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EA trading on MT4 , you can use it in your MT4 to test and take profit
EA trading on MT4 1.rar
  • EA trading on MT4 1
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for more systems and strategies please vesit our website www.forexfreesystems.com or www.forexfreesystems.net or contact us at support@forexfreesystems.com enjoy FX GENIUS Robot (after opening demo accounts) INTRODUCTION: 1. FX GENIUS compares prices of 2 brokers, one that shows the prices and is a faster broker. It’s called a MASTER, and a slower broker, called a SLAVE, where you will execute the trades. 2. What you will get from me after opening demo and live accounts is not one EA that you attach to the platform, but you get a slightly MODIFIED MT4 PLATFORM with 2 EA attached to it, Master EA and Slave EA. Both EAs must work so the system is working. INSTALATION: 3. Unzip the file you got and open it. You will be able to see one or two files, but click only on the file called LOGIN TO GENIUS. Don’t try to open the other file because if you change anything, the robot will not work. The whole system is highly encoded and protected. 4. Now you will have to login to 2 accounts, MASTER and SLAVE. The first one which opens will be the Master, and login to it using the DEMO account Login, Password and Server IP (e.g. 111.22.333.44:443). Then in a while another Login window will pop-up. This is the SLAVE where you put the DEMO or REAL account Login, Password and Server IP. 5. You have your Metatrader 4 downloaded in your computer somewhere on C or D drives, but GENIUS will never go there. It uses its own MODIFIED MT4 platform. 6. You opened demos of Masters or Slaves. But you should have their Login IDs and Passwords noted because you have to write them to the GENIUS platform. 7. In most cases you will not know the IPs of the brokers. Try to find them on the internet using search engines or I can find them for you, but then tell me the broker’s name and link, so I can check the IP for you. I have a list with some IPs, but not all of the brokers. 8. If you are confused, which was the Master and which was the Slave that opened, remember, that MASTER has an expert attached to it beforehand and you can see it in the right top corner with a smiley. The SLAVE you have to attach yourself to both charts, GBPUSD and EURUSD, the same one in two charts. They will work independently. 9. So actually there are 2 EA in this system: Master EA, which is attached to the MASTER Platform, and Slave EA, that is attached to the SLAVE Platform. 10. For the whole system to work, Master EA must be switched-on and have a smiley, but Slave doesn’t have to have a smiley. Even if it has an X mark, it will still work. 11. If you want to stop running the whole program, you have to disable Master EA, so there is no smiley there. The SLAVE always works, with or without a smiley, so be careful if you want to stop trading, otherwise it will place orders all the time. 12. You are allowed to have 10 demo and 5 real accounts coded in the Genius, but they are only for the SLAVE. We don’t need the MASTER Login or PW and you can put there any accounts, demo, live, etc. If a demo expires after 30 days, you can download a new demo and use it as a Master, no problem. We only code the Slave. You can have as many Masters as you want, the more the better. OPERATION: 1. When you installed everything correctly, in the Experts tab at the bottom you will have a message Market Analysis in Progress and it should run all the time, not only once or twice. If you see only 2 messages like this, most probably the MASTER is not switched on. It analyses the Market all the time and sends orders if there is an appropriate moment to execute an order. If the orders are not placed, check the time of the last Market Analysis and the time on your computer and you will know when last time the Analysis was done. If a long time ago, means Genius stopped for some reason. Just restart it. Stopping means usually the prices are not available or there was too much data and the memory was exceeded. 2. You can change the values of the Variables, like Safety Margin, Order�
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