,可以返回每个通道的统计。拨向NT4 RAS服务器的呼叫可以被监视。在其主页上,可以下载一个编译好的示范程序。
(TMagRas Release 4 is a set that can be installed DELPHI non-visual control, which includes a number of demonstrations and examples of procedures, there is a help document describes the use of dial-up networking or remote registry service function. Delphi developers can complete their applications to join the RAS features)

example.txt (5043, 2001-04-30)
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exdials.exe (346112, 2001-04-30)
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TMAGRAS - DELPHI RAS COMPONENT - RELEASE 4.61 ============================================= Last Updated: 26 June 2001, Release 4.61 by Angus Robertson, Magenta Systems Ltd, England Email:, Copyright Magenta Systems Ltd, 2001. Compatible with Delphi 3, 4, 5 and 6 (but tested mainly on D5) Compatible with Windows 95, ***, ME, NT4, 2000, XP. Windows 95 requires the DUN 1.2 upgrade for some functionality. Overview -------- TMagRas Release 4 is a set of installable Delphi non-visual components, supplied with several demo and example programs and a help file, for accessing Dial Up Networking or Remote Access Services functions. It allows Delphi developers to add full RAS functionality to their applications, including dialling and monitoring multiple connections, creating and editing phonebooks (without using Windows dialogs), and getting performance information for connections. TMagRas supports Windows 95, ***, ME, NT4, 2000 and XP, allowing an application to support all the various RAS extensions in NT and W2K, including sub entries for multi- channel ISDN connections. Performance statistics are returned separately for each connection in NT4 and each channel in W2K. Incoming calls to NT4 RAS Server may be monitored. TMagRas is supplied as five separate installable Delphi components: TMagRasCon includes dialling and monitoring and limited connection editing, TMagRasPer has performance statistics, TMagRasEdt to create and edit connections/phonebooks, TMagTapi lists TAPI devices and monitors them (but does not make calls), and TMagRasAdm which supports the admin interface to RAS Server for incoming connections. These are supported by MagRasApi that includes the prototypes for all RAS functions and loads them dynamically (in case RAS is not installed), TMagTapiApi that includes prototypes for TAPI functions and loads them dynamically, WinPerf has NT performance data structures, MagRasPdhApi NT performance data helper, MagRasEnt to support phonebook entry lists, MagRasStr with RAS string literals, MagTapiStr with TAPI string literals, and MagSubs1 with common non-RAS functions. A demo program illustrates use of the components, including monitoring multiple connections, creating a simple new connection with minimal properties, and editing detailed connection properties (seven tabs of settings) including Windows 2000 extensions. Seven example programs illustrate various aspects of the components and may be copied to quickly add specific RAS functionality to applications. TMagRas is copyrighted software, but the compiled component DCUs may be used without cost in applications for use by the developer or within their company but which are not otherwise distributed (including freeware and shareware). The component source code may be licensed for a cost of 100 (UKP) (117.50 with tax), which is about $150 or 160 euros less tax. Developers that license the source may distribute applications using TMagRas without further cost. The compiled components are available for Delphi 3, 4, 5 and 6. Delphi 2 did not supportCOM/GUID so the source API would need changes for that old version. The component should be usable with Borland C++ Builder, but currently OBJ files are not available so you will need to license the source code and recompile. Changes in TMagRas Release 4.61 ------------------------------- 1 - Recompiled with the final Delphi 6 release. 2 - Fixed a possible bug in MagRasGetEntryList that could have raised a error if there are installed connection entries. 3 - Added GetMACAddresses to return one or more network card MAC address for the local or others PCs, see DEMO4.PAS for usage (it's not in the help file yet). Changes in TMagRas Release 4.60 ------------------------------- 1 - Improved the means ... ...