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说明:  一组Delphi/C++Builder上使用的Internet构件源码
(An set of component source used on delphi/c++ builder)

CPP\INTERNET\BCB1\CLIDEMO.MAK (2123, 1999-03-06)
CPP\INTERNET\BCB1\CLIENT5.CPP (743, 1999-03-06)
CPP\INTERNET\BCB1\CLIENT5.MAK (2115, 1998-04-11)
CPP\INTERNET\BCB1\CLIENT7.CPP (737, 1999-03-06)
CPP\INTERNET\BCB1\CLIENT7.MAK (2115, 1998-12-28)
CPP\INTERNET\BCB1\CLIENTS.MDX (6144, 1997-12-08)
CPP\INTERNET\BCB1\CONCLI1.CPP (3337, 1999-03-06)
CPP\INTERNET\BCB1\CONCLI1.MAK (1943, 1999-03-06)
CPP\INTERNET\BCB1\CONCLI2.CPP (5868, 1999-03-06)
CPP\INTERNET\BCB1\CONCLI2.MAK (2023, 1999-03-06)
CPP\INTERNET\BCB1\FINGER.CPP (757, 1999-03-06)
CPP\INTERNET\BCB1\FINGER.MAK (2118, 1998-04-11)
CPP\INTERNET\BCB1\FTPSERV.MAK (2256, 1998-12-22)
CPP\INTERNET\BCB1\FTPTST.CPP (877, 1999-03-06)
CPP\INTERNET\BCB1\FTPTST.MAK (2445, 1999-03-06)
CPP\INTERNET\BCB1\HTTPPG.CPP (751, 1999-03-06)
CPP\INTERNET\BCB1\HTTPPG.MAK (2118, 1999-03-06)
CPP\INTERNET\BCB1\HTTPTST.MAK (2085, 1999-03-06)
CPP\INTERNET\BCB1\MAILSND.MAK (2123, 1999-03-06)
CPP\INTERNET\BCB1\MTSRV.CPP (770, 1999-03-06)
CPP\INTERNET\BCB1\MTSRV.MAK (2152, 1999-03-06)
CPP\INTERNET\BCB1\NEWSRDR.MAK (2123, 1999-03-06)
CPP\INTERNET\BCB1\PINGTST.MAK (2123, 1999-03-06)
CPP\INTERNET\BCB1\POPTST.CPP (1175, 1999-03-07)
CPP\INTERNET\BCB1\POPTST.MAK (1974, 1998-04-12)
CPP\INTERNET\BCB1\RECV.CPP (735, 1999-03-06)
CPP\INTERNET\BCB1\RECV.MAK (2108, 1999-03-06)
CPP\INTERNET\BCB1\SENDER.CPP (745, 1999-03-06)
CPP\INTERNET\BCB1\SENDER.MAK (2118, 1999-03-06)
CPP\INTERNET\BCB1\SERVER5.CPP (743, 1999-03-06)
CPP\INTERNET\BCB1\SERVER5.MAK (2115, 1998-04-11)
... ...

ICS - Internet Component Suite ============================== (Aka FPIETTE's Components) Revised: October 3, 1999 http://www.rtfm.be/fpiette/indexuk.htm Legal issues: ------------- Copyright (C) 1997, 19***, 1999 by Fran鏾is PIETTE Rue de Grady 24, 4053 Embourg, Belgium This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the author be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software. Permission is granted to anyone to use this software for any purpose, including commercial applications, and to alter it and redistribute it freely, subject to the following restrictions: 1. The origin of this software must not be misrepresented, you must not claim that you wrote the original software. If you use this software in a product, an acknowledgment in the product documentation would be appreciated but is not required. 2. Altered source versions must be plainly marked as such, and must not be misrepresented as being the original software. 3. This notice may not be removed or altered from any source distribution. 4. You must register this software by sending a picture postcard to the author. Use a nice stamp and mention your name, street address, EMail address and any comment you like to say. Register -------- ICS is freeware. If you use the components, you must register by sending a picture postcard showing the area you lives in and some beautiful stamps for my kids who are stamp collectors. Do not use an envelop, I collect USED postcards sent to me. Address your card to: Francois PIETTE, rue de Grady 24, 4053 Embourg, Belgium. Don't forget to mention your name, address and EMail. Installation: ------------- The zip file has subdirectories in it. You must use the pkunzip -d option to restore this directory tree or you will have problems because the files will not be in their proper subdirectories. This is the subdirectory layout: .\ Info directory .\delphi\internet Delphi sample applications (all Delphi versions) .\cpp\internet C++Builder sample applications .\cpp\internet\bcb1 C++Builder version 1 projects .\cpp\internet\bcb3 C++Builder version 3 projects .\cpp\internet\bcb4 C++Builder version 4 projects .\delphi\vc Delphi 1.x files (winsock.pas 16 bits and *.dcr) .\delphi\vc32 Delphi (1/2/3/4/5) and C++Builder (1/3/4) components DELPHI 5: Directory VC32 contains IcsDel50.dpk which is a package source for all components. Using Delphi, do a file/open, select *.dpk and browse to the VC32 directory. Select IcsDel50.dpk and open it. Then click on the Install button. You should see the FPiette tab on the component gallery. Once the package is installed, you may open the sample projects. There is a project group called Del50Sam.bpg which has all sample programs. Open it with file/open, browse to the Internet directory, selct and open Del50Sam.bpg. Then Project/Build all projects. You'll get all sample programs compiled. Note: Packages are in the full ICS, in ICS.ZIP file. If you downloaded a partial ICS, then you have to add each component by hand in the package of your choice. DELPHI 4: Same installation as Delphi 5. Files are IcsDel40.dpk and Del40Sam.bpg. DELPHI 3: Same installation as Delphi 5. Files are IcsDel30.dpk and Del30Sam.bpg. DELPHI2: Directory VC32 contains all components. You ... ...