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LithTech Engine SDK 242
Lithtech SDK Readme ------------------- LithTech 1.0 Build 24.2a 12/30/98 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, things have certainly changed around a lot for build 24.2! The new HLP file is not quite ready yet (it's still going through a major revamp). Things work a little differently with this release. There's no 'pre-setup' demo of the engine. If you want to use one of the samples, make a directory and copy the contents of CORE into it, then copy the sample project you wish to use over. See the example below in this document. UTILITIES --------- We now include a number of utilities for converting files formats and making life easier. These utilities were written for Monolith Productions by eXodite Dimensions. http://www.exodite.com DIRECTORIES ----------- The new directory structure is done. Here it is: API This is the directory for all the Lithtech API headers. As usual. :) CORE This includes the files that you need to put in the 'root' of your game to have it run. CLIENT.EXE and support DLLs and renderers are here. SoftDib.ren is a debug renderer, and can be removed for a production image. DOC This directory contains documentation files. There's LITHTECH.HLP, contact.txt, and a number of links to on-line resources. SAMPLES These are all the code samples that go along with the printed Lithtech manual. UTILS These are utilities like Lithrez (for making .REZ files and unpacking them), DEdit (for making levels), ModelEdit (for tweaking models), and other tools. An ABC23DS converter is included, as is a 3DS2ABC convertor. UTILS\PLUGINS These directories contain plugins for popular programs to allow them to work directly with the Lithtech file formats. The current 3DSMAX plugin is here, as is the Photoshop .DTX plugin. RUNNING A SAMPLE ---------------- If you want to use one of the samples, make a directory and copy the contents of CORE into it, then copy the sample project you wish to use over. For example: C:\LTSDK> mkdir \lttest C:\LTSDK> cd \lttest C:\LTTEST> xcopy \ltsdk\core cdaudio.dll Client.exe d3d.ren DE_Msg.dll ima.dll server.dll soft.ren softdib.ren SoftSnd.dll 9 File(s) copied C:\LTTEST> copy \ltsdk\samples\autoexec.org . C:\LTTEST> copy \ltsdk\samples\clawbert.bat . C:\LTTEST> mkdir clawbert C:\LTTEST> cd clawbert C:\LTTEST\CLAWBERT> xcopy \ltsdk\samples\clawbert /s/e [lots of file copy information] C:\LTTEST\CLAWBERT> cd .. C:\LTTEST> clawbert.bat [clawbert runs] This allows you to keep a 'clean' SDK image around and work in separate project trees; probably a good thing! :) LITHTECH CONTACT INFORMATION ---------------------------- LithTech licensing, business, and contract questions should go to: lithtech@lith.com Support questions should go to: support@lithtech.com One-on-one developer support is usually handled by Jeremy Blackman (a.k.a. Loki). All registered development teams should have a login/pass on the developer.lithtech.com website (which has a password protected portion). If you are a new licensee, contact Support to get a login and password, otherwise you will only be able to access public information the site. All registered users are entitled to be subscribed to the LTDEV mailing list, which is read by other developers and by the Lithtech team themselves. To get on this list, contact Support. Thanks for choosing Lithtech! --The Lithtech Team Mike Dussault Bryan Bouwman Brad Pendleton Jeremy Blackman Scott Pultz Matt Saettler
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