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<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <meta name="generator" content="pdf2htmlEX"> <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge,chrome=1"> <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://static.pudn.com/base/css/base.min.css"> <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://static.pudn.com/base/css/fancy.min.css"> <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://static.pudn.com/prod/directory_preview_static/62471f4762b5053d3c23e1e6/raw.css"> <script src="https://static.pudn.com/base/js/compatibility.min.js"></script> <script src="https://static.pudn.com/base/js/pdf2htmlEX.min.js"></script> <script> try{ pdf2htmlEX.defaultViewer = new pdf2htmlEX.Viewer({}); }catch(e){} </script> <title></title> </head> <body> <div id="sidebar" style="display: none"> <div id="outline"> </div> </div> <div id="pf1" class="pf w0 h0" data-page-no="1"><div class="pc pc1 w0 h0"><img class="bi x0 y0 w1 h1" alt="" src="https://static.pudn.com/prod/directory_preview_static/62471f4762b5053d3c23e1e6/bg1.jpg"><div class="t m0 x1 h2 y1 ff1 fs0 fc0 sc0 ls0 ws0"> </div><div class="t m0 x1 h2 y2 ff1 fs0 fc0 sc0 ls0 ws0"> </div><div class="t m0 x1 h2 y3 ff1 fs0 fc0 sc0 ls0 ws0"> </div><div class="t m0 x1 h3 y4 ff1 fs1 fc1 sc0 ls1 ws1">"...not only<span class="_ _0"></span> the best b<span class="ls2 ws2">ook on Qt I have ever seen, but al<span class="ls3 ws3">so the best book presenting any </span></span></div><div class="t m0 x1 h3 y5 ff1 fs1 fc1 sc0 ls4 ws4">programming framework. Every sentence appear<span class="ls5 ws5">s to be carefully worded, and every chapt<span class="_ _1"></span>er </span></div><div class="t m0 x1 h3 y6 ff1 fs1 fc1 sc0 ls6 ws6">has a sound concept, and so does the work as <span class="_ _1"></span>a whole." </div><div class="t m0 x1 h3 y7 ff1 fs1 fc1 sc0 ls7 ws7">-Matthias Ettrich, Trolltech's l<span class="_ _1"></span>ead de<span class="ls8">veloper, founder of<span class="_ _1"></span> the KDE project </span></div><div class="t m0 x1 h3 y8 ff1 fs1 fc1 sc0 ls3 ws3">"The 'Tao of Qt'.... The Qt system is a beauti<span class="ls7 ws7">ful example of<span class="_ _1"></span> object oriented design, and t<span class="_ _1"></span>he </span></div><div class="t m0 x1 h3 y9 ff1 fs1 fc1 sc0 ls9 ws8">authors take advantage of this.... The authors ha<span class="lsa ws9">ve done an excell<span class="_ _1"></span>ent job of presenting the </span></div><div class="t m0 x1 h3 ya ff1 fs1 fc1 sc0 ls8 wsa">subject in an interesting and engaging way..<span class="_ _1"></span>.." </div><div class="t m0 x1 h3 yb ff1 fs1 fc1 sc0 lsb wsb">-Ron McCarty<span class="_ _0"></span>, Instructor a<span class="_ _0"></span>nd Chair of the D<span class="_ _0"></span>epartment of C<span class="_ _0"></span>omputer Scien<span class="_ _0"></span>ce, Penn Stat<span class="_ _0"></span>e Erie, </div><div class="t m0 x1 h3 yc ff1 fs1 fc1 sc0 ls4 ws4">The Behrend College </div><div class="t m0 x1 h3 yd ff1 fs1 fc1 sc0 ls9 ws8">The first official Trolltech guide to Qt 3.2 programming! </div><div class="t m0 x1 h3 ye ff1 fs1 fc1 sc0 ls8 wsa">Straight from Trolltech, this book <span class="_ _1"></span>covers all yo<span class="ls6 ws6">u need to build <span class="_ _1"></span>industrial-strength applicati<span class="_ _1"></span>ons </span></div><div class="t m0 x1 