sqlite3.h 和 libsqlite.so

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android jni用sqlite3查询数据库所需要的so库,iso和android都可以试用的
  • sqlite3.h
  • libsqlite.so
/* ** 2001-09-15 ** ** The author disclaims copyright to this source code. In place of ** a legal notice, here is a blessing: ** ** May you do good and not evil. ** May you find forgiveness for yourself and forgive others. ** May you share freely, never taking more than you give. ** ************************************************************************* ** This header file defines the interface that the SQLite library ** presents to client programs. If a C-function, structure, datatype, ** or constant definition does not appear in this file, then it is ** not a published API of SQLite, is subject to change without ** notice, and should not be referenced by programs that use SQLite. ** ** Some of the definitions that are in this file are marked as ** "experimental". Experimental interfaces are normally new ** features recently added to SQLite. We do not anticipate changes ** to experimental interfaces but reserve the right to make minor changes ** if experience from use "in the wild" suggest such changes are prudent. ** ** The official C-language API documentation for SQLite is derived ** from comments in this file. This file is the authoritative source ** on how SQLite interfaces are supposed to operate. ** ** The name of this file under configuration management is "sqlite.h.in". ** The makefile makes some minor changes to this file (such as inserting ** the version number) and changes its name to "sqlite3.h" as ** part of the build process. */ #ifndef SQLITE3_H #define SQLITE3_H #include <stdarg.h> /* Needed for the definition of va_list */ /* ** Make sure we can call this stuff from C++. */ #ifdef __cplusplus extern "C" { #endif /* ** Provide the ability to override linkage features of the interface. */ #ifndef SQLITE_EXTERN # define SQLITE_EXTERN extern #endif #ifndef SQLITE_API # define SQLITE_API #endif #ifndef SQLITE_CDECL # define SQLITE_CDECL #endif #ifndef SQLITE_APICALL # define SQLITE_APICALL #endif #ifndef SQLITE_STDCALL # define SQLITE_STDCALL SQLITE_APICALL #endif #ifndef SQLITE_CALLBACK # define SQLITE_CALLBACK #endif #ifndef SQLITE_SYSAPI # define SQLITE_SYSAPI #endif /* ** These no-op macros are used in front of interfaces to mark those ** interfaces as either deprecated or experimental. New applications ** should not use deprecated interfaces - they are supported for backwards ** compatibility only. Application writers should be aware that ** experimental interfaces are subject to change in point releases. ** ** These macros used to resolve to various kinds of compiler magic that ** would generate warning messages when they were used. But that ** compiler magic ended up generating such a flurry of bug reports ** that we have taken it all out and gone back to using simple ** noop macros. */ #define SQLITE_DEPRECATED #define SQLITE_EXPERIMENTAL /* ** Ensure these symbols were not defined by some previous header file. */ #ifdef SQLITE_VERSION # undef SQLITE_VERSION #endif #ifdef SQLITE_VERSION_NUMBER # undef SQLITE_VERSION_NUMBER #endif /* ** CAPI3REF: Compile-Time Library Version Numbers ** ** ^(The [SQLITE_VERSION] C preprocessor macro in the sqlite3.h header ** evaluates to a string literal that is the SQLite version in the ** format "X.Y.Z" where X is the major version number (always 3 for ** SQLite3) and Y is the minor version number and Z is the release number.)^ ** ^(The [SQLITE_VERSION_NUMBER] C preprocessor macro resolves to an integer ** with the value (X*1000000 + Y*1000 + Z) where X, Y, and Z are the same ** numbers used in [SQLITE_VERSION].)