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Library for connect to cameras Canon EOS.
MultiCamControl client ----------------------------------- MultiCamControl client, hereafter called client, operates in two modes. Execute MultiCamClient.exe without any start-up parameters: Functions: Searches for cameras mode and forks new clients to handle found cameras. The client starts up and searches for PowerShot and EOS cameras. If any such camera is found a fork (the client is started again) of the client is performed for each camera, which means that each camera will have its own instance of the client to communicate with. Execute MultiCamClient.exe with two start-up parameters. Parameter 1: Either "EOS" or "PowerShot" Parameter 2: The number of the camera to connect to. The first has number 0. Functions: Handle the camera, connects to it and then connects to the server. The client will at start-up connect to the camera, start the remote process and then connect to the server. Camera identification is then sent to the server. The client is then waiting for commands from the server, or if the user presses the shutter button is a picture taken and the picture sent to the server. The client uses the MultiCamClient.ini, to set up the server host name and port number. Since the clients uses TCP/IP to communicate the clients can reside on any computer, and not just the computer running the server. Development Platform ----------------------------------- The client was developed using Delphi 2009 and the Indy TCP clients.
      use remote control of canon eos camera
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      Canon_PowerShot_Remote_Capture_SDK__PS-ReC_v1.1.0e_.rar 支持powershot系列,如G7,G9等
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      “捕获”是目前围绕佳能PowerShot数码相机设计的远程捕获软件。 可以从命令行以交互方式使用它,将其包装到脚本或GUI中。
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      佳能数码相机开发包 CDSDK 7.3 and PRSDK 1.1.0d C#例子程序源码 (此资源为网上所得,不是本人作品,仅供学习)
      driver for camera canon live view remote control