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(Genetic Neural Network)

CLEX.ZP (379722, 1993-01-07)
DATC.ZP (137448, 1993-01-01)
FEEDBACK.DOC (1024, 1993-01-01)
INSTALL.BAT (384, 1993-01-07)
NURN.ZP (87896, 1994-09-06)
NURON.ICO (766, 1994-09-06)
README (4352, 1993-01-07), 605K Bytes, A Menu-Driven Neural Network Package for the PC A. System Requirements ------------------- (1) x86-compatible PC machine with math coprocessor. (2) 512k RAM. (3) MSDOS 5.0 or later. (4) A text editor called "Edit" in the path. (5) c:\dos is in the path. (6) 3 megabytes of disk space, on disk c: (7) pkunzip version 204g must be in the path. (8) The software can be operated with or without a bus-type mouse. A serial mouse may make the menus operate sluggishly. (9) The software can be run from Windows or DOS. A Windows icon is included. B. Software Author --------------- The author of all programs in the package, except for program Ben.exe, is Michael T. Manry P.O. Box 195069 Arlington, Texas 76019 Compuserve: 73424,1327 Email: C. What the Neucls Package Does ---------------------------- The package consists of several programs, called by a menu system, which design and analyze artificial neural networks for classification or decision making. Included are programs which; (1) Put ASCII data into the correct format for neural processing, (2) Calculate the required size of a multilayer perceptron from a training data file (3) Train a multilayer perceptron (MLP) neural net using backpropagation or a fast training method, (4) Analyze and prune a trained neural network. (5) Create a fortran subroutine which implements the trained network, (6) Apply the trained network to data, (7) Train and apply functional link neural networks, and (8) Apply conventional and neural unsupervised learning to a data file. D. Demo versus Full-blown Versions ------------------------------- (1) The programs in the package are fully functional demos, except that some programs do not save weights to be used later. (2) The 32-bit, full-blown versions of all programs in this package run approximately three times as fast as the demo versions. (3) A fast demo version of the package, called, will soon be available at E. New in this Version -------------------- (1) Greatly improved help files (2) Improved menus (3) Minor software changes F. Getting Started --------------- (1) Install the Neucls package automatically using the install batch file, or manually by following the instructions below. (2) Then go to the \Neuron\Batch\Dat subdirectory and type "nuron" to start up the package. (3) For every menu category, in the order listed, go to the option called "Batch Run", if there is one, and press . This will start up the "DOS Edit" editor for a parameter file used to control a demo run of one of the programs. (4) Examine the keyboard responses printed in the parameter file. When you are ready for the demo, exit the editor. The program will then be run using the parameter file. (5) When you begin to get a feel for what the package does, you can process your own data files. G. Installing the Software ----------------------- (1) For automatic installation, type install. (2) For manual installation, create directories \neuron, \neuron\batch, and \neuron\batch\dat, and put files clex.zp, nurn.zp, and datc.zp respectively into these directories. Unzip the zip files. (3) Put the batch file nuron.bat in the DOS directory or elsewhere in the path before running this package. (4) Go to a directory which has training data, such as \neuron\batch\dat (5) Type "nuron" at the DOS prompt to start up the package. H. Use and Distribution of ---------------------------------- Users can distribute the file to any person or bulletin board, but cannot sell it or distribute individual component progr ... ...