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This IMAGE FUSION toolkit was developed for MATLAB 6, as part of my final year project at the University of Bath. All fusion algorithms can be executed individually by command line from MATLAB (check the help in 'cemif.m', 'lap_fus.m', 'mfocus.m' or 'wavelet.m' for more information) However, the simpliest way to evaluate these fusion methods is through the grafic interfaces 'interface.m' and 'mfusion.m' The first one, 'interface.m', intends to perform fusion of two source images in a user-friendly environment. First of all, the images are selected by clicking the 'Select Image' buttons or through the 'Menu'. A browser will appear afterwards to allow the user to select the images, which can be any of the following file formats: 'jpg' or 'jpeg' Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) 'tif' or 'tiff' Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) 'gif' Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) 'bmp' Windows Bitmap (BMP) 'png' Portable Network Graphics 'hdf' Hierarchical Data Format (HDF) 'pcx' Windows Paintbrush (PCX) 'xwd' X Window Dump (XWD) 'cur' Windows Cursor resources (CUR) 'ico' Windows Icon resources (ICO) 'pgm' Portable Gray Map Both images should have the same dimensions. Different parameters can be set for each fusion method. Once the parameters are set and the images selected, the fusion is performed by clicking the associated fusion button. The second interface, 'mfusion.m' was developed to automatically measure and display the root mean square error. It has all the functionalities that has the previous interface. In addition, it allows to choose one reference image and to blur some square areas from the source images before achieving the fusion. If the user specifies a reference image, all the RMSE values are calculated between the other images and the reference image. In case there is no reference image, the RMSE is calculated between the source images and fused one. All the files included in this zip file are listed bellow sorted in cathegories. If you have any problem or sugestion concerning this software don't doubt to contact me. Eduardo Fernandez Canga, PhD student at Bristol University E.Fernandez-Canga@bristol.ac.uk List of files: -Fusion Measure GUI mfusion.fig mfusion.m mfusion_help.fig mfusion_help.m -Fusion Toolkit GUI interface.fig interface.m -General Files coldpad.m gmask.m imblur.m impad.m maxim.m rmse.m rowpad.m saveimg.m -CEMIF Fusion Files: cemif.m imaver.m -LAPLACIAN Fusion Files: lap_fus.m -SPATIAL FREQUENCY Files: mfocus.m mfocusint.m spfreq.m -WAVELET Fusion Files: bi97.wvf dau20.wvf dau4.wvf dau6.wvf haar.wvf haar2.wvf haar4.wvf haar7.wvf imkindex.m iwt.m iwt2d.m iwt2dscl.m mean.wvf mkfilt.m mkindex.m openfile.m readimg.m readtokn.m readwav.m rfl_11.m rfl_12.m rfl_21.m rfl_22.m s10.wvf s8.wvf shutfile.m shutfile_original.m wavelet.m wrap.m wt2d.m wt2dscl.m wt2dscl_original.m wt2d_original.m
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      本算法首先对彩色图像变成YIQ空间,对所有图像的各个颜色分量进行小波分解,然后在小波变换域上根据某种策略选取系数,最后做小波反变换和YIQ反变换即得结果图像,有测试图,代码绝对能跑通 一起学习
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      图像进行融合加强,方便好用 将图像进行融合加强,方便好用
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    • 图像融合
    • 图像融合技术
      将多源信道所采集到的关于同一目标的图像数据经过图像处理和计算机技术等,最大限度的提取各自信道中的有利信息,最后综合成高质量的图像,以提高图像信息的利用率、改善计算机... 待融合图像已配准好且像素位宽一致
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