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说明:  SoundRuler是一个用来分析和图形化重复声音的工具(生物声学)。它识别和测量文件中每种声音的时间和光谱属性。执行的结果可以保存到电子数据表,也可以导出波形图。
(SoundRuler is uses for to analyze and the graph repetition sound tool (biological acoustics). It distinguishes and surveys in the document each kind of sound time and the spectrum attribute. The execution result may preserve the electronic data sheet, also may derive the oscillogram. )

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=========== SOUND RULER - INSTALLATION README ============================ Contents: 1- Sound Ruler release types. 2- System requirements 3- Installation troubleshooting --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1- Sound Ruler release types: There are currently 3 resease types available: MS Windows standalone (soundruler_windows_093*.zip) You do not need Matlab to run it. It is faster. It has fewer graph editing options than the M-file version. Unix (Linux) standalone (soundruler_linux_093*.zip) You do not need Matlab to run it. It is faster. It has fewer graph editing options than the M-file version. M-files script (soundruler_script_093*.zip) Requires Matlab 6.x to run. It is slower than the standalone version. It has full print preview and drag-n-drop graph editing. It should run on any platform with minor adjustments. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2- System requirements: Sound Ruler itself does not demand many resources, but sound analysis is very processor intensive. The more extensive and detailed your analyses are, the more you will benefit from a fast computer. Although Sound Ruler runs well in a Pentium 2 at 233 MHz, even an upgrade from a Pentium 4 at 1.7 GHz to a Pentium 4 at 2.4 GHz can produce pronounced reduction in analysis time. Stand alone PC version: Pentium 100 (486 not tested yet) 32 MB of RAM memory 35 MB of free hard disk space M-files version: Matlab version 6.1 or higher 5 MB of free hard disk space ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3- Installation troubleshooting 3.1- Can Sound Ruler coexist with Matlab installations? If the Matlab version is the same as the libraries that ship with SoundRuler, you do not need to install the libraries. If they are not the same version, you just have to make sure that the call to SoundRuler's folder in your path appears before the call to Matlab's folder and both should work fine. 3.2- "The ordinal #### could not be located in the dynamic-link library dforrt.dll". This is a problem with the installation of Matlab's libraries. Here is the solution from the Mathworks: locate dforrt.dll or deformd.dll in your Windows system directory and replace them with the corresponding files in the \bin\win32 directory, where is the name of your SoundRuler installation directory. 3.3- "Sorry, the configuration of the path failed". or "A required .dll file, libmmfile.dll, was not found". For some reason the installer failed to setup the path. In Win*** or Win95, find the file c:\autoexec.bat. If it does not exist, create it. Edit or add the line that starts with "SET PATH=" and include the call C:\MyFolder\soundruler\bin\win32; replacing C and MyFolder with the drive and folder where you installed SoundRuler. In other versions of Windows, instead of adding the call to the autoexec file, add it to the edit box in Control Panel - System - Advanced - Environmental variables. FOR ALL: if you have Matlab installed, place the new call into your path BEFORE the call the Matlab's folder. This should not affect Matlab. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2003-03-28