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-- extracted from rfc4546.txt -- at Fri Jun 23 06:06:30 2006 DOCS-IF-MIB DEFINITIONS ::= BEGIN IMPORTS MODULE-IDENTITY, OBJECT-TYPE, Unsigned32, Integer32, Counter32, Counter64, TimeTicks, IpAddress, transmission FROM SNMPv2-SMI -- [RFC2578] TEXTUAL-CONVENTION, MacAddress, RowStatus, TruthValue, TimeInterval, TimeStamp, StorageType FROM SNMPv2-TC -- [RFC2579] OBJECT-GROUP, MODULE-COMPLIANCE FROM SNMPv2-CONF -- [RFC2580] ifIndex, InterfaceIndexOrZero FROM IF-MIB -- [RFC2863] InetAddressType, InetAddress FROM INET-ADDRESS-MIB -- [RFC4001] IANAifType FROM IANAifType-MIB; -- [IANA] docsIfMib MODULE-IDENTITY LAST-UPDATED "200605240000Z" -- May 24, 2006 ORGANIZATION "IETF IPCDN Working Group" CONTACT-INFO " David Raftus Postal: ATI Technologies Inc. 340 Terry Fox Drive, Suite 202 Ottawa Ontario Canada Phone: +1 613 592 1052 ext.222 E-mail: david.raftus@ati.com Eduardo Cardona Postal: Cable Television Laboratories, Inc. 858 Coal Creek Circle Louisville, CO 80027-9750 U.S.A. Phone: Tel: +1 303 661 9100 Fax: +1 303 661 9199 E-mail: e.cardona@cablelabs.com;mibs@cablelabs.com IETF IPCDN Working Group General Discussion: ipcdn@ietf.org Subscribe: http://www.ietf.org/mailman/listinfo/ipcdn Archive: ftp://ftp.ietf.org/ietf-mail-archive/ipcdn Co-chairs: Richard Woundy, Richard_Woundy@cable.comcast.com Jean-Francois Mule, jf.mule@cablelabs.com" DESCRIPTION "This is the MIB Module for DOCSIS 2.0-compliant Radio Frequency (RF) interfaces in Cable Modems and Cable Modem Termination Systems. Copyright (C) The Internet Society (2006). This version of this MIB module is part of RFC 4546; see the RFC itself for full legal notices." REVISION "200605240000Z" DESCRIPTION "Revision of the IETF RF MIB module for DOCSIS 2.0. This version published as RFC 4546. This MIB module revision includes the following among others: Usage of ifType (205) for upstream logical channels. Addition of downstream and upstream utilization counters. Additional statistics per upstream interface. Upstream channel offline configuration mechanism. Added MIB support for new DOCSIS 2.0 modulation attributes. Euro-DOCSIS downstream interleave values. Adjustments to RFC 2670 definitions based on the MIB review guidelines from the IETF Operations and Management Area (OPS)." REVISION "199908190000Z" DESCRIPTION "Initial version, published as RFC 2670. Modified by Mike St. Johns to fix problems identified by the first pass of the MIB doctor. Of special note, docsIfRangingResp and docsIfCmtsInsertionInterval were obsoleted and replaced by other objects with the same functionality, but with more appropriate syntax." ::= { transmission 127 } -- Textual Conventions TenthdBmV ::= TEXTUAL-CONVENTION DISPLAY-HINT "d-1" STATUS current DESCRIPTION "This data type represents power levels that are normally expressed in dBmV. Units are in tenths of a dBmV; for example, 5.1 dBmV will be represented as 51." SYNTAX Integer32 TenthdB ::= TEXTUAL-CONVENTION DISPLAY-HINT "d-1" STATUS current DESCRIPTION "This data type represents power levels that are normally expressed in dB. Units are in tenths of a dB; for example, 5.1 dB will be represented as 51." SYNTAX Integer32 DocsisVersion ::= TEXTUAL-CONVENTION STATUS current DESCRIPTION "Indicates the DOCSIS Radio Frequency specification being referenced. 'docsis10' indicates DOCSIS 1.0. 'docsis11' indicates DOCSIS 1.1. 'docsis20' indicates DOCSIS 2.0." SYNTAX INTEGER { docsis10 (1), docsis11 (2), docsis20 (3) } DocsisQosVersion ::= TEXTUAL-CONVENTION STATUS current DESCRIPTION "Indicates the referenced quality-of-service level. 'docsis10 refers to DOCSIS 1.0 Class of Service queuing services, and 'docsis11' refers to DOCSIS 1.1 Quality of Service." SYNTAX INTEGER { docsis10 (1), docsis11 (2) } DocsisUpstreamType ::= TEXTUAL-CONVENTION STATUS current DESCRIPTION "Indicates the DOCSIS Upstream Channel Type. 'unknown' means information not available. 'tdma' is related to TDMA, Time Division Multiple Access; 'atdma' is related to A-TDMA, Advanced Time Division Multiple Access, 'scdma' is related to S-CDMA, Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access. 'tdmaAndAtdma is related to simultaneous support of TDMA and A-TDMA modes." SYNTAX INTEGER { unknown(0), tdma(1), atdma(2), scdma(3), tdmaAndAtdma(4) } DocsEqualizerData ::= TEXTUAL-CONVENTION STATUS current DESCRIPTION "This data type represents the equalizer data as measured at the receiver interface. The format of the equalizer follows the structure of the Transmit Equalization Adjust RNG-RSP TLV of DOCSIS RFI v2.0 : 1 byte Main tap location 1..(n + m) 1 byte Number of forward taps per symbol 1 byte Number of forward taps: n 1 byte Number of reverse taps: m Following are the equalizer coefficients: First, forward taps coefficients: 2 bytes F1 (real), 2 bytes F1 (imag) ... 2 bytes Fn (real), 2 bytes Fn (imag) Then, reverse taps coefficients: 2 bytes D1 (real), 2 bytes D1 (imag) ... 2 bytes Dm (real), 2 bytes Dm (imag) The equalizer coefficients are considered signed 16-bit integers in the range from -32768 (0x8000) to 32767 (0x7FFF). DOCSIS specifications require up to a maximum of 64 equalizer taps (n + m); therefore, this object size can get up 260 bytes (4 + 4x64). The minimum object size (other than zero) for a t-spaced tap with a minimum of 8 symbols will be 36 (4 + 4x8)." REFERENCE "Data-Over-Cable Service Interface Specifications: Radio Frequency Interface Specification SP-RFIv2.0-I10-051209, Figure 8-23." SYNTAX OCTET STRING(SIZE (0 | 36..260)) docsIfMibObjects OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { docsIfMib 1 }
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