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用MATLAB编写的FFT程序,MATLAB to the FFT program
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The MathWorks, Inc. Software License Agreement Licensee may receive a full refund if within thirty (30) days from the date of delivery (the "Acceptance Period") Licensee does not accept the terms and conditions of this License and the applicable Addendum, or if Licensee terminates this License for any reason, within the Acceptance Period. LICENSE GRANT. The MathWorks, Inc. ("MathWorks") hereby grants to Licensee a nonexclusive License to install and use the Programs and accompanying Documentation as provided herein. The licensed Programs and Documentation shall at all times remain the property of MathWorks and/or its Licensors, and Licensee shall have no right, title, or interest therein, except as expressly set forth in this Agreement. LICENSE FOR THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE. MathWorks has been granted licenses to distribute certain third party software. As a condition of those licenses, MathWorks is required to distribute the software subject to specific terms and conditions, which may be different from or additional to those contained herein for MathWorks' Programs. Licensee understands and agrees that acceptance of this Agreement also confirms Licensee's acceptance of the applicable provisions for use, including the restrictions on use, of such third party software. The current applicable provisions may be viewed at http://www.mathworks.com/thirdpartylicense. Licensee may also contact MathWorks to obtain the current applicable provisions. Licensee's breach of the applicable provisions of any third party's license terms shall also be considered a material breach of this Agreement. DEFINITIONS Affiliate. A legal entity which is controlled by, or controls, or is under common control with Licensee. Control means (i) beneficial ownership of at least fifty percent (50%) of the voting securities of a corporation or other business organization with voting securities, or (ii) a fifty percent (50%) or greater interest in the profits and capital of a partnership or other business organization without voting securities. Concurrent Keys. The combined number of users that may simultaneously operate a Program on a Concurrent License. Distribution. The distribution on physical media and/or electronic distribution. Documentation. The user guides and instructional material, if any, accompanying delivery of a Program as may be updated from time to time. Documentation may be delivered in printed and/or online forms, and in one or more languages. Installation Type. One or more of the Standalone Named User, Network Named User, Network Counted User, or Network Concurrent User installation type(s) available with respect to the License Option selected. Internal Operations. The use of a Program by employees of Licensee or an Affiliate for the purpose of performing services on behalf of the Licensee or Affiliate, or in the performance of services for Third Parties who engage Licensee or an Affiliate for such services. As used herein, "employees" includes student interns and consultants of Licensee or its Affiliates. License. MathWorks' grant to Licensee of a nonexclusive right to install and use a Program in accordance with the License Option purchased. Licensed Users. Those users of the Programs, designated by the Licensee as authorized to use the Programs for Licensee's Internal Operations, to the extent permitted by the License Option purchased. Licensee. The individual or entity to whom MathWorks grants the License. The Licensee is responsible for meeting the contractual obligations of the License, and ensuring that anyone permitted access to the Programs also meets such obligations. License Option. The specific rights, restrictions, and obligations under which Licensee may install and use a Program pursuant to this Agreement, including those related to the permitted Installation Type(s) associated with the License Option selected, and the applicable Addendum. By accepting a Program during the Acceptance Period, Licensee also accepts the applicable rights and agrees to be bound by the applicable obligations and restrictions of the License Option purchased. Licensor. The person who, or entity which, grants a license to MathWorks to redistribute that person's or entity's intellectual property. MAT-files. The default data file format for importing and exporting data to MATLAB. Usually has the filename extension ".mat". M-file. A file containing a program or function written in the MATLAB language. Usually has the filename extension ".m". MDL-file. A file containing a Simulink model. Usually has the filename extension ".mdl". Named User. A specific individual, designated by the Licensee, who is assigned the right to use the Program(s) under a particular License. Licensee is responsible to ensure that the total number of Named Users of each Program on a License does not exceed the number licensed for each Program. P-file, P-code. A pre-parsed version of the original M-file code for execution on MATLAB. Usually has the filename extension ".p". Program(s). The computer software delivered hereunder, including enhancements and error corrections. Each product from MathWorks is a separate Program. Third Party. Any person or legal entity that is not an Affiliate. TLC-file. A file containing Target Language Compiler instructions that explicitly control the way code is generated by Real-Time Workshop. INSTALLATION AND USE. Specific rights, obligations, and restrictions apply to each License Option. Licensee's right to install and use the Programs is determined by the License Option selected, including the permitted Installation Type(s) with respect to such License Option as set forth in the table below. By accepting the terms and conditions of the Agreement, Licensee also accepts the License Option purchased. License Options: Permitted Installation Types Individual: Standalone Named User Group: Standalone Named User, Network Named User Concurrent: Network Concurrent User Open: Standalone Named User, Network Counted User Enterprise Suite: Standalone Named User, Network Named User In some countries, Standalone Named User is not available on Group, Open, and Enterprise Suite License Options. Contact your local MathWorks representative for more information. LICENSE OPTIONS. Individual. The Individual License Option provides the Standalone Named User Installation Type. Program use is restricted to the single, designated Named User. Group. The Group License Option provides the Standalone Named User and Network Named User Installation Types. The Programs may be operated by a combined workgroup of Named Users (up to the maximum number of Named Users licensed to use each Program). It is not necessary to have an equal number of Named Users in the workgroup licensed for each Program, therefore Licensee must take action to ensure that only the appropriate licensed user count is installed for each Program. This License Option must be centrally administered and maintained. Licensee's central administrator is responsible for (i) accurately installing, administering, counting, and controlling the number of Named Users allowed access to each Program, and (ii) the distribution of new versions of the Programs delivered during any paid Software Maintenance Service term. Concurrent. The Concurrent License Option provides the Network Concurrent User Installation Type. Open. The Open License Option is an Annual License that provides the Network Counted User Installatio
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      OFDM fading program, and calculate the DSP of the OFDM system and tracing the curves
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      method of gravity inversion
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      These extend the MATLAB environment in order to solve particular classes of problems. Areas in which toolboxes are available include signal processing, control systems design, dynamic systems ...
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      使用MATLAB进行FFT,FIR和去噪 信号和系统项目-02 FFT,FIR和降噪 Ivan Widjanarko-1806148706-计算机工程-电气工程-工学院-印度尼西亚大学 项目介绍 该项目是在MATLAB中以GUI的形式创建的。 用户可以在此程序上实时...
    • 哈明窗matlab代码-DFTCoding:基于FFT的子带编码
      哈明窗matlab代码基于FFT的子带编码 描述 该项目的目的是模拟压缩文件和其他过程时本来可以发送音频信号的编码。 基于DFT(离散傅立叶变换)到频段。 这是大学的一个项目,我不得不将Matlab代码传递给Python代码。 ...
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