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说明:  Dialer is a small non visual component which allows you to dial phone numbers from your Delphi applications.

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Dialer is a small non visual component which allows you to dial phone numbers from your Delphi applications. I am not a great expert in communications but it works fine for my modem. You can modify it as much as you wish. Dialer has four published properties, which will appear in you Object Inspector. ComPort - communication port of your modem (dpCom1..dpCom4); Confirm - true if you wish dialer to ask you if you are sure to dial the number; Method - Dialing method - Pulse or Tone NumberToDial - string, which contains Phone Number you wish to dial e.g. '911' :) You can set these properties from Object Inspector or during the run-time. There is one public procedure: Execute After you add an icon representing dialer you can use TButton component to run it. e.g. procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); begin Dialer1.Execute; end; You can create the Dialer component "On Fly", without adding its icon to your form: procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); var TempDialer : TDialer; begin TempDialer:=TDialer.Create(Self); with TempDialer do begin ComPort:=dpCom4; Confirm:=true; Method:=dmTone; NumberToDial:='1(222)333-4444'; Execute; Free; end; end; in this case don't forget to add to your uses statement Dialer unit. That's it. Have fun. Any comments and improvements are welcome. This component was originally written by Artchil Gogava, ArGo Software Design, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, April 1995. The 32 bit version was developed by Ruud Overdijk, Kwarts produkties, Hilversum, The Netherlands, April 1996. The icon was designed by David Sherman (keywest@iafrica.com), Keywest Software, South Africa, in May 1996. Regards Original version - for Windows 3.x Artchil Gogava CompuServe: 75231,330 Internet: 75231.330@compuserve.com Updated version - for Win32 Ruud Ovendrijk CompuServe: 71613,1733 Internet: overdyk@worldaccess.nl