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Mizu通用WebPhone是基于SIP标准的VoIP客户端软件,可以作为浏览器软件电话嵌入到任何网页中,也可以用作VoIP JavaScript库来构建基于Web的自定义VoIP解决方案,无论是简单的点击通话按钮还是集成的复杂解决方案与您现有的业务逻辑。基于行业标准SIP协议,它与所有VoIP设备和服务兼容。Web sip客户端可以直接从网页上进行与任何计算机(PC,MAC,便携式计算机,平板电脑,移动电话)之间的语音呼叫,并具有完整的呼叫控制功能,例如保持,转接,会议,录音等。它可以通过您选择的VoIP服务提供商(包括您自己的SIP服务器/ softswitch / PBX)拨打任何其他SIP电话(免费的软件电话或ip电话)或任何固定电话和移动号码。
This folder contains some usage examples to learn about the webphone API usage or as a starting template for your custom project. These examples are useful only if you wish to do some custom development. In case if you are looking for something ready to use, then use the softphone.html or the click2call.html in the upper folder instead of these samples. You migh also look at the following resources to start working with the webphone: -Tutorial: https://www.mizu-voip.com/Support/Wiki/tabid/99/Default.aspx?topic=WebPhone+Quick+Start -Documentation: https://www.mizu-voip.com/Portals/0/Files/Webphone_Documentation.pdf The html's listed here are not ready for production. Some of them are just for demo purpose and others doesn't have proper error handling (skipped for easier reading). Sample files: o techdemo_example.html: a simple demo html the showcase the webphone functionalities o minimal_example.html: shortest implementation to make a call o basic_example.html: simple usage example of softphone SDK o api_example.html: a more detailed example for the SIP API usage o incoming_example.html: simple example to handle incoming call o click2call_example.html: a minimal click to call phone button implementation o linkify_example.html: will convert phone numbers on a webpage to clickable SIP URI�s for click to call o mobile_example.html: just a show case to remind you that the webphone also works on smartphones o multipage_example.html: demonstrates using the same webphone instances across multiple pages
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