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Avior bridge.net for angular bla
Version 4.4.1 (2016-07-26) Added smart_paste option to paste plugin to allow disabling the paste behavior if needed. Fixed bug where png urls wasn't properly detected by the smart paste logic. Fixed bug where the element path wasn't working properly when multiple editor instances where used. Fixed bug with creating lists out of multiple paragraphs would just create one list item instead of multiple. Fixed bug where scroll position wasn't properly handled by the inlite theme to place the toolbar properly. Fixed bug where multiple instances of the editor using the inlite theme didn't render the toolbar properly. Fixed bug where the shortcut label for fullscreen mode didn't match the actual shortcut key. Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to select cE=false blocks using touch devices on for example iOS. Fixed bug where it was possible to select the child image within a cE=false on IE 11. Fixed so inserts of html containing lists doesn't merge with any existing lists unless it's a paste operation. Version 4.4.0 (2016-06-30) Added new inlite theme this is a more lightweight inline UI. Added smarter paste logic that auto detects urls in the clipboard and inserts images/links based on that. Added a better image resize algorithm for better image quality in the imagetools plugin. Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to drag/dropping cE=false elements on FF. Fixed bug where backspace/delete before/after a cE=false block would produce a new paragraph. Fixed bug where list style type css property wasn't preserved when indenting lists. Fixed bug where merging of lists where done even if the list style type was different. Fixed bug where the image_dataimg_filter function wasn't used when pasting images. Fixed bug where nested editable within a non editable element would cause scroll on focus in Chrome. Fixed so invalid targets for inline mode is blocked on initialization. We only support elements that can have children. Version 4.3.13 (2016-06-08) Added characters with a diacritical mark to charmap plugin. Patch contributed by Dominik Schilling. Added better error handling if the image proxy service would produce errors. Fixed issue with pasting list items into list items would produce nested list rather than a merged list. Fixed bug where table selection could get stuck in selection mode for inline editors. Fixed bug where it was possible to place the caret inside the resize grid elements. Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to place in elements horizontally adjacent cE=false blocks. Fixed bug where multiple notifications wouldn't be properly placed on screen. Fixed bug where multiple editor instance of the same id could be produces in some specific integrations. Version 4.3.12 (2016-05-10) Fixed bug where focus calls couldn't be made inside the editors PostRender event handler. Fixed bug where some translations wouldn't work as expected due to a bug in editor.translate. Fixed bug where the node change event could fire with a node out side the root of the editor. Fixed bug where Chrome wouldn't properly present the keyboard paste clipboard details when paste was clicked. Fixed bug where merged cells in tables couldn't be selected from right to left. Fixed bug where insert row wouldn't properly update a merged cells rowspan property. Fixed bug where the color input boxes preview field wasn't properly set on initialization. Fixed bug where IME composition inside table cells wouldn't work as expected on IE 11. Fixed so all shadow dom support is under and experimental flag due to flaky browser support. Version 4.3.11 (2016-04-25) Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to insert empty blocks though the API unless they where padded. Fixed bug where you couldn't type the Euro character on Windows. Fixed bug where backspace/delete from a cE=false element to a text block didn't work properly. Fixed bug where the text color default grid would render incorrectly. Fixed bug where the codesample plugin wouldn't load the css in the editor for multiple editors. Fixed so the codesample plugin textarea gets focused by default. Version 4.3.10 (2016-04-12) Fixed bug where the key "y" on WebKit couldn't be entered due to conflict with keycode for F10 on keypress. Version 4.3.9 (2016-04-12) Added support for focusing the contextual toolbars using keyboard. Added keyboard support for slider UI controls. You can no increase/decrease using arrow keys. Added url pattern matching for Dailymotion to media plugin. Patch contributed by Bertrand Darbon. Added body_class to template plugin preview. Patch contributed by Milen Petrinski. Added options to better override textcolor pickers with custom colors. Patch contributed by Xavier Boubert. Added visual arrows to inline contextual toolbars so that they point to the element being active. Fixed so toolbars for tables or other larger elements get better positioned below the scrollable viewport. Fixed bug where it was possible to click