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li里 侦听剪辑的准系统,以保存来自网络的文本和图像。 包括一组客户端,可从各种应用程序发送片段: Firefox扩展 iOS(通过 ) Python Firefox是最受支持的客户端。 如果您处于脱机状态, hili在连接恢复时将代码片段排队发送(您需要将选项卡保持打开状态直到成功发送;有一个小指示器可以让您知道已排队的代码片段)。 火狐浏览器 要安装(Firefox),请打开about:debugging然后选择“加载临时加载项”,然后选择manifest.json文件。 这是暂时的(但对开发很有用); 下次您运行Firefox时,该附件将消失。 要更永久地安装它: 如果您运行的是Firefox Developer Edition,则应该能够: 压缩extensions目录 转到about:addons ,然后Install Add-on From File ,然后选择压缩的
# hili Barebones server that listens for clips to save text and images from the web. Includes a set of clients to send clips from various apps: - Firefox extension - iOS (via [Scriptable](https://scriptable.app/)) - [DevonTHINK](https://www.devontechnologies.com/) - Python Firefox is the best supported client. If you are offline, `hili` queues the snippets to send when a connection returns (you need to leave the tab open until they are successfully sent; there's a little indicator that lets you know how many snippets are queued). ## Firefox To install (Firefox), open `about:debugging` and choose "Load Temporary Add-on", then select the `manifest.json` file. This is temporary (but useful for development); the add-on will be gone next time you run Firefox. To install it more permanently: If you're running Firefox Developer Edition, you should be able to: 1. Zip up the `extensions` directory 2. Go to `about:addons`, then `Install Add-on From File`, and select the zipped extension Otherwise, the process is more involved: 1. Go to `https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/developers/addon/api/key/` (create a Firefox account if necessary) and generate credentials 2. Install `web-ext`: `npm install -g web-ext` 3. Navigate to the `extensions` folder and run: `web-ext sign --api-key=<JWT issuer> --api-secret=<JWT secret>` 4. This will create an `.xpi` file in `web-ext-artifacts`. 5. Go to `about:addons`, then `Install Add-on From File`, and select the `.xpi` file. You can also install it from here: <https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/hili/> _Note this no longer works because the latest Firefox for Android removes support for sideloading extensions (Fenix)_: To install on mobile, the easiest way is to visit this url from your phone: `https://frnsys.com/misc/hili.xpi`. If using the latest version of Firefox Nightly for Android (Fenix), you must first enable [General Extension Support](https://blog.mozilla.org/addons/2020/09/29/expanded-extension-support-in-firefox-for-android-nightly/). You can then use this collection id: `14770219` and user id: `hili` or add it to your own collection. ## Server `server.py` launches a simple HTTP server that accepts any data at `localhost:<PORT>/` and saves it to a specified file. Basic usage is: `python server.py <SAVE FILE> <UPLOAD DIRECTORY> [-p <PORT>] [-k <aUTH_KEY rel='nofollow' onclick='return false;'>]` For example: `python server.py ~/notes/annos.json ~/notes/saved_files -p 8888` (`localhost:8888` is the default endpoint). You can specify an authentication key with `-k`. Only requests with this key will be accepted by the server; use the settings page to configure `hili` to use this key (see below in `Settings`). You can visit this server (e.g. `localhost:8888`) to view your highlights. You can also replace this server with whatever server you want, using `server.py` as a starting point. In the extension options you can specify any endpoint to send the selections to. ## Usage Once the extension is installed: 1. Run the server, e.g. `python server.py ~/notes/annos.json ~/notes/saved_files` 2. Highlight some text on a page, and click the "Highlight" button that appears I suggest running the server on system startup as a background process. E.g. you could add `cd ~/hili; python server.py ~/notes/annos.json ~/notes/saved_files` to your `~/.xinitrc` or equivalent file. ![](demo.gif) You can also view your highlights by visiting the server address, e.g. `localhost:8888` ## Settings You can configure the url that `hili` sends to, and an optional secret key (see the `Server` section above), from the settings page. ## Listener scripts If you want something to happen whenever a new highlight is received, you can do something like: ``` #!/bin/bash ANNOS_PATH=~/notes/web/annos.json tail -n 0 -f $ANNOS_PATH | while read line; do # do something here, e.g. pass $line to another script echo $line done ```
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