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说明:  简单的全路径全文搜索的程序
(Simple all path and text search a)

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Search 2.02 -- February 7, 19*** ----------- Search 2.02 is a simple search engine for those who would like users to be able to search their pages but don't need a heavy-duty search engine. Setup: 1. Place in your cgi-bin 2. Edit the variables at the beginning of the script. You may rename the script search.cgi if your server requires it. If you only want to search the directory you set as "$basedir," use the following for the "paths" input: Add directories to search using ";"s between the directories. For example: All users must use the "logon" input. The admin shoul leave this input blank to search subdirectories of $basedir. Features: 1. Can be set up to search multiple directories. 2. It extracts the actual title of the page and displays that as a link when the results are displayed. 3. Unauthorized searches are not possible. 4. Can be used by multiple users. 5. Can search more than one file type. If you have any comments/suggestions, please go to Please do not redistribute this script. I will happily give it to anyone that requests it, but i would like to have control over its distribution so that i can know where it is being used and see how it is being used. Thanks.