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说明:  mcs51,2051,x86系列MCU,MPU微处理器硬仿真工具,可深度理解各微处理器内部寄存器结构
(mcs51, 2051, x86 series MCU, MPU microprocessor hardware emulation tool for understanding the depth of the internal register structure of the microprocessor)

SETUP.LOG (14066, 2003-09-08)
update.hlp (41116, 1997-01-06)
51\51.dll (94640, 1997-01-07)
51\51.ini (2465, 2003-09-08)
51\CODE\51fx.h (6792, 1997-01-06)
51\CODE\51fx.inc (1513, 1997-01-06)
51\CODE\51fxa.cod (16402, 1997-01-06)
51\CODE\51fxc.cod (17371, 1997-01-06)
51\CODE\i51fxa.cod (18439, 1997-01-06)
51\HELP\f251.hlp (64679, 1997-01-06)
51\HELP\ie51.hlp (76628, 1994-06-16)
51\HELP\qa51.hlp (29172, 1997-01-06)
51\MISC\51fx.ins (17294, 1997-01-06)
51\MISC\51fx.rcd (1944, 1997-01-06)
51\MISC\51fx.reg (43842, 1997-01-07)
51\MISC\5x.rcd (1052, 1997-01-06)
51\MISC\hl51.txt (4269, 1997-01-06)
51\MISC\pe51fx.idx (8972, 1997-01-07)
51\MISC\pe51fx.rd1 (22701, 1997-01-07)
51\MISC\_df51fx.var (786, 1997-01-06)
186\186.dll (94208, 1997-01-07)
186\186.ini (1519, 1997-01-06)
186\CODE\186a.cod (43293, 1997-01-06)
186\CODE\186c.cod (37284, 1997-01-06)
186\CODE\186eaio.inc (2374, 1997-01-06)
186\CODE\186eamem.inc (4585, 1997-01-06)
186\CODE\186ebio.inc (3073, 1997-01-06)
186\CODE\186ebmem.inc (5516, 1997-01-06)
186\CODE\186ecio.inc (4045, 1997-01-06)
186\CODE\186ecmem.inc (6329, 1997-01-06)
186\CODE\80c186ea.h (4189, 1997-01-06)
186\CODE\80c186eb.h (5080, 1997-01-06)
186\CODE\80c186ec.h (6891, 1997-01-06)
186\HELP\f186.hlp (56278, 1997-01-06)
186\HELP\ie186.hlp (75535, 1993-10-01)
186\HELP\qa186.hlp (33061, 1997-01-06)
186\MISC\186ea.rcd (2211, 1997-01-06)
186\MISC\186ea.reg (28356, 1997-01-07)
186\MISC\186eb.rcd (2979, 1997-01-06)
... ...

ApBUILDER README.TXT ------- UPDATES ------- ApBUILDER updates are available at the Intel Web site as well as Manuals and other Technical liturature for Intel Devices. Intel Web Address- www.Intel.com ApBUILDER Feedback (EMAIL)- builder_software@ccm.hf.intel.com -------------------- SUPPORTED PROCESSORS -------------------- This version of ApBUILDER fully supports the following processors: Intel386(TM) EX Processor 80C186EA / 80C188EA, 80C186EB / 80C188EB, 80C186EC / 80C188EC, 80C186XL / 80C188XL 8XC196KD, 8XC196KC, 8XC196KB, 8XC1***, 8XC196KR, 8XC196KQ, 8XC196KT, 8XC196JR, 8XC196JQ 8XC196JT, 8XC196NP, 8XC196NT, 8XC196NU 80C296SA 8XC52, 8XC54, 8XC58, 8XC51FA, 8XC51FB, 8XC51FC 8XC251SA, 8XC251SB, 8XC251SP, 8XC251SQ 8XC151SA, 8XC151SB 8X930Ax USB 8X930Hx ------------------ SCREEN RESOLUTION ------------------ ApBUILDER has been optimized for a screen resolution of 800 X 600 (w/small system fonts). If you are using standard Low VGA resolution (***0 x 480) you will have difficulty viewing some of the screens. ------------------------ Manuals and Data Sheets: ------------------------ Intel Manuals and Data Sheets are available at the Intel Web Site and through Intel Liturature sources. Windows format Hypertext Manuals and Data Sheets are (for the most part) no longer being distributed via the Web for Intel Microcontrollers. Currently, Intel is distributing Portable Document Format documents (.PDF extension). These Manuals and Data Sheets are viewable with a .PDF Viewer. We recommend using the Adobe ACROBAT reader which is currently available from the Adobe Web Site at www.adobe.com. If you have older windows Hypertext Manuals and Data Sheets installed on your system, ApBUILDER will be able to use them automaticly (smart links). If you have only a newer Manual, or Data Sheet in the .PDF format for a particular device, you 'may' need to configure ApBUILDER to use this document for that device. This is accomplished within ApBUILDER by Selecting "Options", and then selecting "Configure Manual and Data Sheet" from the main menu. After setting up a .PDF file -> ApBUILDER association for a manual or data sheet, it is necessary to restart the ApBUILDER program for the change to take effect in the pull-down Tools menu. After ApBUILDER has been configured using this option, you will be able to access your PDF Manual or Data sheet within ApBUILDER, throughout its various screens. If the .PDF document was provided with its own installation program, ApBUILDER will be able to recognise the document automatically and no configuration on your part will be necessary; The document should be accessible from within ApBUILDER immediately after the document installation program