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# "ModernRobotics" Mathematica Package Instructions # ## Installing the Package ## ### Recommended Installation Instructions ### If you'd like to be able to use this package inside of any notebook, regardless of the notebook's location on your filesystem, then you can use Mathematica's front end to install this package. Use the following steps: 1. Download this package 2. Click `File -> Install...` 3. Select `Package` for the _Type of Item to Install_ 4. Chose `From File...` for the _Source_ 5. Navigate to `ModernRobotics.m` and select it as the source for the package 6. The _Install Name_ should default to `ModernRobotics`; if it doesn't then fill in the install name to be `ModernRobotics` 7. Choose whether you want the package installed for a single user or for all users (may require administrative privileges) 8. Click `OK` ### Manual Installation Instructions ### If you have any troubles with the front-end installation described above, try manually installing the package by copying the `ModernRobotics.m` file into the following directory. ```sh $MATHPATH/Applications/ModernRobotics/ ``` The value of `$MATHPATH` will depend on your system. You can determine it by looking at the `$Path` variable inside Mathematica. Here are some paths for common operating systems: + OS-X: `~/Library/Mathematica/` + Linux (Debian): `~/.Mathematica/` + Windows: `%APPDATA%\Mathematica\` ## Loading the Package ## After installing the package, load the library from any notebook by running ``` <<ModernRobotics` ``` This process is required for any notebook using this package. ## Using the Package ## After loading the package, you should be able to use any function in the package. Taking the function `RotInv` for example, you can check the description and usage example of this function by running ``` ?RotInv ``` As mentioned in the function usage example, you can try using this function by running ``` invR = RotInv[{{0,0,1},{1,0,0},{0,1,0}}] ``` You should get the the same output as shown in the function usage example. ## Using the Package Locally ## It is possible to use the package locally without installation. Download and place the package anywhere on your filesystem and then run ``` SetDirectory["<PATH-TO-DIRECTORY-CONTAINING-ModernRobotics.m>"] ``` If the notebook and the package are located in the same directory you could use ``` SetDirectory[NotebookDirectory[]] ``` Note that since the package is not installed, you need to set the directory shown above in every notebook in which this package is used. Loading is still required before using. ## Uninstalling the Package ## To uninstall the package, delete the file `ModernRobotics.wl` or `ModernRobotics.m` in the following directory. ```sh $MATHPATH/Applications/ModernRobotics/ ```