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ChangeLog (20523, 1998-11-19)
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clients\archie\archie.el (24844, 1996-03-14)
clients\archie\archie.h (2232, 1999-01-09)
clients\archie\archie.hlp (6674, 1996-03-14)
clients\archie\ (7188, 1996-03-14)
clients\archie\atalloc.c (2075, 1999-01-09)
clients\archie\copyright.h (2576, 1999-01-09)
clients\archie\dirsend.c (27059, 1998-11-19)
clients\archie\getopt.c (19826, 1998-11-19)
clients\archie\getopt.h (4156, 1999-01-09)
clients\archie\getopt1.c (3696, 1999-01-09)
clients\archie\get_pauth.c (984, 1999-01-09)
clients\archie\get_vdir.c (14381, 1998-11-19)
clients\archie\INSTALL (1623, 1999-01-09)
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clients\archie\patchlevel.h (1004, 1999-01-09)
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clients\archie\pcompat.h (1558, 1999-01-09)
clients\archie\perrmesg.c (9218, 1998-11-19)
clients\archie\perrno.h (4760, 1999-01-09)
clients\archie\pfs.h (14365, 1998-11-19)
clients\archie\pmachine.h (2000, 1999-01-09)
clients\archie\pprot.h (2019, 1999-01-09)
clients\archie\procquery.c (6886, 1998-11-19)
clients\archie\Prospero (1442, 1999-01-09)
clients\archie\ptalloc.c (2620, 1999-01-09)
clients\archie\rdgram.h (561, 1999-01-09)
clients\archie\regex.c (17489, 1998-11-19)
clients\archie\regex.h (690, 1999-01-09)
clients\archie\stcopy.c (2021, 1999-01-09)
clients\archie\support.c (26938, 1998-11-19)
clients\archie\vlalloc.c (3632, 1999-01-09)
clients\archie\vl_comp.c (3516, 1999-01-09)
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Welcome to NWSL's (previously CSTC) socksv5! socksv5 allows UNIX hosts behind a firewall to gain full access to the Internet without requiring direct IP reachability. socksv5 requires a SOCKS daemon running on a host that can communicate directly with hosts behind the firewall and with hosts on the Internet. socksv5 is based on the original SOCKS, written by David Koblas , and the IETF AFT working group. NEC developed the socks5 system using GNU's ANSI-C compiler. You must use an ANSI-C compiler to build your socks5 system. If you experience problems building socks5 with your native compiler, we recommend using GNU's ANSI-C compiler. You can download GNU's ANCI-C compiler, tar, and zip from: To support some socks5 protocol features, requires available libraries and programs on your system. Some of these requirements include: - To build socks5 with GSS-API authentication requires a Kerberos5-based GSS-API library. - To build socks5 with IDENT, you need an ident library. - To build socks5 with monitoring, you need the SOCKS5WatchAG library. - To support the ping and traceroute proxies, you must have these programs in your PATH. socks5 Daemon ============= The socks5 daemon can run: - standalone - pre-forking, by adding the -p flag - threaded, by adding the -t flag if you configured with the --with-threads options and the operating system supports POSIX threads - through inetd, by adding the -i flag socks runs in threaded mode if the operating system supports POSIX threads. Because the optimum mode is highly operating system and hardware dependent, it is impossible to state the best mode. NEC has tested threading on Solaris and IRIX UNIX systems. Be aware that all operating systems impose limits on the number of threads and the number of open file descriptors per process. The maximum number of child processes limits standalone and pre-forking modes. The default number of child processes is ***. The socks5 daemon includes a -n(--nchildren) option to change the default. The number of socks5 child processes can not exceed the system limit. To turn on debug mode, include the -d flag or configure with the --with-debug option. Only use debug mode when you must debug the server. During debugging, you may want to include the -o flag to force the server to accept only one request and to prevent it from forking. Use the -f flag to keep standalone versions in the foreground. Kerberos users: You may experience problems building the shared library if your Kerberos libraries are not sharable. After successfully including the Kerberos libraries, extraneous characters may appear in your output. The extra characters are a result of how your shared linker replaces read and write calls. Try using runsocks without integrity or confidentiality checking. To omit integrity and confidentiality, set SOCKS5_NOINTCHK in your environment before using runsocks. RealAudio requires no special setup. Configuration Parameters ======================== Please read INSTALL for configure and compile instructions. socks5 includes several package-specific options that you can include with the ./configure command. Some of the most commonly used options include: --with-krb5[=path] Sets socks5 to build with Kerberos support and optionally sets the location of the Kerberos library. If you omit the path, socks5 checks for krlogin lines in /etc/inetd.conf --with-ident[=path] Sets socks5 to support ident mode and optionally sets the location of the ident header file and library. --with-debug Turns on debug and compile time warnings, for gcc, and turns off optimization --with-static Turns on static compilation of most binaries --with-threads Turns on thread support if the ope ... ...