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说明:  PQP is a library for performing three types of proximity queries on a pair of geometric models composed of triangles:

PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\demos\demos.dsp (3282, 2002-04-22)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\demos\demos.dsw (939, 2002-04-22)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\demos\demos.ncb (377856, 2002-04-22)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\demos\demos.opt (58880, 2002-04-22)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\demos\falling\falling.dsp (3632, 2002-04-22)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\demos\falling\falling.plg (1565, 2002-04-22)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\demos\falling\main.cpp (12103, 2002-04-22)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\demos\falling\Makefile (635, 2002-04-22)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\demos\falling\MatVec.h (19587, 2002-04-22)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\demos\falling\model.cpp (3486, 2002-04-22)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\demos\falling\model.h (1902, 2002-04-22)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\demos\falling\torus1.path (272171, 2002-04-22)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\demos\falling\torus1.tris (117053, 2002-04-22)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\demos\falling\torus2.path (59955, 2002-04-22)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\demos\falling\torus2.tris (276224, 2002-04-22)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\demos\falling (0, 2004-06-17)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\demos\Makefile (160, 2002-04-22)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\demos\sample\main.cpp (10230, 2002-04-22)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\demos\sample\Makefile (379, 2002-04-22)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\demos\sample\sample.dsp (3564, 2002-04-22)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\demos\sample\sample.plg (1502, 2002-04-22)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\demos\sample (0, 2004-06-17)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\demos\spinning\bunny.tris (205135, 2002-04-22)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\demos\spinning\main.cpp (8587, 2002-04-22)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\demos\spinning\Makefile (586, 2002-04-22)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\demos\spinning\MatVec.h (19587, 2002-04-22)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\demos\spinning\model.cpp (3486, 2002-04-22)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\demos\spinning\model.h (1902, 2002-04-22)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\demos\spinning\spinning.dsp (3706, 2002-04-22)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\demos\spinning\spinning.plg (1881, 2002-04-22)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\demos\spinning\torus.tris (116405, 2002-04-22)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\demos\spinning (0, 2004-06-17)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\demos (0, 2004-06-17)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\include (0, 2004-06-17)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\lib (0, 2004-06-17)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\Makefile (700, 2002-04-22)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\PQP.DSP (3847, 2002-04-22)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\PQP.dsw (529, 2002-04-22)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\PQP.ncb (287744, 2002-04-22)
PQP_v1.3\PQP_v1.3\PQP.opt (48640, 2002-04-22)
... ...

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- PQP v. 1.3 Eric Larsen, Stefan Gottschalk UNC - Chapel Hill Computer Science geom@cs.unc.edu --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes: 1.0 - first release of library 1.1 - fixed a bug in calculating query times on Win32 machines. added a demo 'falling' which can demonstrate all of the proximity query types. 1.2 - altered the triangle distance routine due to a degeneracy problem when edges of two triangles nearly intersect. 1.3 - now use isnan() to test for NaN, instead of a comparison that was sometimes optimized away. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I. Introduction PQP, which stands for Proximity Query Package, is a library for three types of proximity queries performed on geometric models composed of triangles: * collision detection - detect whether two models overlap, and optionally, which triangles of the models overlap. * distance computation - compute the distance between two models, i. e., the length of the shortest translation that makes the models overlap * tolerance verification - detect whether two models are closer or farther than a tolerance value. By default, the library uses "RSS" bounding volumes for distance and tolerance queries, and OBBs for collision detection (see PQP_Compile.h). Descriptions of the bounding volumes and algorithms used in this package are contained in: Eric Larsen, Stefan Gottschalk, Ming Lin, Dinesh Manocha, "Fast Proximity Queries with Swept Sphere Volumes", Technical report TR99-018, Department of Computer Science, UNC Chapel Hill S. Gottschalk, M. C. Lin and D. Manocha, "OBB-Tree: A Hierarchical Structure for Rapid Interference Detection", Technical report TR96-013, Department of Computer Science, University of N. Carolina, Chapel Hill. Proc. of ACM Siggraph'96. II. Layout of Files PQP_v1.3/ Makefile Unix makefile to build PQP library PQP.dsw PQP.dsp MS VC++ 5.0 workspace and project files for PQP src/ PQP source lib/ libPQP.a after Unix compilation PQP.lib after Win32 compilation include/ PQP.h include this file to use PQP classes and functions. PQP_Internal.h PQP_Compile.h *WARNING* you should only modify PQP_Compile.h in Tri.h the src directory, not here, because these files BV.h are copied here from src when you perform a build demos/ Makefile Unix makefile for both demos demos.dsw MS VC++ 5.0 workspace for demos falling/ source and project files sample/ " " " " spinning/ " " " " III. Building the PQP Library In the top level directory, there is a Unix Makefile for building the PQP library. Type 'make' to create a 'libPQP.a' in the lib directory. The compiler is currently set to g++ with -O2 level optimization. In Visual C++ 5.0 or higher, open PQP.dsw to build the library. Building on either platform has a side effect of copying the include files needed for a client application to the include/ directory. IV. Building the Demos In the demos directory is a Unix Makefile. Typing 'make' will perform a 'make' in the 'sample' and 'spinning' directories. For VC++5.0 users, the demos directory contains a demos.dsw file which contains projects for both demos. sample This demo is adapted from the sample client inclu ... ...