C sharp数据库编程从入门到精通.rar

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C sharp 数据库编程从入门到精通源码,对学习C sharp 数据库编程很有帮助
C sharp数据库编程从入门到精通.rar
/* UpdateUnitPriceProductTrigger.sql creates a trigger that fires after an UPDATE statement is performed on the the UnitPrice column of the Products table. If the reduction of the unit price of a product is greater than 25% then a row is added to the ProductAudit table to audit the change. */ CREATE TRIGGER UpdateUnitPriceProductTrigger ON Products AFTER UPDATE AS -- don't return the number of rows affected SET NOCOUNT ON -- only run the code if the UnitPrice column -- was modified IF UPDATE(UnitPrice) BEGIN -- declare an int variable to store the -- ProductID DECLARE @MyProductID int -- declare two money variables to store the -- old unit price and the new unit price DECLARE @OldUnitPrice money DECLARE @NewUnitPrice money -- declare a float variable to store the price -- reduction percentage DECLARE @PriceReductionPercentage float -- get the ProductID of the row that -- was modified from the inserted table SELECT @MyProductID = ProductID FROM inserted -- get the old unit price from the deleted table SELECT @OldUnitPrice = UnitPrice FROM deleted WHERE ProductID = @MyProductID -- get the new unit price from the inserted table SELECT @NewUnitPrice = UnitPrice FROM inserted -- calculate the price reduction percentage SET @PriceReductionPercentage = ((@OldUnitPrice - @NewUnitPrice) / @OldUnitPrice) * 100 -- if the price reduction percentage is greater than 25% -- then audit the change by adding a row to the PriceAudit table IF (@PriceReductionPercentage > 25) BEGIN -- add a row to the ProductAudit table INSERT INTO ProductAudit ( Action ) VALUES ( 'UnitPrice of ProductID #' + CONVERT(nvarchar, @MyProductID) + ' was reduced by ' + CONVERT(nvarchar, @PriceReductionPercentage) + '%' ) END END