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LwConvert.exe (233472, 2006-12-08)

Readme file for LwConvert v2.8b LwConvert is a simple program for converting Lightwave objects to MDL format, for use in Satellite Tool Kit/Visualization Option (STK/VO). The converter is a single .exe file, that can be installed anywhere on your hard drive (typically, C:\Program Files\AGI\LwConvert.exe). When you run it, a dialog box appears asking for filenames to convert. There is a "hints" button on this dialog. Most of the advanced features of the converter (MDL articulations, texturemaps, attach points, etc) are documented by text available in the "hints" button. Keep in mind that MDL only supports a small subset of what Lightwave is capable of rendering. This is because Lightwave can take its time to process each animation frame, sometimes taking an hour or more per frame, whereas STK/VO will attempt to render your model realtime, and make it interactive with the user. For this reason, it is recommended that you use far fewer polygons in MDL files than you would for a Lightwave-rendered animation. Generally speaking, if you make your model look good in Lightwave's built-in preview window, then the model stands a good chance of converting nicely. The preview window uses OpenGL for rendering, as does STK/VO. So, the converted model may look more like the preview window than a finished Lightwave-rendered image. Be sure to click on the hints button for more complete information. Visit our website http://www.agi.com/ Version 2.8b (12/8/2006) * Fixed problem with reading some LWO objects from a Blender export script. Version 2.8a (10/6/2005) * Fixed problem where Lightwave 8.3 objs wouldn't turn off smoothing. Version 2.8 (9/6/2005) * Upgraded to Visual Studio .NET 2003, static link with MFC libs. * Fixed articulation scripts to support custom articulation names. * Fixed problem where last "stepped" keyframe was lost. * Fixed "No valid articulations in scene" extraneous messages. * Added 1500 to the bounding sphere, for MoveX/Y/Z articulations. * Marked MDL with comment about which axis rotation was selected. Version 2.7b (10/16/2004) * Fixed a bug where it wouldn't subdivide two seemingly identical keyframes that happened to have a non-linear spline curve between them. Version 2.7a (10/15/2004) * Added ability to subdivide splined keyframes in a Lightwave scene file, and output an articulation script that approximates the spline curve. Version 2.7 (10/14/2004) * Added more processing of keyframes in Lightwave scene files. "Post Behavior: Repeat" is now understood, as well as stepped keyframes. Version 2.6a (7/18/2004) * Fixed a bug caused by a period in the path name of the LWO file. Version 2.6 (7/08/2004) * Texturemaps now keep their extension when converted to MDL. This is for STK/VO version 6.0 and higher, which supports many different image file formats as MDL texturemaps, including BMP, JPG, TIF, TGA, and PPM. Version 2.5b (9/27/2003) * Removed the "AP_" prefix from in front of attach point names. Be careful not to make two attach points with the same name. Fixed bug where a transformation name with a capital 'A', such as an articulation @Y(Azimuth), could cause an unintended attach point to be placed on that layer. Version 2.5a (5/6/2003) * Added "ParmTransp" keyword to surface comments, and added ClampS and ClampT commands to match texturemap tile settings from the texturemap editor panel. See hints. Also, fixed a bug with "ExtraCommand" not being recognised by itself in a layername, and improved handling of nearly-empty layers acting as parents for other layers. Version 2.5 (2/18/2003) * Added Pivot Point orientation, and Transformation names. Layers sorted numerically. Primitive support for layer inclusions added. User-definable extra commands are now available. See hints. Version 2.4 (10/15/2002) * Added support for large numbers of points, polygons, and layers. Previously the number of points per layer was limited to ***k. Fixed a bug with identical surface/part names being confused. Added the "NoDiffuseLighting" keyword to MDL files when diffuse light is set to 0.0% in Lightwave. Version 2.3e (4/11/2002) * Added support for multiple texturemaps and bump maps. See texture hints by clicking the "Hints" button. Version 2.3d (4/9/2002) * Added "Parm Transp" keyword for texturemaps that are translucent but have no alpha mask. Version 2.3c (4/8/2002) * Added check for negative numbers on parent layer, specularity, glossiness, and translucency. Version 2.3b (10/16/2001) * Fixed bug with punctuation marks in layer names being used in MDL component names. Version 2.3a (10/10/2001) * Fixed bug where a period in a texturemap path could mess up the texturemap filename in the MDL file. New for version 2.3 (9/17/2001): * The Articulation Script converter now supports new spreadsheet-friendly output format, with tab-separated or comma-separated values. This format of articulations script only works with STK/VO v4.3 and higher.