开发工具:Visual Basic
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说明:  一个很好的源码,做的水波特效非常***真。大家值得看一下。
(it is very excellent,you can down load it for studing.........)

美少女助手\bg Sakura.frm (18055, 2005-08-16)
美少女助手\bg Sakura.frx (79882, 2005-08-16)
美少女助手\Bg sakura.log (76, 2008-07-18)
美少女助手\bg.frm (11558, 2005-08-16)
美少女助手\bg.frx (8866, 2005-08-16)
美少女助手\cDIBSection.cls (17165, 2005-08-16)
美少女助手\cDIBSectionRegion.cls (13093, 2005-08-16)
美少女助手\cSubclass.cls (14994, 2005-08-16)
美少女助手\Cursors\hand.ico (766, 2004-01-28)
美少女助手\Cursors\handclosed.cur (766, 2004-01-28)
美少女助手\Cursors\handclosed.ico (766, 2004-01-28)
美少女助手\Cursors\handopen.cur (766, 2004-01-28)
美少女助手\Cursors\kafra.ico (8854, 2004-01-24)
美少女助手\Cursors\rag_attack.cur (766, 2004-01-29)
美少女助手\Cursors\rag_click.cur (766, 2004-01-28)
美少女助手\Cursors\rag_cur.ani (19752, 2000-01-01)
美少女助手\Cursors\rag_deny.cur (766, 2004-01-29)
美少女助手\Cursors\rag_door.ani (16498, 2004-01-29)
美少女助手\Cursors\rag_target.ani (23030, 2004-01-28)
美少女助手\cWindow.cls (15670, 2005-08-16)
美少女助手\frmAbout Sakura.frm (6853, 2005-08-16)
美少女助手\frmAbout Sakura.frx (42515, 2005-08-16)
美少女助手\frmAbout.frm (8466, 2005-08-16)
美少女助手\frmAbout.frx (5955, 2005-08-16)
美少女助手\frmAbout.log (76, 2003-01-02)
美少女助手\frmBlurb.frm (3929, 2005-08-16)
美少女助手\frmBlurb.frx (30928, 2005-08-16)
美少女助手\frmCalendar.frm (7826, 2004-05-14)
美少女助手\frmCalendar.frx (271002, 2004-05-14)
美少女助手\frmMessage.frm (6106, 2005-08-16)
美少女助手\frmMessage.frx (35548, 2005-08-16)
美少女助手\frmNewReminder.frm (7750, 2005-06-28)
美少女助手\frmNewReminder.frx (4537, 2005-06-28)
美少女助手\frmNewTrunk.frm (8194, 2005-08-16)
美少女助手\frmNewTrunk.frx (42328, 2005-08-16)
美少女助手\frmPopup.frm (34957, 2005-08-16)
美少女助手\frmPopup.frx (128886, 2005-08-16)
美少女助手\frmPopup.log (305, 2003-01-02)
美少女助手\frmPopupCal.frm (14625, 2005-06-27)
美少女助手\frmPopupCal.frx (91340, 2005-06-27)
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Kafra Desktop Assistant ======================= Cuteness Rating: ***** Usefulness Rating: *** Disclaimer ========================= The software provided is provided "as is" without any express or implied warranty of any kind. Under no circumstances will the author be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary or consequential damages. This computer software is protected by copyright law and international treaties. By installing the software on your system, you are agreeing to all the above terms. The author has no affiliation with Gravity, Inc. or Level-Up-Games. Intro ========================== [Kafra] Welcome to Kafra Corp! We will stay with you wherever you go! Kafra Desktop Assistant is a nifty little cute desktop app for all you Ragnarok fans featuring all the cute Kafra from Ragnarok Online. KDA is still much under development so I'd appreciate any ideas, just send 'em over to For those who'd like to know, I used to Rag on pRO as Nadia Fensworth, the merchant who used to OC/DC outside Prontera Culverts, usually dealing in Insect Feelers and Worm Peelings. Thanks to all the people who traded with me! For other useless applications, visit This is a work in progress. System Requirements: ========================== - Windows ***/ME/2000/XP - Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime Library * If you get an "MSVBVM60.DLL missing" error, you'll need to download this. Look for it on the Microsoft web site or search for "Visual Basic Runtime Library" on any search engine. Instructions: ========================== - Extract KafraDesk.EXE into a folder, and the cursors to a folder named "Cursors" next to KafraDesk. - Run KafraDesk.exe. Kafra will appear on desktop and in the system tray. - If it doesn't run and says that you need (the correct version of) MSComCtl.ocx, you can download it from my site. - Right-click Kafra for options. - Check "Autorun" to enable Kafra to run automatically when Windows boots up. - Double-click Kafra for Storage and Memo features. - Drag files or folders to Storage to move them there. Storage folder will be at \Storage. - To add a memo, click the Write icon. Memo will go to Write Mode. - To commit a memo when done writing, click the Write icon. Memo will be stored. - To cancel a memo while writing, click the Trash icon. Memo will be lost. - To delete a memo, click the Trash icon when viewing a memo. - You can click and drag Kafra along the bottom of the screen. - Dragging Kafra down to around one third her height will automatically hide her. - Double clicking on the Storage window bar will minimize/maximize it. Features ================ - Choose Kafra via right-click menu - Memopad. Store as many memos as you want. Auto time-stamp function. - Storage folder. Drag and drop any files you'd like to keep off your desktop here! - Drag Kafra around the bottom of your screen if she's covering something. - Show / Hide transitions - Animated Ragnarok cursors! These are yours absolutely free! - Transparency effects in XP/2000 - Binary is compressed with UPX Known Issues ========================== - To do ========================== - Added functionality * Kafra Calendar - Sounds? Thanks to: ========================== - Chris Yates ( for the original AutoFormShaper code - Hentai Master (Fire Hair on pRO) for the Kafra's names. ( - Lance ( for the Sakura Edtion Kafra. - Rain/Rjindael ( for plugging my site at the ragnaboards ;) - Gravity Soft for releasing a great and fun multiplayer online game. - Lee Myoung Jin for crea ... ...