completes. -------------- INCLUDE FILES: -------------- The ApBUILDER software provides source code generation and makes assumptions about the naming of the processor registers. For this reason ApBUILDER has "include" files that support the processor special function registers. You may need to modify these files to be sure they work with your particular development package. The include files supplied with ApBUILDER provide macros that make accessing the special function registers of the various devices easier. Many compilers and assemblers have their own unique syntax regarding Macros. You may need to make adjustments to suite your particular development package. ---------- KNOWN ANOMALIES: ---------- 1) On some systems the text shown in the peripheral hilites may be difficult to read or may not fit within the text window. An option is available in ApBUILDER to help with this situation. Use the menu item "Options" - "Select Font..." to change the desired screen display font. Generally, you should choose a smaller font size when you find that the current text is being cut-off in various places. This problem generally occurs when you have selected Large Fonts in your Windows setup. 2) The slave mode for the 80C186EA interrupt controller is not supported. 3) Although we made every effort to test the code output of ApBUILDER, we ask that you verify the code in your application to ensure proper operation under all situations and conditions. 4) ApBUILDER's peripheral editor (PERIPH) attempts to flag illegal conditions, but not all conditions are verified. For this reason, it is important that you refer to the users manual for peripheral programming details. 5) The Register Editor does not allow bit-level changes to registers. Please refer to the "NEW FEATURES AND MODIFICATIONS" section for more information on this change. 6) USB Peripheral Editor limited to 1 configuration, 5 Interfaces, and Alternate settings is fixed to 0. If user needs more, they need to cut-and paste the code files provided. ------------------------------- NEW FEATURES AND MODIFICATIONS: ------------------------------- 1) It is now possible to Run the ApBUILDER Register Editor and run a peripheral editor simultaneously. This allows you to configure your peripheral in the peripheral editor while simultaneously viewing the bit-changes that take place in the Special Functions Registers. To take advantage of this feature, you must open the Register Editor before opening the Peripheral Editor. Bit-changes are no longer allowed in the Register Editor. This direct modification of register bits often resulted in invalid code configurations. Validity checking on SFR values only takes place in the Peripheral Editor. The Register Editor should be considered to be a Register viewer only. 2) ApBUILDER now supports the new Intel Manual and Data Sheet documents in the PDF (Portable Document File) format . Read the [Manuals and Data Sheets] section above for info. 3) A feature has been added that allows you to view the underlying SFR values in a complete listing. While this is mainly a diagnostic development tool, you may wish to view or print the listing for educational purposes. This feature is accessed by selecting "View SFRs" under the "Tools" menu. 4) The System Builder is now available for some microcontrollers. This allows you to use ApBUILDER to configure your peripherals, then generates a comprehensive full suite of code files. --------- FEEDBACK: --------- We appreciate your business and would like to offer you the finest product of it's kind. In order to do so, we need your feedback. If you find a bug, or wish to comment in any way, please EMAIL your comments/suggestions. ApBUILDER Feedback (EMAIL)- builder_software@ccm.hf.intel.com If you are reporting what you beleive to be a bug, please be as specific and detailed as possible in your message so that we can serve you better. We are often trying to get a better idea of our customer needs and are also very interrested in how you use ApBUILDER and what your PC hardware setup is. Any comments would be welcome. We would like to hear from you. -------------- FINAL COMMENTS -------------- We hope you have fun using the ApBUILDER software and find it useful in learning more about Intel architectures. We are proud to offer this tool to you and hope that it provides added value for you. Sincerely, ApBUILDER Software Development Team