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fast obfuscator for java. Ease to use.
/* * ProGuard -- shrinking, optimization, obfuscation, and preverification * of Java bytecode. * * Copyright (c) 2002-2019 Guardsquare NV * * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it * under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free * Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) * any later version. * * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT * ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or * FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for * more details. * * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along * with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., * 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA */ package proguard.optimize.peephole; import proguard.classfile.*; import proguard.classfile.constant.*; import proguard.classfile.editor.*; import proguard.classfile.instruction.Instruction; import proguard.classfile.visitor.ClassPrinter; /** * This class contains a set of instruction sequences with their suggested * more compact or more efficient replacements. * * @see InstructionSequencesReplacer * @see InstructionSequenceReplacer * @author Eric Lafortune */ public class InstructionSequenceConstants { // The arrays with constants and instructions used to be static, // but now they are initialized with references to classes and // class members, inside an instance of this class. As an added // benefit, they can be garbage collected after they have been used. public final Instruction[][][] VARIABLE_SEQUENCES; public final Instruction[][][] ARITHMETIC_SEQUENCES; public final Instruction[][][] FIELD_SEQUENCES; public final Instruction[][][] CAST_SEQUENCES; public final Instruction[][][] BRANCH_SEQUENCES; public final Instruction[][][] STRING_SEQUENCES; public final Instruction[][][] OBJECT_SEQUENCES; public final Instruction[][][] MATH_SEQUENCES; public final Instruction[][][] MATH_ANDROID_SEQUENCES; public final Constant[] CONSTANTS; // Internal short-hand constants. private static final String BOOLEAN = ClassConstants.NAME_JAVA_LANG_BOOLEAN; private static final String BYTE = ClassConstants.NAME_JAVA_LANG_BYTE; private static final String CHARACTER = ClassConstants.NAME_JAVA_LANG_CHARACTER; private static final String SHORT = ClassConstants.NAME_JAVA_LANG_SHORT; private static final String INTEGER = ClassConstants.NAME_JAVA_LANG_INTEGER; private static final String LONG = ClassConstants.NAME_JAVA_LANG_LONG; private static final String FLOAT = ClassConstants.NAME_JAVA_LANG_FLOAT; private static final String DOUBLE = ClassConstants.NAME_JAVA_LANG_DOUBLE; private static final String STRING = ClassConstants.NAME_JAVA_LANG_STRING; private static final String STRING_BUFFER = ClassConstants.NAME_JAVA_LANG_STRING_BUFFER; private static final String STRING_BUILDER = ClassConstants.NAME_JAVA_LANG_STRING_BUILDER; private static final String MATH = ClassConstants.NAME_JAVA_LANG_MATH; private static final String FLOAT_MATH = ClassConstants.NAME_ANDROID_UTIL_FLOAT_MATH; private static final int X = InstructionSequenceReplacer.X; private static final int Y = InstructionSequenceReplacer.Y; private static final int Z = InstructionSequenceReplacer.Z; private static final int A = InstructionSequenceReplacer.A; private static final int B = InstructionSequenceReplacer.B; private static final int C = InstructionSequenceReplacer.C; private static final int D = InstructionSequenceReplacer.D; // Replacement constants that are derived from matched variables. private static final int STRING_A_LENGTH = InstructionSequenceReplacer.STRING_A_LENGTH; private static final int BOOLEAN_A_STRING = InstructionSequenceReplacer.BOOLEAN_A_STRING; private static final int CHAR_A_STRING = InstructionSequenceReplacer.CHAR_A_STRING; private static final int INT_A_STRING = InstructionSequenceReplacer.INT_A_STRING; private static final int LONG_A_STRING = InstructionSequenceReplacer.LONG_A_STRING; private static final int FLOAT_A_STRING = InstructionSequenceReplacer.FLOAT_A_STRING; private static final int DOUBLE_A_STRING = InstructionSequenceReplacer.DOUBLE_A_STRING; private static final int STRING_A_STRING = InstructionSequenceReplacer.STRING_A_STRING; private static final int BOOLEAN_B_STRING = InstructionSequenceReplacer.BOOLEAN_B_STRING; private static final int CHAR_B_STRING = InstructionSequenceReplacer.CHAR_B_STRING; private static final int INT_B_STRING = InstructionSequenceReplacer.INT_B_STRING; private static final int LONG_B_STRING = InstructionSequenceReplacer.LONG_B_STRING; private static final int FLOAT_B_STRING = InstructionSequenceReplacer.FLOAT_B_STRING; private static final int DOUBLE_B_STRING = InstructionSequenceReplacer.DOUBLE_B_STRING; private static final int STRING_B_STRING = InstructionSequenceReplacer.STRING_B_STRING; /** * Creates a new instance of InstructionSequenceConstants, with constants * that reference classes from the given class pools. */ public InstructionSequenceConstants(ClassPool programClassPool, ClassPool libraryClassPool) { InstructionSequenceBuilder ____ = new InstructionSequenceBuilder(programClassPool, libraryClassPool); // Create fieldref constants with wildcards, for fields in class X, // with name Y, and the given primitive types. ConstantPoolEditor constantPoolEditor = ____.getConstantPoolEditor(); final int FIELD_Z = constantPoolEditor.addConstant(new FieldrefConstant(X, constantPoolEditor.addConstant(new NameAndTypeConstant(Y, constantPoolEditor.addUtf8Constant("Z"))), null, null)); final int FIELD_B = constantPoolEditor.addConstant(new FieldrefConstant(X, constantPoolEditor.addConstant(new NameAndTypeConstant(Y, constantPoolEditor.addUtf8Constant("B"))), null, null)); final int FIELD_C = constantPoolEditor.addConstant(new FieldrefConstant(X, constantPoolEditor.addConstant(new NameAndTypeConstant(Y, constantPoolEditor.addUtf8Constant("C"))), null, null)); final int FIELD_S = constantPoolEditor.addConstant(new FieldrefConstant(X, constantPoolEditor.addConstant(new NameAndTypeConstant(Y, constantPoolEditor.addUtf8Constant("S"))), null, null)); final int FIELD_I = constantPoolEditor.addConstant(new FieldrefConstant(X, constantPoolEditor.addConstant(new NameAndTypeConstant(Y, constantPoolEditor.addUtf8Constant("I"))), null, null)); final int FIELD_F = constantPoolEditor.addConstant(new FieldrefConstant(X, constantPoolEditor.addConstant(new NameAndTypeConstant(Y, constantPoolEditor.addUtf8Constant("F"))), null, null)); final int FIELD_J = constantPoolEditor.addConstant(new FieldrefConstant(X, constantPoolEditor.addConstant(new NameAndTypeConstant(Y, constantPoolEditor.addUtf8Constant("J"))), null, null)); final int FIELD_D = constantPoolEditor.addConstant(new FieldrefConstant(X, constantPoolEditor.addConstant(new NameAndTypeConstant(Y, constantPoolEditor.addUtf8Constant("D"))), null, null)); // Create methodref constants with wildcards, for methods in class X, // with the given names and descriptors. final int EQUALS = constantPoolEditor.addConstant(new MethodrefConstant(X, constantPoolEditor.addNameAndTypeConstant(ClassConstants.METHOD_NAME_EQUALS, ClassConstants.METHOD_TYPE_EQUALS), null, null)); final int TO_STRING = constantPoolEditor.addConstant(new MethodrefConstant(X, constantPoolEditor.addNameAnd
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