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dos2unix 脚本开发功能转换编码格式化运行
dos2unix - DOS/Mac to Unix and vice versa text file format converter. FILE LIST README.txt : This file. INSTALL.txt : How to build and install. COPYING.txt : distribution license. NEWS.txt : Basic change log for users. ChangeLog.txt : Detailed change log for programmers. TODO.txt : Things to do. BUGS.txt : Known bugs and instructions on reporting new ones. dos2unix.txt : Dos2unix manual, text format. : Dos2unix manual, PostScript format. dos2unix.pdf : Dos2unix manual, PDF format. dos2unix.htm : Dos2unix manual, HTML format. HISTORY This is an update of Benjamin Lin's implementations of dos2unix and unix2dos. Benjamin Lin's implementations of dos2unix and unix2dos are part of several Linux distributions such as RedHat, Fedora, Suse and others. This update includes all RedHat patches and fixes several other problems. Internationalization has been added and ports to DOS, Windows, Cygwin and OS/2 Warp have been made. These implementations of dos2unix and unix2dos have been modelled after dos2unix/unix2dos under SunOS/Solaris. They have similar conversion modes, namely ascii, 7bit and iso. The first versions were made by John Birchfield in 1989, and in 1995 rewritten from scratch by Benjamin Lin. Mac to Unix conversion was added by Bernd Johannes Wuebben in 1998, Unix to Mac conversion by Erwin Waterlander in 2010. Features * Native language support: Dutch, English, Esperanto, German, Spanish. * Automatically skips binary and non-regular files * In-place, paired, or stdio mode conversion. * Keep original file dates option. * 7-bit and iso conversion modes like SunOS dos2unix. * Conversion of Windows UTF-16 files to Unix UTF-8. * Secure. AUTHORS Erwin Waterlander version 3.2-6.0.2 2009-2012 Christian Wurll version 3.1 1998 Bernd Johannes Wuebben version 3.0 1998 Benjamin Lin version 1.1-2.3 1994-1995 John Birchfield version 1.0 1989 TRANSLATORS Dutch Erwin Waterlander <> Esperanto Rugxulo <> German Philipp Thomas <> Spanish Julio A. Freyre-Gonzalez <> ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Rugxulo query_con_codepage(), code page detection in DOS. Rugxulo DJGPP stubs for mac2unix and unix2mac. Jari Aalto Improvements man page. Jari Aalto Improvments Makefile. Ben Pfaff Treat form feeds as valid text. Marc Gianzero Darwin OS port. Elbert Pol OS/2 port. Tim Waugh Various patches. Mike Harris Man page update. Bernard RosenKraenzer segfault patch. Tim Powers mkstemp patch. Miloslav Trmac safeconv patch. Charles Wilson Follow symbolic links. Charles Wilson Makefile and code cleanup for Cygwin. Christopher Williams Maintain file ownership in old file mode. Steven H. Levine Support wildcard expansion on OS/2. Steve Hay Support wildcard expansion on win64. Michael Schindler Fixed compiler warning. Somsak Pattanaprateep Print line number when binary symbol is found. FINDUTILS Windows users who are looking for the Unix 'find' and 'xargs' commands can find them in the findutils package for Windows at the ezwinports project page at: A DOS version of the findutils package can be obtained from the DJGPP project ( at CONTACT INFORMATION Project page : SourceForge project page : Freecode project page : Erwin Waterlander
    • dos2unix 安装软件包.zip
      资源已经过整理,本人安装试验成功,分享给大家,以便少走弯路; 资源包中有需要的压缩文件和说明书,安装前须详细阅读。
    • dos2unix:Dos2Unix / Unix2Dos - 文本文件格式转换器-开源
      dos2unix 包括将带有 DOS 或 MAC 换行符的文本文件转换为 Unix 换行符的实用程序,反之亦然。 它还包括从 UTF-16 到 UTF-8 的转换。
    • dos2unix-7.3.4-win64
      dos2unix cocos2dx绑定
    • Linux下dos2unix工具
    • dos2unix代码
    • dos2unix.rar
      unix2dos批量转换工具 dos2unix includes utilities to convert text files with DOS or MAC line breaks to Unix line breaks and vice versa. It also includes conversion of UTF-16 to UTF-8.
      dos2unix命令用来将DOS格式的文本文件转换成UNIX格式的(DOS/MAC to UNIX text file format converter)
    • dos2unix PyYAML cheettemplate
    • dos2unix linux安装包
      dos2unix linux安装包, 支持各个linux操作系统,属于比较新的安装包,有需要的同学请你去吧
    • dos2unix unix2dos
      类unix文件拷贝到windows系统,就会丢失换行标识, windows文件拷贝到类unix系统,就会出现"^M"标识 可以用于解决Ftp上传二进制文件时没加binary, dos2unix 没加binary上传的文件. unix2dos集成在dos2unix中