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UICatalog ========== This sample is a catalog of all the UI elements found in the iPhone's UIKit framework. It is designed to exhibit a large variety of views and controls along with all their varying properties and styles. If you need code to create specific UI controls or views, refer to this sample and it should give you a good head start in building your user interface. In most cases you can simply copy and paste the code snippets you need. Build Requirements Mac OS X 10.5.3, Xcode 3.1, iPhone OS 2.0 Runtime Requirements Mac OS X 10.5.3, iPhone OS 2.0 Using the Sample Build and run the sample using Xcode 3.1. To run in the simulator, set the Active SDK to Simulator. To run on a device, set the Active SDK to the appropriate Device setting. In most areas of this sample, as you see various UI elements, you will see a corresponding explanation as to where you can find the code. So for example the Buttons page - the gray button will have "ButtonsViewController.m - createGrayButton". This means refer to the ButtonsViewController.m source file and search for the createGrayButton Objective-C method. Buttons - This UIViewController or page contains various kinds of UIButton controls complete with background images. Controls - This page contains other miscellaneous UIControl classes helpful in building your user interface including switch, slider page, and progress indicator. TextFields - This page hosts different kinds of UITextField controls. It also demonstrates how to handle the keyboard, particularly with a text field that are placed in the area where the keyboard appears. SearchBar - This pages exhibits the UISearchBar control. TextView - This page exhibits the use of UITextView. Pickers - This page shows the varying picker style view including UIPickerView and UIDatePicker. UIDatePicker variants include date, time, date & time, as well as a counter. A custom picker is also included in this page. Images - Shows how you can create a UIImageView containing a group of images used for animations or slide show. Web - Shows how to properly use a UIWebView and target websites using NSURL class. Segment - This page adds several types of UISegmentedControl views. Toolbar - This page shows how to use UIToolbar and adds several kinds of UIBarButtonItems. Alerts - This page shows how to use UIActionSheet and UIAlertView to display varying kinds of alerts that require user actions. This includes simple alerts, OK/Cancel alerts, and alerts with custom titled buttons. Transitions - This page shows how to implement view "flipping" and "curl" animations between two different views using a category of UIView called UIViewAnimation. Localization - You will notice this sample in various places shows you how to localize your string content by using the NSLocalizedString() macro. Each language has a "Localizeable.strings" file and this macro refers to this file when loading the strings. Packaging List main.m - Main source file for this sample. AppDelegate.h/.m - The application's delegate to setup its window and content. Contants.h - Contains various screen placement constants used across all the UIViewControllers. MainViewController.h/.m - The front UIViewController containing a UITableView to navigate to all its pages. ButtonsViewController.h/.m -UIViewController that hosts all the varying UIButtons. ControlsViewController.h/.m - UIViewController that hosts all the varying UIControls. TextFieldViewController.h/.m - UIViewController that contains UITextFields and how to use them. SearchBarController.h/.m - UIViewController that contains a UISearchBar. TextViewController.h/.m - UIViewController that shows how to use UITextView. PickerViewController.h/.m - UIViewController that shows all the different kinds of picker controls. ImagesViewController.h/.m - UIViewController that contains a UIImageView. WebViewController.h/.m - UIViewController that shows how to use UIWebView. AlertsViewController.h/.m - UIViewController that hosts all the varying kinds of alerts and action sheets. SegmentViewController.h/.m - UIViewController that hosts all the varying UISegmentedControls. ToolbarViewController.h/.m - UIViewController that hosts a UIToolbar and its UIBarButtonItems. TransitionViewController.h/.m - UIViewController that shows how to flip between two different views. DisplayCell.h/DisplayCell.m - a commonly used UITableViewCell for displaying and explaining a given UI element. SourceCell.h/SourceCell.m - a commonly used UITableViewCell for explaning "where" to find the code for a given UI element. CellTextField.h/CellTextField.m - A type of UITableViewCell used for containing UITextFields. CellTextView.h/CellTextField.m - A type of UITableViewCell used for containing UITextViews. Changes from Previous Versions 1.0 - First release 1.1 - Updated the user interface layout to show proper use or proper context in using the UIKit controls and views. 1.2 - Changes due to API updates in the Beta 3 SDK: reusable UITableView cells. 1.3 - Updated for Beta 4, changed to use Interface Builder xib files, removed un-needed QuartzCore framework, added Toolbar view for UIToolbar and UIBarButtonItems, added additional UIButtonTypes, added UISearchBar. 1.4 - Updated for Beta 5, renamed some classes. 1.5 - Beta 6 Release, updated to use xib file for MainViewController, fixed bad blur effect on UIView classes by properly rounding of coordinates, introduced "UIViewAnimationTransitionCurlUp/UIViewAnimationTransitionCurlDown" UIView transitions, adopted UITextField's "leftView" property. 1.6 - Minor UI modifications, changed bundle identifier. 1.7 - Improved custom UIPicker, Updated for and tested with iPhone OS 2.0. First public release. Copyright (C) 2008 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.