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ns2 code for aodv.can be done on linux
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  • Performance Evaluation of Two Congestion Control Mechanisms with On-Demand Distance Vector (AODV) Routing Protocol for Mobile and Wireless Networks.pdf
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ns2-roadv ========= Randomized AODV (R-AODV) Protocol --------------------------------- AODV protocol is extended with a drop factor that induces a randomness feature to result in Randomized Ad-Hoc On-Demand Routing (R-AODV) protocol. Dur- ing the route discovery process, every intermediary or router nodes between the source and the destination nodes makes a decision to either broadcast/forward the RREQ packet further towards the destination or drop it. Before forwarding a RREQ packet, every node computes the drop factorwhich is a function of the inverse of the number of hop counts traversed by the RREQ packet. This drop factor lies in the range of 0 to 1. Also, the node generates a random number from 0 to 1. If this random number is higher than the drop factor, the node forwards the RREQ packet. Otherwise, the RREQ packet is dropped. Dropping of RREQ packets does not necessarily result in a new route discovery process by the source node. This is due to the fact that the original broadcast by the source node results in multiple RREQ packets via the neighbors and this dif- fusing wave results quickly in a large number of RREQ packets traversing the network in search of the destination. A major proportion of these packets are redundant due to the fact that in the ideal case, a single RREQ packet can find the best route. Also, a number of these packets diffusing in directions away from the destination shall eventually timeout. Hence, in R-AODV, the aim is to minimize on these redundant RREQ packets, or alternatively, drop as much as possible of these redundant RREQ packets. The drop policy is conservative and its value becomes lesser with higher number of hops. As RREQ packets get near the destination node, the chances of survival of RREQ packets is higher. Hence, the first phase of the route discovering process, that is, finding the destination node, is completed as soon as possible and a RREP packet can be transmitted from the destination node back to the source node. In R-AODV, the dropping of redundant RREQ packets reduces a proportion of RREQ packets that shall never reach the destination node, resulting in a de- crease of network congestion. Hence, the ratio of the number of packets received by the nodes to the number of packets sent by the nodes, namely, throughput, should be higher in R-AODV compared to AODV. The following algorithm is used in the decision making process of whether to drop the RREQ packets by the intermediary or routing nodes. Algorithm --------- Step 1: Calculate drop_factor drop_factor = (1/(Hop_count_of_RREQ_packet + 1)) Step 2: Calculate a random value in the range of 0 to 1. Step 3: If (random_value > drop_factor) then broadcast/forward RREQ_packet else drop RREQ_packet
    • NS2AODV.rar
      ns2 tcl 仿真AODVad hoc 路由协议
    • AODV.zip
      AODV路由ns2 tcl脚本,30节点。
    • NS2-AODV-TCL.zip
      AODV on NS2, network simulation
    • AODVNS2环境下源文件
      AODV协议在NS2下的源文件 内含详细中文注释 包括(1) aodv.h (2aodv.cc (3) aodv_mcast.cc (4) aodv_mtable.h (5) aodv_mtable.cc (6)aodv_mtable_aux.h (7)aodv_mtable_aux.cc (8)aodv_packet...
    • AODV路由协议NS2仿真
      Linux下(redhat9)NS安装具体方法及疑问解答 自己做的AODV仿真tcl文件以及分析报告(包括NAM仿真结果图)
    • ns2下的aodv源码
    • AODV+.rar
    • ns2aodv.rar
      Network Simulation : AODV program on ns2.
    • AODV-ns2.zip
      AODV (Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector) is a loop-free routing protocol for ad-hoc networks.
    • NS2example.rar