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OhPhone man page ================ NAME ohphone - initiate, or receive, a H.323 IP telephony call SYNOPSIS ohphone -l|--listen [options]... ohphone [options]... address DESCRIPTION ohphone is a command line application that can be used to listen for incoming H.323 calls, or to initiate a call to a remote host. Although originally intended as a test harneess for the OpenH323 project (see http://www.openh323.org) it has developed into a fully functional H.323 endpoint application. ohphone includes a simple menu that allows interactive control of functions, as well as allowing control of most dialling and answer functions via a phone handset when used with a Quicknet (see http://www.quicknet.com) LineJack or PhoneJack. When used with the -l option, ohphone will wait for incoming calls. If this option is not specified, ohphone expects a hostname to be specified and will attempt to connect to a H.323 client at that address. OPTIONS All of the command line options to ohphone can be specified in long form, and the most commonly used options also have single character equivalents. The long forms can also be used in the ohphone configuration file. To disable or turn off a feature, use the long form of the name with the prefix --no-, i.e. --no-answer or --no-gsm. -a, --auto-answer Automatically answer incoming calls. --aec, level Set the AEC (audio echo cancellation) level when using a Quicknet card. level must be in the range 0 through 3. The default value is 2. -b, --bandwidth bps Limit bandwidth usage reported to gatekeeper to bps bits/second. --callerid Enable transmission of caller ID to phone handset -d, --autodial host Automatically dial host if phone goes off hook. --dial-after-hangup By default ohphone will present a busy tone when a connection is broken, requiring the handset to be put on hook before making another call. If this flag is specified, a new dialtone will be presented, allowing a new connection to be made without requiring an hook transition. --disable-menu Disable the internal menu. -e, --silence Disable silence detection and removal for GSM and software G.711. -f, --fast-disable Do not request H323V2 FastConnect when initiaiting a connection. -h, --h245tunnel-disable Do not perform H245 tunneling when initiating a connection. -g, --gatekeeper host Upon startup, register with only with the specified gatekeeper rather than attempting to find a gatekeeper by using UDP broadcast. --g711-ulaw Set G.711 uLaw as preferred codec. --g711-Alaw Set G.711 ALaw as preferred codec. --g7231 Set G.723.1 as preferred codec, when using a Quicknet card. --gsm Use GSM 06.10 as preferred codec. --h261 device Enable reception of video data in H.261 format. The device specifies the device to be used to display the received video information. Permitted values of device are: ppm Create a numbered sequence of PPM files svga256 Write directly to the console in 256 colour VGA mode (Linux only) svga Write directly to the console in full-colour VGA mode (Linux only) x1132s Create an X11 window using a TrueColor visual write to using using the XShm extensions (Unix systems only) x1132 Create an X11 window using a TrueColor visual write to using using standard X11 pixmaps -i, --interface interface Only bind to the specified network interface address. By default, ohphone automatically listens for incoming calls on all TCP/IP network interfaces available on the host machine. This option is useful for runnin ... ...