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yuv Player for Windows
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**************************************** Avarex Raw YUV Player User Guide **************************************** *** Installation *** No special installation procedure is required: 1)Put binary executable under “C:\Program Files\YUVPlayer” or “/usr/bin/yuvplayer” or any other location. 2)Make this path available for operating system, for example as - set PATH=“C:\Program Files\YUVPlayer”;%PATH%. 3)Optionally you can add file type association to open “.yuv” files with YUV Player. The current version of Avarex YUV Player is available for Windows and Linux operating systems. Windows version was tested on Windows XP and Vista. Linux version was tested on Ubuntu and Debian distributions. *** Basic usage *** To open YUV sequence use either "Eject" button or pass YUV sequence name as a command line parameter. Once opening the file the parameters window will be opened. You can pickup or manually specify necessary parameters such as frame resolution, YUV type and desired FPS. You can change the parameters of the opened sequence at any time by pressing the tool button. Opened video will be automatically scaled to best fit into the main window. You can resize the window as you want and also can apply "Actual Size" check box to view the video at its original size. If the frame size exceeds viewable area you can drag the video across the window holding left mouse button pressed. You can use Up, Down, Left, Right, PgUp, PgDn, Home and End buttons for navigating along video. To view separate Y, U and V components you can use either appropriate check-boxes or use Ctrl-Y, Ctrl-U, Ctrl-V and Ctrl-K keys. *** Terms of use *** Avarex YUV Player is FREE software. You can use this software without any limitations for your home and business needs. You can freely redistribute this software keeping it FREE. We hope that this software will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Any part of Avarex YUV Player such as design, concept or technology that can be evaluated as a part of intellectual property rights cannot be used without permission of Avarex Ltd. *** Registration and feedbacks *** Yo DO NOT need to register this software if you are going to use it. However, we would kindly ask you to drop us some note if you are going to use this software or you like it. This will help us to understand the feedback of the player to make it better. Also, please send us bug reports if any. *** Feedbacks *** This is not stable release yet. In case of finding any problem please send a feedback to yuvplayer@avarex.ru. We would be glad to fix the problem and provide you with the most recent version.
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    • YUVPlayer.zip
    • YUVPlayer1.5.1最新
      1、支持YUV4:0:0 YUV4:2:0 YUV4:4:4 .rgb格式 .bgr格式 2、支持8...针对以前上传的YUVPlayer1.5版本的某些Bug:查看序列像素值时,8bit位深以上序列,不能正常显示其值。8bit位深以上序列,不能单独查看Y、U、V分量。
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      YUVPlayer YUV播放器 播放YUV文件的工具,开发音视频必备工具
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      把Android获取到相机数据 yuv 的数据可视化工具,把从相机获取到的yuv数据导到文本中,然后直接拖拽到该工具,选择对应参数即可看到
    • YUV player
      Windows Mobile 上的YUV player, 采用 GDI技术, RGB TO YUV 转换等
    • yuvplayer 2.5.1
      源码2.5.0版本:...韩国工程师写的yuvplayer, 显示RGB32和RGB24有点问题,我进行了修改,并增加了其他三种格式 RGB* 代表在数据文件中是 RED 在高位, BGR* 代表在数据文件中是 RED 在低位,
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