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EclipseME is an Eclipse plugin to help develop J2ME MIDlets.
EclipseME J2ME Development for Eclipse Version 1.7.9 Copyright (c) 2003-2008 Craig Setera All Rights Reserved Licensed under the Eclipse Public License - v 1.0 =================== EclipseME is an Eclipse plugin to help develop J2ME MIDlets. EclipseME does the "grunt work" of connecting Wireless Toolkits to the Eclipse development environment, allowing you to focus on developing your application, rather than worrying about the special needs of J2ME development. What's New ========== - Fix for file locks during build (Bug 1925613) Installation ============ See for installation information. Features ======== Current functionality includes: * Multiple wireless toolkit support * Wireless toolkit preferences * Platform component and definition support * Create new J2ME Midlet Suite Project * Create new MIDlet * Java Application Descriptor (JAD) editor * Automatic incremental preverification * Eclipse launch support for Emulator * MIDlet debugging support * JAR and obfuscated JAR packaging * Over the air deployment testing server * Export Antenna build files * Automatic MIDlet signing * Built in Antenna preprocessing support Debugging Support ================= As of the Eclipse 3.0 release, it is possible to debug the KVM/Emulator including some KVM problems that troubled people in the past releases. This is thanks to changes made by the Eclipse debug development team. Debugging support is still dependent on working support from each individual emulator. Please see the EclipseME documentation for further information on configuring debugging as well as some of the caveats and limitations. The online version of this information can be found at What's Missing ============== There will always be more work to do. To see the functions that may be added in future release, check the Request for Enhancement section on the EclipseME Sourceforge project site. The RFE list can be found at Prerequisites ============= Version of EclipseME from 1.5 and later require Eclipse version 3.2.1 final or newer. EclipseME takes advantage of a supported Wireless Toolkit for much of its function, including preverification and device emulation. You must have a supported wireless toolkit in order for EclipseME to function. See the EclipseME documentation for further information about the tested and supported toolkits. Further information can be found online at Getting Started =============== See the index.html in the docs subdirectory for quick start usage information or visit Migration from earlier versions =============================== Check the EclipseME documentation for detailed information on migrating from earlier versions of EclipseME. This information can also be found online at
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      eclipse bpel hello world 案例是用eclipse bepl 实现hello+你输入的字符串的功能 环境eclipse bpel designer ode 也可以直接发布到ode中,在IE中测试 如果是初学 还有一个引用外部服务的例子
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