上传日期:2004-06-30 23:19:39
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说明:  blog generator是一个基于Catty 2引擎的工具,可以用于浏览许多由Google发现的Web日志服务器,建造一个具有数千万条短语的数据库,用它来编写关于某个给定主题的“意识流”。它是所有blogger用户的一个相当有趣的、有用的工具。
(blog generator is based on the Catty 2 engines tools, may use in to glance over many by Google the discovery Web diary server, constructs to have the number surely strip phrase the database, compiles with it about some assigns the subject "the stream of consciousness". It is all blogger user s is quite interesting, the useful tool. )

blog\data\blog-pl (7421147, 2002-06-04)
blog\data\blog-en (6339005, 2002-06-04)
blog\data (0, 2004-06-30)
blog\Makefile (172, 2002-06-04)
blog\blogdrone.c (11725, 2002-06-04)
blog\config.h (189, 2002-06-04)
blog\cronman-en (953, 2002-06-04)
blog\cronman-pl (927, 2002-06-04)
blog\getwww (977, 2002-06-03)
blog\htmlparser.c (3444, 2002-06-02)
blog\lang.h (996, 2002-06-04)
blog\string-486.h (13120, 2000-08-25)
blog\blog (320, 2002-06-04)
blog (0, 2004-06-30)

Typically, all you have to do is to run ./blog. "Lite" version is actually recommended. The database provided is pretty general. If you want to create a more customized database (or perhaps a database that contains only one type of blogs to create more on-topic or more style-keeping entries), do the following: - go to data/ and rename blog-en to blog-en.orig - go to cron-en/ and for each pattern you want to look for in blogs, do 'touch'. Replace spaces with +. For example: touch love touch i+hate+him Typically, 20 to 40 good items is enough. Note that this is used for exact phrase search in Google, so don't type things you are not likely to find as a part of a sentence next to each other, like "love sex hate". - go back to the main directory, run ../cronman-en and wait patiently. - type 'export BLOGENG=1' - type SUBJECT='my subject' ./blogdrone where 'my subject' is the query... Have fun.