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说明:  语音信号处理工具包
( Pronunciation signal processing tool bag )

SPTK-2.0 (0, 2000-12-06)
SPTK-2.0\data.short (38402, 2000-05-19)
SPTK-2.0\sample.pdf (408000, 2000-06-02)
SPTK-2.0\sample.pitch (2720, 2000-06-02)
SPTK-2.0\src (0, 2000-12-06)
SPTK-2.0\src\bin (0, 2000-12-06)
SPTK-2.0\src\bin\acep (0, 2000-12-06)
SPTK-2.0\src\bin\acep\acep.c (5514, 2000-03-01)
SPTK-2.0\src\bin\acep\Makefile (585, 2000-03-01)
SPTK-2.0\src\bin\acep\_acep.c (1620, 2000-03-01)
SPTK-2.0\src\bin\acorr (0, 2000-12-06)
SPTK-2.0\src\bin\acorr\acorr.c (3022, 2000-03-01)
SPTK-2.0\src\bin\acorr\Makefile (586, 2000-03-01)
SPTK-2.0\src\bin\acorr\_acorr.c (595, 2000-03-01)
SPTK-2.0\src\bin\agcep (0, 2000-12-06)
SPTK-2.0\src\bin\agcep\agcep.c (5839, 2000-03-01)
SPTK-2.0\src\bin\agcep\Makefile (586, 2000-03-01)
SPTK-2.0\src\bin\agcep\_agcep.c (1663, 2000-03-01)
SPTK-2.0\src\bin\amcep (0, 2000-12-06)
SPTK-2.0\src\bin\amcep\amcep.c (5901, 2000-03-01)
SPTK-2.0\src\bin\amcep\Makefile (586, 2000-03-01)
SPTK-2.0\src\bin\amcep\_amcep.c (1924, 2000-03-01)
SPTK-2.0\src\bin\b2mc (0, 2000-12-06)
SPTK-2.0\src\bin\b2mc\b2mc.c (2660, 2000-03-01)
SPTK-2.0\src\bin\b2mc\Makefile (585, 2000-03-01)
SPTK-2.0\src\bin\b2mc\_b2mc.c (632, 2000-03-01)
SPTK-2.0\src\bin\bcp (0, 2000-12-06)
SPTK-2.0\src\bin\bcp\bcp.c (7859, 2000-03-01)
SPTK-2.0\src\bin\bcp\Makefile (571, 2000-03-01)
SPTK-2.0\src\bin\bcut (0, 2000-12-06)
SPTK-2.0\src\bin\bcut\bcut.c (4158, 2000-03-01)
SPTK-2.0\src\bin\bcut\Makefile (572, 2000-03-01)
SPTK-2.0\src\bin\c2acr (0, 2000-12-06)
SPTK-2.0\src\bin\c2acr\c2acr.c (2785, 2000-03-01)
SPTK-2.0\src\bin\c2acr\Makefile (586, 2000-03-01)
SPTK-2.0\src\bin\c2acr\_c2acr.c (1124, 2000-03-01)
SPTK-2.0\src\bin\c2ir (0, 2000-12-06)
SPTK-2.0\src\bin\c2ir\c2ir.c (3108, 2000-03-01)
... ...

***************************************************** Speech Signal Processing Toolkit Ver 2.0 June 30, 2000 ***************************************************** The Speech Signal Processing Toolkit (SPTK) was developed and has been used in the research group of Prof. Satoshi Imai (currently he is with Chiba Institute of Technology) and Prof. Takao Kobayashi (currently he is with Department of Information Processing, Tokyo Institute of Technology) at P&I laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology. This time some tools are chosen and arranged for distribution by Associate Prof. Keiichi Tokuda (currently he is with Department of Computer Science, Nagoya Institute of Technology) as an organizer in cooperation with Takashi Masuko (currently he is a Research Associate at Department of Information Processing, Tokyo Institute of Technology), Dr. Kazuhito Koishida (currently he is a Research Fellow of JSPS), and some graduate students. The original source codes have been written by many people who took part in research of the research group. The most original source codes of this distribution were written by Takao Kobayashi (graph, data processing, FFT, sampling rate conversion, etc.), Keiichi Tokuda (speech analysis, speech synthesis, etc.), and Kazuhito Koishida (LSP, vector quantization, etc.). This version is accompanied by a Reference Manual (a total of 180 pages written in Japanese). A User's Manual "Examples for using SPTK" is also attached. We are planing to translate the Reference Manual into English. ******************** Distribution ******************** The Speech Signal Processing Toolkit is free provided that it is only for academic use and cannot be used commercially. When you distribute the Speech Signal Processing Toolkit, distribute all files including this file without any modification. Modifying the programs is allowed for personal use. There is no warranty for the Speech Signal Processing Toolkit. ******************* Environment ******************* We expect that all programs can be compiled and can work on most UNIX workstations. Although we have confirmed that all programs can be compiled in the following environments: SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX, Free-BSD, OSF1, Linux we have not confirmed that all programs can work properly in all these environments. Note that some commands need C-shell (/bin/csh) since they are implemented by C-shell scripts. ******************* Installation ******************* 0) Enter 'src' directory. 1) Read the comments in "Makefile" and make any necessary changes. 2) To build and install all tools, type: % make % make install The X-window library is not required for compilation of all tools except a command 'xgr' since only 'xgr' uses the X-window library. ************** Notice ************** As the version advances, specifications for the Speech Signal Processing Toolkit will be changed without notifications. The distributed tools are a sub-set of the whole toolkit. Therefore, some commands which appear at EXAMPLE and SEE ALSO in the Reference Manual may not be included in this version. ****************** Bug Report ****************** Bug reports, comments, questions for the Speech Signal Processing Toolkit are very welcome. Please send them to dsp-cmnd@ip.titech.ac.jp by email. We will reply to any questions as much as possible but we cannot assure that we will reply to all messages. Please see http://kt-lab.ics.nitech.ac.jp/~tokuda/SPTK/ for more information about the Speech Signal Processing Toolkit, (e.g., Examples for using Speech Signal Processing Toolkit). ************* Notes ************* Generic properties of each command are summarized as follows: i ... ...