上传日期:2004-06-08 03:05:06
上 传 者linzhengwang
说明:  MutilMedia Player支援MOD MP3 WAVE OGG等格式
(MutilMedia Player support MOD MP3 WAVE OGG format, etc.)

base (0, 2004-06-07)
base\include (0, 2004-06-07)
base\include\database.h (1834, 2002-06-19)
base\include\debug.h (1170, 2002-06-19)
base\include\downloadformat.h (2464, 2002-06-19)
base\include\downloadmanager.h (9663, 2002-06-19)
base\include\errors.h (4123, 2002-06-19)
base\include\event.h (10068, 2002-06-19)
base\include\eventdata.h (25156, 2002-06-19)
base\include\facontext.h (2809, 2002-06-19)
base\include\help.h (2187, 2002-06-19)
base\include\log.h (1889, 2002-06-19)
base\include\metadata.h (6211, 2002-06-19)
base\include\missingfile.h (1766, 2002-06-19)
base\include\musiccatalog.h (5644, 2002-06-19)
base\include\player.h (6670, 2002-06-19)
base\include\playlist.h (12887, 2002-06-19)
base\include\playlistformat.h (2886, 2002-06-19)
base\include\plmevent.h (1952, 2002-06-19)
base\include\portabledevice.h (4676, 2002-06-19)
base\include\preferences.h (5539, 2002-06-19)
base\include\prefixprefs.h (2255, 2002-06-19)
base\include\properties.h (2405, 2002-06-19)
base\include\propimpl.h (2338, 2002-06-19)
base\include\queue.h (4230, 2002-06-19)
base\include\registrar.h (1861, 2002-06-19)
base\include\registry.h (2670, 2002-06-19)
base\include\thread.h (1577, 2002-06-19)
base\include\timer.h (1982, 2002-06-19)
base\include\undomanager.h (2156, 2002-06-19)
base\include\utility.h (2688, 2002-06-19)
base\src (0, 2004-06-07)
base\src\.cvsignore (12, 2002-06-19)
base\src\database.cpp (5824, 2002-06-19)
base\src\debug.cpp (1954, 2002-06-19)
base\src\downloadmanager.cpp (54221, 2002-06-19)
base\src\errors.cpp (6600, 2002-06-19)
base\src\log.cpp (3097, 2002-06-19)
base\src\missingfile.cpp (6205, 2002-06-19)
base\src\musiccatalog.cpp (39226, 2002-06-19)
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This documents how to get you up, running and using Zinf. It also explains a bit about where we are coming from. Send feedback to info@freeamp.org. If you have any questions, please check the web site at http://www.freeamp.org for answers to common problems before sending us mail. INSTALLATION: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- From the source: See the document INSTALL USING Zinf: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Zinf 2.1 for Win32 and Linux: freeamp [options] [file 1] [file 2]... A lot has changed since version 1.3. In version 2.0 we have an all new interface with easily labelled buttons. * My Music - Opens a music browser which will hopefully allow you to more easily manage your music. The "My Music" dialog allows you to edit the current play queue as well as persistant playlists. * Options - Opens the preferences dialog, enabling you to control many features in Zinf. * Files - Allows you to immediately open files located on your file system. * Download - Opens the download manager. Above the button bar are the volume slider on the left and the seek slider on the right. Below the button bar are the primary audio controls, Previous Song, Play/Pause, Stop, and Next Song. The small buttons to the left of the primary audio controls control shuffle and repeat modes. ABOUT Zinf: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Zinf is an Open Source effort to build the best digital audio player available. In the interest of supporting the free software community, while at the same time fostering the growth of the online delivery of music, EMusic.com, THE Source for Downloadable Music, is funding both the Zinf.org domain and the efforts of the Zinf team. The Zinf team consists of: Mark B. Elrod, Robert Kaye, Isaac Richards, Brett Thomas, and Jason Woodward. Other people have also contributed to Zinf. Bill Yuan in *** has contributed the RainPlay user interface and Gabor Fleischer in Hungary has contributed Linux ALSA support. For a complete list of contributors and their contributions check out the AUTHORS file. If you feel like contributing to the project, please check out our developer pages. Zinf is being released under the GPL. As is provided by the GPL, all of EMusic's and your efforts toward Zinf will be released back to the community at large. The current development and release versions of Zinf can be found at http://www.zinf.org.