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springmvc 一个小列子,里面配置了log4j 日志功能
3.6 version =========== Bug Fixes --------- * Fix problem with getAbsoluteIndex on IE8 * Fix in triggerReload grid to reset the savedRow array. * Fix in setGridWidth method when try to resize a grid a and there is no data. * Fix header aligment in ie8 * Fix in createEl function to check for val and not for html when select * making getChangedCells method compatible with unformat function if defined * Fixed record count when scroll true * Fix in setSelection method to accept numbers * Fix IE header checkbox when multiselect is true * Fix for searching DOM elements with id containing special characters * Fix a checkbox checking in form editing module. * Fix getCol to use unformat function * Better looking buttons in form editing * Fix searchFilter in IE7 and IE6 not to return undefined value when more than one field is searched. * Some fixes for datepicker UI in inline and cell edit (when present) * Fix in setLabel method not to clear the sort icons when we set new label * Fix in form edit when a formatter select is used * Fix the id pollution when multiselect is enabled. Now the id of every common multiselect is combination of cb_ + id of the grid * Fixed bug when deselectAfterSort false and we are in multiselect mode * Fix in unformat number and currency * Fixed bug when creating a select with dataUrl and select is set to multiple. * Fix a bug when creating select with multiple option. Also the attribute should be set immediatley after the element is created and not after. * Fix a bug in form edit. The comapared values should be trimed since of split(",") which cause the elements to begin with space. * Fix a jqGrid loader (development version) for IE browsers * Fix for form icons in Opera * Fix getGridParam to return values 0 or false * Avoiding the overhead of local functions and maintenance issues when the parameters change * Opera fix for cursor col-resize * Fix in editGridRow when a save key is defined and the key is Eneter we should not do save when we are in teaxtarea element * Fix in formatter checkbox when the value is undefined. We also add a default format for the checkbox too * Fix addRowData to use key:true (keyIndex) when rowid is not defined * Fix formatter bug for the select to use the defaultFormat * Adding a 3 parameter to the unformat function - the cellobject. * Fix alternate rows when we sort data locally. * Fix in addRowData for alternate rows when we add item as last * Fix collapseRow in treegrid preventing infinite recursion * Fix in stripHtml function to parse numeric values * Fix in delGridRow to get "fresh" Data from delData object * Fix problems with width option if set as string. * Fixing $jgrid.format function in base module to accept undefined parameter. * Fix for saveRow method in aftersave function. Also we pass the request and not the responseText. Also both aftersave and success functions have the same type parameter - the response * Fix for serchhidden in searchGrid method * Fix for setGridWidth method * Fix setColWidth function * Fix for topinfo and bottom info in formedit to appear separatley in edit and add dialogs * Fix searchFilter css to work when called from subgrid * Fix celledit to work better when datepicker is attached * Fix in viewGrid row to vizualize only the columns that only not hidden. Additions and changes --------------------- * New API * RTL Support * Column reordering * Added life scrolling of data * Added gridResize method which can resize the grid. Also use a jQuery UI resizable and can use any options of this widget * Added sortableRows method which allow us to sort rows with drag and drop * Added gridDnD method. The method connect two or more grids so that drag and drop rows between these is possible * Add columnChooser method which allows choosing/sorting columns at the same time. This method requiere multiselect plugin * Now getRowData can return all rows when rowid is not set. * getCol now can return summary, average and count of the selected row. The 3 parameter determines this (valid are sum, avg, count). If this parameter is set and is valid, the returned value is a scalar.If the param is not valid the returned value is empty array. * To setRowData we add a 3 parameter. If the parameter is string we use addClass to add classes. If the parameter is object we use css to add css properties. Note that we can set properties and classes without data, in this case we should set data to false * Adding a event object to ondblClickRow and onRightClickRow events as 4 parameter * Add a ant based build system which allow us to minify the JS code * Added custom validation property in editing modules * Added possibility to create custom element in editing modules * Adding support to configure the ajax request in a way that user want. This is done in all modules where ajax is used. * Added class in cell edit and inline edit so that the cell or row can not be edited - the corresponding classes are 'not-editable-cell' and 'not-editable-row'. * Added Hebrew Translation * Added a beforeCheckValues event in editGridRow method. The execution is before checking the values. Should return object of the posted data. * Added Romanian translation * Added a property classes in colModel where we can attach classes to column. * info_dialog function can be used as separate modal dialog * Added a class ui-ellipsis in grid css file. Also work in FireFox too. * Changind the order of calling the events beforeSearch and beforeClear in filterToolbar method. Also the events are called immediatley after triggering the grid * To onCellSelect we replace the 4 parameter with the more natuaral event instead of e.target - sorry if this will bring to some confusions. * Added searchoptions value parameter in order to separate the editing module and search module. We first look for such option in searchoptions and if not found we use the editoptions value * Added fixed property in colModel which allow us not to change the column width if shrinkToFit is true and we set new width of the grid. * Added buildSelect function to deserialize data for the select. This is option can be added in editoptions or search options Please read The Installation instructions first in install.txt ================================================ 3.5 beta (buld6- build11) New Properties and methods ========================== - Added new grid parameter hoverrows. When set to false the mouse hovering is disabled in the grid data rows. - Added rowid as parameter to error function in saveRow method - inline editing module - treeGrid to be initially work with datatype local - Added new method updateGridRows (grid.custom.js) This method update the existing data in the grid by given id rowname. Syntax: updateGridRows (data, rowidname, jsonreader) data is a array of data in format [{name:value,name1:value1...},{name:value,name2:value2...}] where the name is the name from colModel and value is the actuall value. It is not neccessary that all columns are present in the data item object (the same as setRowData method) rowidname (string) - is the name of the row which should acts as id. If not set the name "id" is used. jsonreader (boolean) default false. If set to true a jsonReader definition is used to set the data. Note that this work only of the item in jsonReader object 'repeatitems' is set to true. - Switch to namedItems JS function. This improve the speed. Previously we walk throught the entry rowset to find the rowIndex of the given rowid. Now we use the build in javaScript method namedItems which do the same. - multiselect is enabled in inline edit module. - To the importComplete event in jqGridImport method we pass the response. - Added support for alternate rows. Also added n
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