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Junit Instrumentation test case for the media player api.
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package; import; import; import; import android.content.Context; import android.test.ActivityInstrumentationTestCase; import android.util.Log; import android.test.suitebuilder.annotation.LargeTest; import android.test.suitebuilder.annotation.MediumTest; import android.test.suitebuilder.annotation.Suppress; import; /** * Junit / Instrumentation test case for the media player api */ public class MediaPlayerApiTest extends ActivityInstrumentationTestCase<MediaFrameworkTest> { private boolean duratoinWithinTolerence = false; private String TAG = "MediaPlayerApiTest"; private boolean isWMAEnable = false; private boolean isWMVEnable = false; Context mContext; public MediaPlayerApiTest() { super("", MediaFrameworkTest.class); isWMAEnable = MediaProfileReader.getWMAEnable(); isWMVEnable = MediaProfileReader.getWMVEnable(); } protected void setUp() throws Exception { super.setUp(); } public boolean verifyDuration(int duration, int expectedDuration){ if ((duration > expectedDuration * 1.1) || (duration < expectedDuration * 0.9)) return false; else return true; } //Audio //Wait for PV bugs for MP3 duration @MediumTest public void testMP3CBRGetDuration() throws Exception { int duration = CodecTest.getDuration(MediaNames.MP3CBR); duratoinWithinTolerence = verifyDuration(duration, MediaNames.MP3CBR_LENGTH); assertTrue("MP3CBR getDuration", duratoinWithinTolerence); } @MediumTest public void testMP3VBRGetDuration() throws Exception { int duration = CodecTest.getDuration(MediaNames.MP3VBR); Log.v(TAG, "getDuration"); duratoinWithinTolerence = verifyDuration(duration, MediaNames.MP3VBR_LENGTH); assertTrue("MP3VBR getDuration", duratoinWithinTolerence); } @MediumTest public void testMIDIGetDuration() throws Exception { int duration = CodecTest.getDuration(MediaNames.MIDI); duratoinWithinTolerence = verifyDuration(duration, MediaNames.MIDI_LENGTH); assertTrue("MIDI getDuration", duratoinWithinTolerence); } @MediumTest public void testWMA9GetDuration() throws Exception { if (isWMAEnable) { int duration = CodecTest.getDuration(MediaNames.WMA9); duratoinWithinTolerence = verifyDuration(duration, MediaNames.WMA9_LENGTH); assertTrue("WMA9 getDuration", duratoinWithinTolerence); } } @MediumTest public void testAMRGetDuration() throws Exception { int duration = CodecTest.getDuration(MediaNames.AMR); duratoinWithinTolerence = verifyDuration(duration, MediaNames.AMR_LENGTH); assertTrue("AMR getDuration", duratoinWithinTolerence); } /* public void testOGGGetDuration() throws Exception { int duration = CodecTest.getDuration(MediaNames.OGG); duratoinWithinTolerence = verifyDuration(duration, MediaNames.OGG_LENGTH); assertTrue("OGG getDuration", duratoinWithinTolerence); }*/ //Test cases for GetCurrentPosition @LargeTest public void testMP3CBRGetCurrentPosition() throws Exception { boolean currentPosition = CodecTest.getCurrentPosition(MediaNames.MP3CBR); assertTrue("MP3CBR GetCurrentPosition", currentPosition); } @LargeTest public void testMP3VBRGetCurrentPosition() throws Exception { boolean currentPosition = CodecTest.getCurrentPosition(MediaNames.MP3VBR); assertTrue("MP3VBR GetCurrentPosition", currentPosition); } @LargeTest public void testMIDIGetCurrentPosition() throws Exception { boolean currentPosition = CodecTest.getCurrentPosition(MediaNames.MIDI); assertTrue("MIDI GetCurrentPosition", currentPosition); } @LargeTest public void testWMA9GetCurrentPosition() throws Exception { if (isWMAEnable) { boolean currentPosition = CodecTest.getCurrentPosition(MediaNames.WMA9); assertTrue("WMA9 GetCurrentPosition", currentPosition); } } @LargeTest public void testAMRGetCurrentPosition() throws Exception { boolean currentPosition = CodecTest.getCurrentPosition(MediaNames.AMR); assertTrue("AMR GetCurrentPosition", currentPosition); } /* public void testOGGGetCurrentPosition() throws Exception { boolean currentPosition = CodecTest.getCurrentPosition(MediaNames.OGG); assertTrue("OGG GetCurrentPosition", currentPosition); */ //Test cases for pause @LargeTest public void testMP3CBRPause() throws Exception { boolean isPaused = CodecTest.pause(MediaNames.MP3CBR); assertTrue("MP3CBR Pause", isPaused); } @LargeTest public void testMP3VBRPause() throws Exception { boolean isPaused = CodecTest.pause(MediaNames.MP3VBR); assertTrue("MP3VBR Pause", isPaused); } @LargeTest public void testMIDIPause() throws Exception { boolean isPaused = CodecTest.pause(MediaNames.MIDI); assertTrue("MIDI Pause", isPaused); } @LargeTest public void testWMA9Pause() throws Exception { if (isWMAEnable) { boolean isPaused = CodecTest.pause(MediaNames.WMA9); assertTrue("WMA9 Pause", isPaused); } } @LargeTest public void testAMRPause() throws Exception { boolean isPaused = CodecTest.pause(MediaNames.AMR); assertTrue("AMR Pause", isPaused); } /* public void testOGGPause() throws Exception { boolean isPaused = CodecTest.pause(MediaNames.OGG); assertTrue("OGG Pause", isPaused); }*/ @MediumTest public void testMP3CBRPrepareStopRelease() throws Exception { CodecTest.prepareStopRelease(MediaNames.MP3CBR); assertTrue("MP3CBR prepareStopRelease", true); } @MediumTest public void testMIDIPrepareStopRelease() throws Exception { CodecTest.prepareStopRelease(MediaNames.MIDI); assertTrue("MIDI prepareStopRelease", true); } //One test case for seek before start @MediumTest public void testMP3CBRSeekBeforeStart() throws Exception { boolean seekBeforePlay = CodecTest.seektoBeforeStart(MediaNames.MP3CBR); assertTrue("MP3CBR SeekBeforePlay", seekBeforePlay); } //Skip test - Bug# 1120249 /* public void testMP3CBRpreparePauseRelease() throws Exception { CodecTest.preparePauseRelease(MediaNames.MP3CBR); assertTrue("MP3CBR preparePauseRelease", true); } public void testMIDIpreparePauseRelease() throws Exception { CodecTest.preparePauseRelease(MediaNames.MIDI); assertTrue("MIDI preparePauseRelease", true); } */ //Test cases for setLooping @LargeTest public void testMP3CBRSetLooping() throws Exception { boolean isLoop = CodecTest.setLooping(MediaNames.MP3CBR); assertTrue("MP3CBR setLooping", isLoop); } @LargeTest public void testMP3VBRSetLooping() throws Exception { boolean isLoop = CodecTest.setLooping(MediaNames.MP3VBR); Log.v(TAG, "setLooping"); assertTrue("MP3VBR setLooping", isLoop); } @LargeTest public void testMIDISetLooping() throws Exception { boolean isLoop = CodecTest.setLooping(MediaNames.MIDI); assertTrue("MIDI setLooping", isLoop); } @LargeTest public void testWMA9SetLooping() throws Exception { if (isWMAEnable) { boolean isLoop = CodecTest.setLooping(MediaNames.WMA9); assertTrue("WMA9 setLooping", isLoop); } } @Lar
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