^ ** The SQLITE_VERSION_NUMBER for any given release of SQLite will also ** be larger than the release from which it is derived. Either Y will ** be held constant and Z will be incremented or else Y will be incremented ** and Z will be reset to zero. ** ** Since [version 3.6.18] ([dateof:3.6.18]), ** SQLite source code has been stored in the ** <a href="http://www.fossil-scm.org/" rel='nofollow' onclick='return false;'>Fossil configuration management ** system</a>. ^The SQLITE_SOURCE_ID macro evaluates to ** a string which identifies a particular check-in of SQLite ** within its configuration management system. ^The SQLITE_SOURCE_ID ** string contains the date and time of the check-in (UTC) and a SHA1 ** or SHA3-256 hash of the entire source tree. If the source code has ** been edited in any way since it was last checked in, then the last ** four hexadecimal digits of the hash may be modified. ** ** See also: [sqlite3_libversion()], ** [sqlite3_libversion_number()], [sqlite3_sourceid()], ** [sqlite_version()] and [sqlite_source_id()]. */ #define SQLITE_VERSION "3.25.3" #define SQLITE_VERSION_NUMBER 3025003 #define SQLITE_SOURCE_ID "2018-11-05 20:37:38 89e099fbe5e13c33e683bef07361231ca525b88f7907be7092058007b75036f2" /* ** CAPI3REF: Run-Time Library Version Numbers ** KEYWORDS: sqlite3_version sqlite3_sourceid ** ** These interfaces provide the same information as the [SQLITE_VERSION], ** [SQLITE_VERSION_NUMBER], and [SQLITE_SOURCE_ID] C preprocessor macros ** but are associated with the library instead of the header file. ^(Cautious ** programmers might include assert() statements in their application to ** verify that values returned by these interfaces match the macros in ** the header, and thus ensure that the application is ** compiled with matching library and header files. ** ** <blockquote><pre> ** assert( sqlite3_libversion_number()==SQLITE_VERSION_NUMBER ); ** assert( strncmp(sqlite3_sourceid(),SQLITE_SOURCE_ID,80)==0 ); ** assert( strcmp(sqlite3_libversion(),SQLITE_VERSION)==0 ); ** </pre></blockquote>)^ ** ** ^The sqlite3_version[] string constant contains the text of [SQLITE_VERSION] ** macro. ^The sqlite3_libversion() function returns a pointer to the ** to the sqlite3_version[] string constant. The sqlite3_libversion() ** function is provided for use in DLLs since DLL users usually do not have ** direct access to string constants within the DLL. ^The ** sqlite3_libversion_number() function returns an integer equal to ** [SQLITE_VERSION_NUMBER]. ^(The sqlite3_sourceid() function returns ** a pointer to a string constant whose value is the same as the ** [SQLITE_SOURCE_ID] C preprocessor macro. Except if SQLite is built ** using an edited copy of [the amalgamation], then the last four characters ** of the hash might be different from [SQLITE_SOURCE_ID].)^ ** ** See also: [sqlite_version()] and [sqlite_source_id()]. */ SQLITE_API SQLITE_EXTERN const char sqlite3_version[]; SQLITE_API const char *sqlite3_libversion(void); SQLITE_API const char *sqlite3_sourceid(void); SQLITE_API int sqlite3_libversion_number(void); /* ** CAPI3REF: Run-Time Library Compilation Options Diagnostics ** ** ^The sqlite3_compileoption_used() function returns 0 or 1 ** indicating whether the specified option was defined at ** compile time. ^The SQLITE_ prefix may be omitted from the ** option name passed to sqlite3_compileoption_used(). ** ** ^The sqlite3_compileoption_get() function allows iterating ** over the list of options that were defined at compile time by ** returning the N-th compile time option string. ^If N is out of range, ** sqlite3_compileoption_get() returns a NULL pointer. ^The SQLITE_ ** prefix is omitted from any strings returned by ** sqlite3_compileoption_get(). ** ** ^Support for the diagnostic functions sqlite3_compileoption_used() ** and sqlite3_compileoption_get() may be omitted by specifying the ** [SQLITE_OMIT_COMPILEOPTION_DIAGS] option at compile time. ** ** See also: SQL functions [sqlite_compileoption_used()] and ** [sqlite_compileoption_get()] and the [compile_options pragma]. */ #ifndef SQLITE_OMIT_COMPILEOPTION_DIAGS SQLITE_API int sqlite3_compileoption_used(const char *zOptName); SQLITE_API const char *sqlite3_compileoption_get(int N); #endif /* ** CAPI3REF: Test To See If The Library Is Threadsafe ** ** ^The sqlite3_threadsafe() function returns zero if and only if ** SQLite was compiled with mutexing code omitted due to the ** [SQLITE_