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September 7, 2005 Intel(R) Integrated Performance Primitives Version 5.0 MP3 Encoder Sample Code for Linux* on Intel(R) Personal Internet Client Architecture Processors ================================================================ CONTENTS: 1. Overview 2. Package Contents 3. Directory Organization and File List 4. System Requirements 5. Installation and Build 6. Running the Software 7. Intel IPP Functional Coverage 8. Key Module Description 9. Known Limitations 10. Technical Support and Feedback 11. License Definition 12. Disclaimer and Legal Information ================================================================ 1. Overview The MP3 Encoder sample code supports ISO/IEC 11172-3:1993 Audio Layer III encoder. The purpose of the MP3 Encoder sample code is to provide an example to show how to use Intel(R) Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel(R) IPP) Audio Coding Domain primitives to build up a baseline MP3 encoder. Additional information on this software as well as other Intel(R) software performance products is available at http://developer.intel.com/software/products/. ================================================================ 2. Package Contents The MP3 encoder sample code package contains the following: * Readme file * Makefile * Sample code source files and header files ================================================================ 3. Directory Organization and File List The following files reside in these directories (where ~ is the directory chosen as the root of this sample code package): ~ Root path of MP3 Encoder sample code package makefile_sample_mp3_enc Make file for this MP3 encoder sample code ~/doc readme_mp3_enc.txt This readme file ~/src/arm_linux/audio/mp3/encoder Source Path mp3enc.c Functions for frame-based encoding mp3einit.c Functions for initialize encoder state mp3emain.c Main entry of application mp3etbl.c Tables mp3eutil.c Functions for supporting utility ~/src/include General header file path sampdefs.h General header file ~/src/arm_linux/audio/mp3/_include MP3 encoder header file path sampmp3.h MP3 encoder header file ================================================================ 4. System Requirements This sample code is targeted for Intel(R) Personal Internet Client Architecture (PCA) Processors with Intel(R) Wireless MMX(TM) Technology. It requires: Hardware requirements: * Host PC: An Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 processor 1.5 GHz, with 512 MB RAM, or greater * Target platform: platforms that support Intel PCA Processors with Intel Wireless MMX technology, such as the Intel(R) PXA27x Processor Development Kit Software requirements: * Operating system on host machine: Red Hat* Linux* Release 7.2, or higher version. * Development tools: -- iwmmxt_le-gcc 3.3.1 (MontaVista), glibc 2.3.2 and binutils 2.14 20030612 -- Red Hat* RPM version 4.0.3 or higher version * Intel IPP 5.0 for Linux on Intel PCA Processors with Intel Wireless MMX Technology Image Coding Component Library ================================================================ 5. Installation and Build Extract all files in l_ipp-PCA-MP3-encode_*.tgz to a desired folder. Please make sure to preserve the directory structure. The files for this sample are in the ./ipp_sample/PCA/MP3-encode/ folder. Follow the steps below to build the MP3 Encoder application. Before you begin, make sure the Intel IPP 5.0 for Linux on Intel PCA Processors with Intel Wireless MMX Technology has already been installed on the same host machine. 1) Modify makefile_sample_mp3 to make sure the variable PATH_IPP_ROOT is the current Intel Integrated Performance Primitives installation path. With default settings, the variable should be: PATH_IPP_ROOT=/opt/intel/ipp/5.0/pca_wmmx Modify other toolchain paths if necessary in this make file. 2) Make the application with the command: make -f makefile_sample_mp3_enc ================================================================ 6. Running the Software If successfully built, the executable is generated in the path $(PATH_USR_BIN) defined in the make file, with the default name mp3enc. The command line format is: mp3enc -i inputFile -o outputFile -c channelNumber -b bitRate -s sampleRate Simply type mp3enc -h to invoke help information. ================================================================ 7. Intel IPP Functional Coverage The MP3 Encoder sample demonstrates how to combine PQMF analysis filterbank, forward MDCT, psychoacoustic model, joint stereo coding, quantization, and Huffman encoding to construct the MP3 Encoder. Specifically, the sample incorporates the following Intel IPP Audio Coding Domain primitives: Bit reservoir ippsBitReservoirInit_MP3 initialization Frame header packing ippsPackFrameHeader_MP3 Side information ippsPackSideInfo_MP3 packing Noiseless scalefactor ippsPackScaleFactors_MP3_8s1u encoding Noiseless spectral ippsHuffmanEncode_MP3_32s1u coefficient encoding Psychoacoustic model ippsPsychoacousticModelTwo_MP3_16s Joint stereo coding ippsJointStereoEncode_MP3_32s_I Quantization ippsQuantize_MP3_32s_I PQMF analysis ippsAnalysisPQMF_MP3_16s32s filterbank Forward MDCT ippsMDCTFwd_MP3_32s Please refer to the Intel Integrated Performance Primitives on Intel Personal Internet Client Architecture Processors Reference Manual (Version 5.0) for the use of these primitives. ================================================================ 8. Key Module Description 1) MP3 encoder state structure mp3_enc_state Location: Defined in sampmp3.h Description: This structure reserves the state that is used during the whole encoding process. It contains the current frame information, pointers for all process and working buffers. 2)encoder_init_alloc_mp3 Location: mp3einit.c Description: It allocates the buffer for storing PCM input and bit stream output. It also initializes encoder state structure, PCM sound structure and bit stream structure. This function does the following steps: (1) Allocates the working buffer for input PCM and output bit stream. (2) Initializes PCM sound structure and outputs bit stream structure. (3) Initializes working buffer, pointers and encoder state structure. Calling procedure: It is called in the main function before encoding the first frame. 3)encode_mp3 Location: mp3enc.c Description: It encodes one frame of MP3 in the following steps: (1) Encodes one frame of MP3. (2) Updates encoder general state structure. Calling procedure: It is called after the initialize module. It is in a loop to encode all frames into the MP3 bit stream. 4)encoder_free_mpeg4 Location: mp3einit.c Description: MP3 Encoder free function. It frees the working buffer used to store the input PCM and output bit stream. Calling procedure: It's called from the main function after all the frames have been encoded 5)encoder_flushbitstream_mp3 Location: mp3eutil.c Description: Flushes t
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