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/** @page BLE_p2pRouteur Application @verbatim ****************************************************************************** * @file BLE/BLE_p2pRouteur/readme.txt * @author MCD Application Team * @brief Description of the BLE_p2pRouteur application ****************************************************************************** * * Copyright (c) 2019 STMicroelectronics. All rights reserved. * * This software component is licensed by ST under Ultimate Liberty license * SLA0044, the "License"; You may not use this file except in compliance with * the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at: * * ****************************************************************************** @endverbatim @par Application Description How to use Multipoint communication using BLE component. STM32WB55xx maintains seven simultaneously connections to transfer information from one device to an another remote. Smartphone application is connected to one STM32WB55xx P2P router device allowing the control of six others STM32WB55xx P2P Server devices (End Devices). Software Application Architecture demonstrate STM32WB55xx capabilities: -- 1 slave & 6 masters connections on same device -- GATT Server & GATT Client on same device -- Automatic reconnection -- Special Advertising format is proposed -- Proprietary Services & Characteristics are used With P2P Router Application: -- STM32WB55xx is Peripheral (GAP) / Server Device (GATT) -- Peripheral to be connected by the Smart Phone -- STM32WB55xx is Central (GAP) / Client Device(GATT) -- Central to connect to Server Application 1 to 6 (Peripherals) GAP Configuration -- Router device is placed in Advertising mode at Startup Once the code is downloaded on the STM32WB55xx board and executed, the modules are initialized. The Peripheral device (P2P Server) starts advertising to be connected by Smart Phone application. Pushing SW1 button starts the SCAN / CONNECTION to END DEVICE The Central device (P2P Client) scans and automatically connects to the P2P Server found (Server 1 to 6). Once connected, the P2P Client (GATT Client) starts to search the P2P Services & Characteristics of the connected Server. Led Button service, Led Characteristic and Button Characteristic are discovered at this stage (this service is specific ST). The above phase takes about 5 seconds. After that period When pressing the User button (SW1) on Server (End Device) board, the service allows providing the information to the P2P_router application thanks the ST Specific Service. If smartphone connected, this information is transmitted to it. Smartphone application allows to control P2P Server 1 to 6 (End device) blue LED via the P2P Router application. P2P_Server1 ^ | v Smartphone <---------> P2P_Router ... <-> P2P_Server6 ^ | V P2P_Server2 @par Keywords Connectivity, BLE, IPCC, HSEM, RTC, UART, PWR, BLE protocol, BLE pairing, BLE profile, Dual core @par Directory contents - BLE/BLE_p2pRouteur/Core/Inc/stm32wbxx_hal_conf.h HAL configuration file - BLE/BLE_p2pRouteur/Core/Inc/stm32wbxx_it.h Interrupt handlers header file - BLE/BLE_p2pRouteur/Core/Inc/main.h Header for main.c module - BLE/BLE_p2pRouteur/STM32_WPAN/App/app_ble.h Header for app_ble.c module - BLE/BLE_p2pRouteur/Core/Inc/app_common.h Header for all modules with common definition - BLE/BLE_p2pRouteur/Core/Inc/app_conf.h Parameters configuration file of the application - BLE/BLE_p2pRouteur/Core/Inc/app_entry.h Parameters configuration file of the application - BLE/BLE_p2pRouteur/STM32_WPAN/App/ble_conf.h BLE Services configuration - BLE/BLE_p2pRouteur/STM32_WPAN/App/ble_dbg_conf.h BLE Traces configuration of the BLE services - BLE/BLE_p2pRouteur/STM32_WPAN/App/p2p_routeur_app.h Header for p2p_routeur_app.c module - BLE/BLE_p2pRouteur/Core/Inc/hw_conf.h Configuration file of the HW - BLE/BLE_p2pRouteur/Core/Inc/utilities_conf.h Configuration file of the utilities - BLE/BLE_p2pRouteur/Core/Src/stm32wbxx_it.c Interrupt handlers - BLE/BLE_p2pRouteur/Core/Src/main.c Main program - BLE/BLE_p2pRouteur/Core/Src/system_stm32wbxx.c stm32wbxx system source file - BLE/BLE_p2pRouteur/STM32_WPAN/App/app_ble.c BLE Profile implementation - BLE/BLE_p2pRouteur/Core/Src/app_entry.c Initialization of the application - BLE/BLE_p2pRouteur/STM32_WPAN/App/p2p_routeur_app.c P2P Router application - BLE/BLE_p2pRouteur/STM32_WPAN/Target/hw_ipcc.c IPCC Driver - BLE/BLE_p2pRouteur/Core/Src/stm32_lpm_if.c Low Power Manager Interface - BLE/BLE_p2pRouteur/Core/Src/hw_timerserver.c Timer Server based on RTC - BLE/BLE_p2pRouteur/Core/Src/hw_uart.c UART Driver @par Hardware and Software environment - This application runs on STM32WB55xx devices, USB DONGLE board (MB1293C) & Nucleo board (MB1355C) - USB DONGLE boards Set-up - Connect the USB DONGLE boards to your PC with a USB connector - Connect external ST-LINK to dedicated ST LINK Pin - Nucleo boards Set-up - Connect the Nucleo Board to your PC with a USB cable type A to mini-B to ST-LINK connector (USB_STLINK). - Please ensure that the ST-LINK connectors and jumpers are fitted. @par How to use it ? This application requests having the stm32wb5x_BLE_Stack_full_fw.bin binary flashed on the Wireless Coprocessor. If it is not the case, you need to use STM32CubeProgrammer to load the appropriate binary. All available binaries are located under /Projects/STM32_Copro_Wireless_Binaries directory. Refer to UM2237 to learn how to use/install STM32CubeProgrammer. Refer to /Projects/STM32_Copro_Wireless_Binaries/ReleaseNote.html for the detailed procedure to change the Wireless Coprocessor binary. In order to make the program work, follow the next steps: - Open your preferred toolchain - Rebuild all files and load your image into Target memory - For example, BLE_p2pRouteur can be generated and downloaded in a Nucleo board, BLE_p2pServer(s) in USB Dongle boards. - Server 1 to 6 are defined in app_conf.h file, setting the good #define P2P_SERVERx (1 <= x <= 6). - Switch on ST BLE Router and the first ST BLE Server board. - The smartphone application discovers and connects to the P2P_router, using the ST BLE Starnet application. - 1 - Green led of BLE_p2pServer should blink (server advertises) until BLE_p2pRouteur is connected. - 2 - To connect BLE_p2pRouteur to BLE_p2pServer, just press SW1 of the BLE_p2pRouteur, the blue led is turned on. - 3 - As soon as the blue led turns off (about 5 seconds), the connection is done and services/characteristics found. - In case of more than one BLE_p2pServer, the best way is to switch on one BLE_p2pServer board at a time and repeat step 1 to 3 until the last BLE_p2pServer. - When the connection is done, Router and all the Device Servers (1 to 6) are displayed on the phone. - The smart phone can send write commands to BLE_p2pServer via BLE_p2pRouteur and receive notifications from BLE_p2pServers. - For each server, the blue led can be switched on/off when turning on/off the led button of the wanted server on the smartphone display. - Each BLE_p2pServer can send a notification event to the smart phone via BLE_p2pRouteur when SW1 is pressed (a bell is displayed or removed on the corresponding server on the phone). * <h3><center>&copy; COPYRIGHT STMicroelectronics</ce