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( This is facilitates the development graph under the WINDOWS environment a document )

grafix-1.4 (0, 2004-06-29)
grafix-1.4\animator.c (16935, 1996-12-17)
grafix-1.4\animator.h (7311, 1996-12-17)
grafix-1.4\calc.c (5037, 1996-11-11)
grafix-1.4\calc.icon (3512, 1994-12-13)
grafix-1.4\class-browser.c (15254, 1995-11-06)
grafix-1.4\clock-demo.c (1219, 1996-11-11)
grafix-1.4\COPYING (17976, 1994-10-23)
grafix-1.4\cursors.c (2646, 1995-10-16)
grafix-1.4\dir-tree.c (4262, 1996-12-28)
grafix-1.4\earth.c (10685, 1997-04-28)
grafix-1.4\edit-demo.c (700, 1996-11-11)
grafix-1.4\eventnames.h (576, 1994-10-24)
grafix-1.4\FAQ.txt (6838, 1997-07-07)
grafix-1.4\file-browser.c (2123, 1995-10-22)
grafix-1.4\files.c (19234, 1997-01-15)
grafix-1.4\files.h (4028, 1997-01-15)
grafix-1.4\font-browser.c (231, 1997-01-16)
grafix-1.4\font-selector.c (3642, 1997-01-16)
grafix-1.4\font-selector.h (179, 1997-01-16)
grafix-1.4\gccinc (0, 2004-06-29)
grafix-1.4\gccinc\features.h (4186, 1995-10-16)
grafix-1.4\gccinc\regex.h (16, 1995-10-16)
grafix-1.4\gccinc\rx.h (97336, 1995-10-16)
grafix-1.4\gccinc\sys (0, 2004-06-29)
grafix-1.4\gccinc\sys\cdefs.h (3859, 1995-10-16)
grafix-1.4\ (1061, 1997-02-19)
grafix-1.4\hardcopy.c (4081, 1996-08-25)
grafix-1.4\hello.c (219, 1996-11-11)
grafix-1.4\HOWTO.txt (28189, 1997-07-07)
grafix-1.4\icon.h (875, 1994-10-24)
grafix-1.4\lat-demo.c (2036, 1996-11-24)
grafix-1.4\lat2demo.c (1287, 1996-11-11)
grafix-1.4\lattice.h (6166, 1997-01-10)
grafix-1.4\lat_man.c (12236, 1996-11-25)
grafix-1.4\lat_win.c (16175, 1997-06-18)
grafix-1.4\LOG.txt (14025, 1997-07-07)
grafix-1.4\Makefile (3035, 1997-07-10)
grafix-1.4\mandel.c (2256, 1997-03-12)
grafix-1.4\mapdata.c (269729, 1997-04-23)
... ...

Grafix Ver. 1.4 7/97 ===================================== 0. Installation =============== a) gtar -xvzf grafix-1.4.tar.gz (if you don't have "gtar" or GNUs "tar" version, use "gunzip" first and then invoke "tar -xvf grafix") This expands the tar file into some subdir like "grafix-1.4" cd to this subdir and: b) check "" for the correct paths for Xlib (X11R6 or X11R5) -> XPATH and some include directories on your system. Please, read the following text if you have any problems. c) gmake allnew : to build all demo programs (if you get compiling errors, see below) d) gmake demorun : to invoke a run of all demos 1. What is "Grafix" ? ===================== "Grafix" is a utility originally designed to help scientists in the visualization of results of a computation, e.g. for numerical integrations of partial differential equations. It can be used, however, for any application that wants to use X-Windows for drawing pictures, functions or other graphic objects in a convinient interactive manner or even for writing a graphical user interface for any task. Grafix should be considered as a layer between an application and the X Window system built up of a bunch of basic classes as building elements. The simplest way of using it is to define instances of these classes. For more complicated programs the user has to define own derivations to the basic clases. - Grafix is based on Unix and the X Window system. - Grafix does not use any commercial code, like Motif, so it is totally free. - Grafix is been ported and tested for Linux and SunOS, with X11R5/R6 - Grafix is small and fast since it is pure functionality without any superfluous additives. - Grafix is completely written in C++ and to compile with g++ on both platforms The object-oriented approach enables a quite simple way of introducing user defined behaviour. - Grafix includes classes for the basic operations to have a convinient window management, like : - windows with automatic restoring for complex drawings (backing store) - several types of predefined button classes for different purposes : quit_button, delete_button, help_button, callback_button, toggle_button, instance_button, dump_button, hardcopy_button, ... all the buttons have a Motif-like three dimensional shape - popup-windows and pulldown-menus for selecting discrete values - help popups can be bound to any window - scrollbars for selecting coniguous values - windows with real-valued co-ordinate systems where the user has not to worry about pixel co-ordinates - a simple edit window for entering strings - simple file selection boxes for openening files interactively for reading (with directory scan) and writing (query before overwrite) - a predefined palette manager for color definitions that can be implemented in any application - as advanced class : an complete manager to handle the display of 2-dim functions (given on a equidistant grid) as lattice or body in arbitrary perpective, shadowing and details zooming. - new : animator class : to store time sequences of two dimensional arrays in a file (more than one, also 3-dim arrays can be treated as vector of 2-dim arrays) and replay them like a video film. This is at most useful for visualizing time consuming integration procedures - new : integrator class : very easy to use prototype to link any numerical 2- or 3-dim FDE-integration program with the graphic interface and playback feature - new : scrolled windows of (nearly) arbitrary virtual size - new : classes for displaying tree- and graph-structures, and as application a very nice graphic class browser (and a simple one "dir-tree") - Grafix has some example programs to show the basic functions,eg "win-demo", "edit-demo", "file-browser", ... ...