links inside cE=false blocks. Fixed bug where event targets wasn't properly handled in Safari Technical Preview. Fixed bug where drag/drop text in FF 45 would make the editor caret invisible. Fixed bug where the remove state wasn't properly set on editor instances when detected as clobbered. Fixed bug where offscreen selection of some cE=false elements would render onscreen. Patch contributed by Steven Bufton Fixed bug where enter would clone styles out side the root on editors inside a span. Patch contributed by ChristophKaser. Fixed bug where drag/drop of images into the editor didn't work correctly in FF. Fixed so the first item in panels for the imagetools dialog gets proper keyboard focus. Changed the Meta+Shift+F shortcut to Ctrl+Shift+F since Czech, Slovak, Polish languages used the first one for input. Version 4.3.8 (2016-03-15) Fixed bug where inserting HR at the end of a block element would produce an extra empty block. Fixed bug where links would be clickable when readonly mode was enabled. Fixed bug where the formatter would normalize to the wrong node on very specific content. Fixed bug where some nested list items couldn't be indented properly. Fixed bug where links where clickable in the preview dialog. Fixed so the alt attribute doesn't get padded with an empty value by default. Fixed so nested alignment works more correctly. You will now alter the alignment to the closest block parent. Version 4.3.7 (2016-03-02) Fixed bug where incorrect icons would be rendered for imagetools edit and color levels. Fixed bug where navigation using arrow keys inside a SelectBox didn't move up/down. Fixed bug where the visualblocks plugin would render borders round internal UI elements. Version 4.3.6 (2016-03-01) Added new paste_remember_plaintext_info option to allow a global disable of the plain text mode notification. Added new PastePlainTextToggle event that fires when plain text mode toggles on/off. Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to select media elements since the drag logic would snap it to mouse cursor. Fixed bug where it was hard to place the caret inside nested cE=true elements when the outer cE=false element was focused. Fixed bug where editors wouldn't properly initialize if both selector and mode where used. Fixed bug where IME input inside table cells would switch the IME off. Fixed bug where selection inside the first table cell would cause the whole table cell to get selected. Fixed bug where error handling of images being uploaded wouldn't properly handle faulty statuses. Fixed bug where inserting contents before a HR would cause an exception to be thrown. Fixed bug where copy/paste of Excel data would be inserted as an image. Fixed caret position issues with copy/paste of inline block cE=false elements. Fixed issues with various menu item focus bugs in Chrome. Where the focused menu bar item wasn't properly blurred. Fixed so the notifications have a solid background since it would be hard to read if there where text unde
    • GaussDB_100_1.0.1-DATABASE-REDHAT-64bit.tar.gz
    • SIM800C_MQTT.rar
    • 卷积神经网络
    • android从bootloader到launcher启动流程整理
      讲述android 开机流程 从boot rom---bootloader---init--zygote---systemserver---ams 并附上自己整理的每个流程的流程图 ,清晰熟悉android 启动流程
    • 分数阶混沌系统:分数阶混沌系统的数值解。-matlab开发
      该工具箱包含可用于模拟一些著名的分数阶混沌系统的函数,例如: - 陈的系统, - Arneodo的系统, - Genesio-Tesi 的系统, - 洛伦兹系统, - 牛顿-莱普尼克系统, - 罗斯勒的系统, - Lotka-Volterra系统, - 达芬的系统, - 范德波尔的振荡器, -伏打的系统- 陆氏系统, - 刘的系统, - Chua的系统, - 金融系统, - 3 细胞 CNN。 这些函数以数值方式计算描述混沌系统的分数阶非线性微分方程的解。 每个函数返回总模拟时间的状态轨迹(吸引器)。 更多详情请看书: Ivo Petras,分数阶非线性系统:建模、分析和仿真,Springer,系列:非线性物理科学,2011,ISBN 978-3-642-18100-9。 http://www.springer.com/engineering/control/book/978-3-
    • matlabpam代码-dsp-library:用于光通信的MATLABDSP函数库
      matlab pam代码 DSP库 该项目包含几种不同的功能,可将DSP算法应用于光通信。 这些功能适用于相干和非相干(PAM,DMT)光通信。 大多数功能是相互独立的。 因此,该代码中的功能可以轻松使用,并与其他DSP功能结合使用。 用法 功能列表以及简短说明在文件中。 输入和输出参数的描述在每个函数的标题中。 讯号 通常,输入(和输出)信号在第一维度上具有时间(例如,列向量),而第二维度用于一次管理多个信号(例如,不同的极化,不同的参数等)。 之所以选择这种约定,是因为MATLAB通过将列保留在内存的连续部分中来存储矩阵,因此,这种约定比其他方法(行向量)要快。 参数 大多数功能使用参数结构作为输入参数。 函数中使用的参数的描述通常在标头中,而coherent-dsp函数的默认参数在文件中。 参考 执照 此代码在下发布。
    • 有关多目标跟踪的PHD滤波的一些资料
    • 基于python开发的全国新工商采集工具 v1.2版本
    • Aerosim Blockset
      The AeroSim aeronautical simulation blockset provides a complete set of tools for the rapid development of nonlinear 6-degree of freedom aircraft dynamic models. In addition to the basic aircraft dynamics blocks, the library also includes complete aircraft models which can be customized through parameter files.
    • matlab匹配滤波代码-matlab_for_thesis:Matlab博士学位论文代码
      matlab匹配滤波代码博士论文的MATLAB代码 博士论文的MATLAB代码的一部分,“井田双色散水下声通道中的多载波通信”。 函数下的func_JingTian文件夹 FUNC_JINGTIAN包含多载波通信中一些通常需要的功能: OFDM调制/解调模块,包括几种数据辅助的信道估计方法和差分解调; 快速实现GFDM和C-FBMC调制/解调,分别包括时域和频域的迫零(ZF)和匹配滤波(MF)均衡; 为OFDM信道估计中使用的压缩感测方法计算字典的功能; 增加信道效应,施加宽带多普勒失真的功能; 通过线性调频Z变换(CZT)以任意精度对频域中的信号进行重采样; Hermite函数合成的信号之间的交叉歧义函数的计算。 演示文件夹 以下列出了四个演示 demo1:使用基本追踪(BP)算法形式的压缩感知方法对OFDM进行稀疏2-D信道估计; demo2:比较基本数据辅助OFDM信道估计算法,包括常规频域插值和基于IDFT的变换域方法; demo3:圆形滤波器组多载波(C-FBMC / OQAM)的基于DFT特征向量的原型滤波器合成; demo4:用于广义频分复用(GFDM)的辅助日期辅助无干