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说明:  为delphi量身打造的 direct x控件代码,用于在delphi下的3D开发

Bin (0, 1999-02-10)
Bin\Install_for3.exe (17920, 1999-02-10)
Bin\Install_for4.exe (21504, 1999-02-10)
DelphiX.inf (911, 1999-02-10)
FFEffects (0, 1999-02-10)
FFEffects\Diesel Engine.ffe (315, 1999-02-10)
FFEffects\Idling.ffe (172, 1999-02-10)
FFEffects\Landing.ffe (178, 1999-02-10)
FFEffects\Machine gun.ffe (320, 1999-02-10)
Help (0, 1999-02-12)
Help\DelphiX.cnt (2897, 1999-02-10)
Help\DelphiX.hlp (437022, 1999-02-12)
Samples (0, 1999-02-10)
Samples\d3drm (0, 1999-02-10)
Samples\d3drm\AlphaBlending (0, 1999-02-10)
Samples\d3drm\AlphaBlending\back.bmp (17462, 1999-02-10)
Samples\d3drm\AlphaBlending\CUBE.X (932, 1999-02-10)
Samples\d3drm\AlphaBlending\Main.dfm (1030, 1999-02-10)
Samples\d3drm\AlphaBlending\Main.pas (4479, 1999-02-10)
Samples\d3drm\AlphaBlending\Sample.dpr (236, 1999-02-10)
Samples\d3drm\Basic (0, 1999-02-10)
Samples\d3drm\Basic\CUBE.X (932, 1999-02-10)
Samples\d3drm\Basic\Main.dfm (1030, 1999-02-10)
Samples\d3drm\Basic\Main.pas (4215, 1999-02-10)
Samples\d3drm\Basic\Sample.dpr (236, 1999-02-10)
Samples\d3drm\SelectDriver (0, 1999-02-10)
Samples\d3drm\SelectDriver\Config.dfm (1746, 1999-02-10)
Samples\d3drm\SelectDriver\Config.pas (3060, 1999-02-10)
Samples\d3drm\SelectDriver\CUBE.X (932, 1999-02-10)
Samples\d3drm\SelectDriver\Main.dfm (1038, 1999-02-10)
Samples\d3drm\SelectDriver\Main.pas (4701, 1999-02-10)
Samples\d3drm\SelectDriver\Sample.dpr (292, 1999-02-10)
Samples\d3drm\SelectDriver\Sample.res (876, 1999-02-10)
Samples\d3drm\shadow (0, 1999-02-10)
Samples\d3drm\shadow\DXshadow.dfm (1954, 1999-02-10)
Samples\d3drm\shadow\DXshadow.pas (4829, 1999-02-10)
Samples\d3drm\shadow\plane.x (4296, 1999-02-10)
Samples\d3drm\shadow\ProjectDXshadow.dpr (201, 1999-02-10)
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============================== DelphiX 99.02.10 ============================== * YOU MUST READ AND ACCEPT THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE BEFORE USING DELPHIX* 1. Introduction This component collection allows you to use DirectX with Delphi far more easily than writing it all from scratch yourself. You can even use these components if you don't have the DirectX SDK installed, i.e. just the runtime version. 2. Requirements You need to have the following software installed: - Borland Delphi 3 or 4 - DirectX version 5 (runtime) 3. The following DirectX objects are supported DirectDraw Direct3D DirectSound DirectSoundCapture DirectInput (including GetJoyPosEx) DirectPlay 4. Components included: TDXDraw DirectDraw and Direct3D component TDXDIB Component by which DIB is maintained TDXImageList List of TPicture. Surface is controlled. TDX3D The Direct3D component (works with TDXDraw). TDXSound DirectSound component TDXWave Component by which Wave is maintained TDXWaveList The list of Wave. The buffer is controlled. TDXInput Input component. (Keyboard and Joystick) TDXPlay Communication component TDXSpriteEngine Sprite engine TDXTimer High-speed timers (better than TTimer) TDXPaintBox DIB version of TPaintBox TDXForm Optimizes forms for DelphiX. 5. Installation Please execute Install_for?.exe of the Bin folder, which will do the compilation and registration for you. 6. TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE. Every part of DelphiX is Copyright (C) 19*** Hiroyuki Hori but you are licensed to use DelphiX to create software; DelphiX is freeware. Any software created using DelphiX may be distributed without fee to the author. You may not, however, distribute anything contained in the DXHeader folder, the FFEffects folder, or the Samples folder. The author of DelphiX assumes no liability for damages caused under any circum- stances whatsoever, and is under no obligation. Use of the software indicates acceptance of all conditions contained in this document. If you do not agree to these terms, you must delete this software immediately. You may distribute the archive in which DelphiX is distributed, but under no circumstances must this archive be changed. Distributing a modified archive is a violation of the software license. If you do redistribute this software, please let me know at the email address given below. 7. Lastly... If you have any questions, requests, bug reports, etc., please contact me at the address given below. Hiroyuki Hori E-Mail: Homepage: