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说明:  查找自制的关键字数据文件中的关键字的搜索程序
(Seaching keyword in data file which contains self-made keyword)

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May 1997 - From CADI-Search 0.07 Beta A Perl Cgi Script by Philippe Cadic Po Box 2887 41028 Blois Cedex France Hi All. This is my first CGI Script in Perl. I didn't know it was so exciting to program such files. This read me file will be simple. You have all the information in the faq.html file ofthe package. & are the two files to handle a search engine. After a long search over the Net I was not able to find a freeware source code of a searching engine like the ones of Lycos(R) Yahoo(R) Altavista(R) etc... A strange thing. This is why I decided to write my own. At first for the pleasure to be able to say "I did it". Then I fell in the trap ! You are now in front of CADI-Search version 0.07 beta. Surte I will place all my energy until version one. I'm very new to Searching algorythms. So the source code will surely grow in further versions. Anyway, I wanted you to have my word available. Sure a lot of you will like to make modification or to enhance the source code. Please do, & keep me informed... I'd be pleased to mention your participation in this README file. Good luck for the installation and setup. This source codes have been tested on: x86 machines running Linux, Unix BSD2.1, WIN NT4 + Win32Perl. I have no ideas if it will work on other machines. Please send me that kind of information. It is important for me. Ps: CADI-Search is freeware for non-commercial appZ . For commercial appZ, please email and see the related file of this package Pss: For a working demo of this script please go to: Bye bye