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BE CAREFUL !! Botting more than 10h per day will most probably get you banned.
/!\ IF YOU NEED ANY HELP TO CONFIGURE THE BOT PROPERLY, JUST CONNECT TO THE FORUM WITH A VALID USERNAME AND ASK YOUR QUESTION TO THE MINI-CHAT =) /!\ DISCLAIMER Be aware that using this bot is against the user-term agreement that you made with GGG to play this game and it may lead your account to be banned. HOW TO USE First of all, for some obvious reasons, DO NOT USE IT ON YOUR MAIN ACCOUNT NOR ON HARDCORE CHARACTER!! If you are experiencing trouble, you can check Pronooooob awesome Compendium : https://exiled-bot.net/community/index.php/topic/1682-guide-for-beginners-exiledbot-compendium/# BE CAREFUL !! Botting more than 10h per day will most probably get you banned. IMPORTANT : You need to install DirectX End-User Runtime. You can download it here : http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35 IMPORTANT : You need to install .NET Framework 4. You can download it here : http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=17851 1) Launch the bot and configure parameters. You can check config.ini, skills.ini and pickit.ini files for more infos, everything is pretty self-explenatory or you can read the comments when it's not. 2) You don't understand how something works? Hover your mouse over it and you'll get some informations! 3) Launch the game. 4) IMPORTANT : Put the game in 800x600 resolution windowed. Close all panels key needs to be bound on SPACE (default). 5) To make the gem leveling work, you need to disable the "Quest Tracking" (Options/UI). Space key needs to be bound to "Close All Panels". 6) To avoid picking thrash items, you can activate the "Key Pickup" option and desactivate the "Always Highlight" (Options/UI). 7) Start the bot, it should log and enter in the specified zone. 8) Have fun =) 9) Pause and unpause the bot by pressing F12 10) You can reload your ini file during runtime as well by pressing F11 Official Site : http://www.exiled-bot.net/ Official Forum : http://www.exiled-bot.net/community/ Last Release : http://exiled-bot.net/#download
    • VRS51L3074_Keil.rar
      this a c program,be careful
    • pos.rar
      Many terminals can t move the cursor when in standout mode. We must be careful, however, because HP s and cookie terminals will drop a cookie when we do this.
    • x87trigOOR.rar
      Tests out of range handling for FSIN, FCOS, FSINCOS and FPTAN. Be careful with the inline assembly this program is compiled as both a 32-bit and 64-bit test.
    • Xpoll.rar
      we have to pay the price of having an array here, unlike with bitmasks calling twice FD_SET with the same fd is not transparent, so be careful.
    • lpar.rar
      Enables debugging of low-level hash table routines - careful.
    • posix_types_32.rar
      This file is generally used by user-level software, so you need to be a little careful about namespace pollution etc. Also, we cannot assume GCC is being used.
    • genex.rar
      Be careful when changing this, it has to be at most 128 bytes to fit into space reserved for the exception handler.
    • Monster.zip
      This a simple python based game. In this game you can move by W A S D keys. You should b careful not to be eaten by monster.
    • Lecture3.rar
      Very good, but you have to use with careful
    • qpopper2.53.tar.Z
      pop3 server