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Unix c source for the TSP path finder
Adobe Systems Incorporated Flash Player 11 for Linux Version 2016 Adobe recommends that all users upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Flash Player for the most recent features, bug fixes, and security fixes. For more information on the new features in Flash Player 9, please visit For more information on system requirements, fixed issues, and known issues, see the release notes at To confirm which version of Flash Player you have currently installed, see Users should only install Players that have been downloaded from trusted sources, such as Your use of this player is governed by the Adobe End User License Agreement found at Privacy ------- Adobe is committed to preserving the privacy of end users. For more information on configuring Client-side privacy visit the Settings Manager Documentation: Installation instructions ------------------------- Installing using the plugin tar.gz: o Unpack the plugin tar.gz and copy the files to the appropriate location. o Save the plugin tar.gz locally and note the location the file was saved to. o Launch terminal and change directories to the location the file was saved to. o Unpack the tar.gz file. Once unpacked you will see the following: + + /usr o Identify the location of the browser plugins directory, based on your Linux distribution and Firefox version o Copy to the appropriate browser plugins directory. At the prompt type: + cp <BrowserPluginsLocation> o Copy the Flash Player Local Settings configurations files to the /usr directory. At the prompt type: + sudo cp -r usr/* /usr Installing the plugin using RPM: o As root, enter in terminal: + # rpm -Uvh <rpm_package_file> + Click Enter key and follow prompts Installing the standalone player: o Unpack the tar.gz file o To execute the standalone player, + Double-click, or + Enter in terminal: ./flashplayer Uninstallation instructions --------------------------- Manual uninstallation (for users who installed the plugin via Install script): o Delete binary and flashplayer.xpt file in directory /home/<user>/.mozilla/plugins/ RPM uninstallation: o As root, enter in terminal: + # rpm -e flash-plugin + Click Enter key and follow prompts Technical Issues and Reporting Bugs ----------------------------------- The Adobe Flash Player Support Center at is a free online resource for support and troubleshooting information. Bug reports may be submitted at To allow us to investigate reported bugs, please include the following information: 1) Platform and version 2) Browser version 3) Reproducible steps including a URL to the web site where the problem was encountered. If we need further information about a bug, you will be contacted. An automated reply will be sent to assure you that we have received your bug report. Due to the volume of mail received, we are not able to individually respond to each report. Use the following commands to generate dependency lists for Flash Player or the Local Setting Manager: Flash Player: ldd <BrowserPluginsLocation>/ Gnome Local Setting Manager: ldd /usr/lib/ (for 32-bit systems) ldd /usr/lib64/ (for 64-bit systems) KDE Local Settings Manager: ldd /usr/bin/flash-player-properties Legal ----- Adobe(R) Flash(R) Player. Copyright (C) 1996 - 2016 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. Adobe and Flash are either trademarks or registered trademarks in the United States and/or other countries.
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    • platform-flash.rar
      The CSBASE_ registers are expected to be setup by the bootloader.
    • Flash-to-RAM-on-the-F28xxx-DSCs.rar
    • Flash游戏——小忍者(BOWJA THE NINJA)
      非常非常好玩的益智类flash小游戏,非常经典 一共4个文件,分别为小忍者1,2,3上,3下 操作:鼠标点击 希望大家喜欢,只需1分,评论就可返回分数!
    • SmartFlash
      SmartFlash is a VCL with additional features in Macromedia Flash ActiveX. SmartFlash support real trasparency of the flash and antialiasing effect in the flash frame. Also you can load flash ...
    • The Miner – 专业Flash AS3性能分析器
      The Miner是由加拿大的Jean-Philippe Auclair(开发的Flash性能分析器(profiler),其前身为开源的FlashPreloadProfiler。The Miner虽然现在已“沦为”商业软件,但其个人非商业用途(比如学习研究,...
    • snapflash:FlashCard应用!
      快闪记忆体 抽认卡应用 [ ] 制作,学习和分享自己的抽认卡! 我只知道一件事,那就是我什么都不知道。 -苏格拉底 我要窃取独立宣言。 - 尼古拉斯·凯奇 ... 查看您创建的所有套牌。 有一个类似的页面,用于查看其他人...
    • Flash! Torrent-开源
      闪光! Torrent是一个BitTorrent客户端,包括一个小型Web浏览器,用于在Web中导航有关BitTorrent的信息,自己的跟踪器等。您可以配置上传速度,知道种子的种子和同伴数量,多语言等等。
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      The book is a good starting point if you’re a developer interested in getting involved in mobile development using the Flash platform, and it’s an equally a great resource for taking mobile ...
    • Flash.CS5.The.Missing.Manual
      Despite the many improvements in software over the years, one feature has grown consistently worse: documentation. With the purchase of most software programs these days, you don’t get a single page ...