h3 yf ff1 fs1 fc1 sc0 lsc wsc">with Qt 3.2.x and C++-applications that run natively on Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac OS X, and </div><div class="t m0 x1 h3 y10 ff1 fs1 fc1 sc0 lsa ws9">embedded Linux with no s<span class="_ _1"></span>ource code change<span class="lsd">s! The book teac<span class="_ _1"></span>hes solid Qt programming </span></div><div class="t m0 x1 h3 y11 ff1 fs1 fc1 sc0 lsd wsd">practices; it is not a rehash of the documentatio<span class="lse wse">n. You'll find <span class="_ _1"></span>start-to-finish coverage packed </span></div><div class="t m0 x1 h3 y12 ff1 fs1 fc1 sc0 lsf wsf">with examp<span class="_ _0"></span>les, plus a CD with<span class="_ _0"></span> the Qt 3.2 t<span class="ls10 ws10">oolset and Borland C++ compilers-including a <span class="_ _1"></span>non-</span></div><div class="t m0 x1 h3 y13 ff1 fs1 fc1 sc0 ls6 ws6">commercial Qt 3.2 for Windows available nowhere els<span class="_ _1"></span>e! </div><div class="t m0 x2 h3 y14 ff2 fs2 fc0 sc0 ls0 ws0">z<span class="_"> </span><span class="ff1 fs1 fc1 ls8 ws11">Build powerful C++ GUI applications quickly and easily </span></div><div class="t m0 x2 h3 y15 ff2 fs2 fc0 sc0 ls0 ws0">z<span class="_"> </span><span class="ff1 fs1 fc1 ls3 ws12">Design dial<span class="_ _1"></span>ogs and main wind<span class="ls11 ws13">ows visually and in code </span></span></div><div class="t m0 x2 h4 y16 ff2 fs2 fc0 sc0 ls0 ws0">z</div><div class="t m0 x3 h3 y17 ff1 fs1 fc1 sc0 ls8 wsa">Learn Qt's innovative typesafe signals<span class="_ _1"></span> and slots mechanism </div><div class="t m0 x2 h3 y18 ff2 fs2 fc0 sc0 ls0 ws0">z<span class="_"> </span><span class="ff1 fs1 fc1 ls5 ws14">Use layouts to create forms that automatically size and scale </span></div><div class="t m0 x2 h3 y19 ff2 fs2 fc0 sc0 ls0 ws0">z<span class="_"> </span><span class="ff1 fs1 fc1 lsd ws15">Create custom signals,<span class="_ _1"></span> slots, events, and<span class="_ _1"></span> controls </span></div><div class="t m0 x1 h3 y1a ff1 fs1 fc2 sc0 ls12 ws16">[ Team LiB ]</div><div class="t m0 x1 h5 y1b ff1 fs3 fc1 sc0 ls13 ws0"> </div><div class="t m0 x1 h5 y1c ff1 fs3 fc1 sc0 ls14 ws17">&#8226; <span class="_ _2"> </span>Table of Contents</div><div class="t m0 x1 h5 y1d ff1 fs3 fc1 sc0 ls14 ws18">&#8226; Index</div><div class="t m0 x1 h6 y1e ff3 fs4 fc1 sc0 ls15 ws19">C++ GUI Programming<span class="_ _0"></span> with Qt 3</div><div class="t m0 x1 h7 y1f ff1 fs4 fc1 sc0 ls16 ws0">By </div><div class="t m0 x4 h5 y20 ff1 fs3 fc3 sc0 ls17 ws1a">Jasmin Blan<span class="_ _1"></span>chette<span class="fs4 fc1 ls18 ws0">, </span><span class="ls14 ws17">Mark Summerfield</span></div><div class="t m0 x1 h7 y21 ff1 fs4 fc1 sc0 ls0 ws0"> </div><div class="t m0 x5 h7 y22 ff1 fs4 fc1 sc0 ls19 ws1b">Publisher<span class="_ _3"> </span>: Prentice Hall PTR</div><div class="t m0 x5 h7 y23 ff1 fs4 fc1 sc0 ls1a ws1c">Pub Date<span class="_ _3"> </span>: January 15, 2004</div><div class="t m0 x6 h7 y24 ff1 fs4 fc1 sc0 ls1b ws1d">ISBN<span class="_ _3"> </span>: 0-13-124<span class="_ _0"></span>072-2</div><div class="t m0 x7 h7 y25 ff1 fs4 fc1 sc0 ls1c ws1e">Pages<span class="_ _3"> </span>: 464</div></div><div class="pi" data-data='{"ctm":[1.611639,0.000000,0.000000,1.611639,0.000000,0.000000]}'></div></div> </body> </html>
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