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Register是一个Android库,可以更轻松地测试Google Play应用内结算。 问题的博客:问题:Android上的Google Play计费实现难以实现当涉及付款时,开发人员sle Register是一个Android库,可以更轻松地测试Google Play应用内计费。 问题的博客:问题:Android上的Google Play计费实施很难正确解决当涉及付款时,开发人员可以睡得更好,有一种方法可以在发布之前测试其功能在Play商店中将应用升级为Alpha之前,我们还没有一种测试付款的官方方式纽约时报Android团队开发了一种伪造的Google Play结算实施,称为Register,
<table> <tr> <td> <h3>DEPRECATED</h3> Register is deprecated. No more development will be taking place. Thanks for all your support! </td> </tr> </table> <br/><br/> [![Build Status](]( ![Register Logo]( Register is an Android library for easier testing of Google Play's In-app Billing. [Blog Post]( ### The Problems: + Google Play Billing implementations on Android are hard to get right + When payments are involved, developers sleep better having a way to test their functionality prior to release + Before an app is promoted to Alpha in the Play Store, we do not have an offical way to test payments The New York Times Android Team developed a fake implementation of Google Play Billing called Register, which can be used as a companion app for testing Play Billing purchases and subscriptions. Similar to a mock web server, you can point your app to use Register rather than the real Play Store In-app Billing implementation. Using Register, you'll be able to validate in-advance whether your purchasing flows work correctly. Register has been used to test purchasing flows of our [Flagship Reader App]( and [NYT Crosswords App]( for three years and counting. ![Register Sample]( ### Overview Register is a companion app and library that allows seamless mocking of responses from Google Play Store Billing. Register works by implementing the same interface as the Google Play Store Billing library [Google Play Billing]( You can find a sample app that highlights the features of Google Play Billing here: [Classy Taxi]( From a client's perspective, there is no difference in how you work with Google Play Billing or Register's implementation. If you've used [Amazon's IAP Tester Utility](, you'll find Register's workflow to be very familiar. ### Using Register You can find the latest version of Register in the [Releases Tab]( **Step 0:** Register needs a configuration file that declares the mock purchases, subscriptions and users that you will be testing against. Here's a sample that we use at NYTimes. The format needs to be the same as below when creating your own fake purchases. This JSON file (`register.json`) should be included in the assets folder of your module. ```json { "skus": { "register.sample.iap": { "type": "inapp", "price" : "1.00", "title" : "Sample In App Purchase Item", "description" : "This is an in app purchase item for use with Register sample app", "package" : "" }, "register.sample.sub": { "type": "subs", "price" : "10.00", "title" : "Sample Subscription Item1", "description" : "This is a subscription item for use with Register sample app", "package" : "" } }, "users": [ "", "" ] } ``` For Register to find the aforementioned configuration file (in case you change name or location), you need to change the data contained in the `configuration\` file: ``` ide.json.path=subfolder/from/root ``` **Step 1:** Add Register as a dependency to your client app, this will install the companion app: ```groovy compile '' compile '' ``` or, on Android Gradle Plugin 3.0 or later: ```groovy implementation '' implementation '' ``` **Step 2:** Create a test Google Service Provider (or a real provider): ```java private void initGoogleServiceProvider() { if (prefsManager.isUsingTestGoogleServiceProvider()) { googleServiceProvider = new GoogleServiceProviderTesting(); } else { googleServiceProvider = new GoogleServiceProviderImpl(); ``` **Step 3:** Make a purchase, similar to how you would with the regular In-app Billing API. ![Register Sample]( **Step 4:** Go to the companion app to view the purchase. ![Register Sample]( ### Fully Configurable (Configuration App) Register's companion app allows you to view both successful and unsuccessful purchases directly on your Android device. Additionally, you can control responses back to your client app for values such as `getSkuDetails`. See the image below for all configurable options on a response. ![Register Sample]( ### Sample App **SampleApp** is a client app that showcases working with Register. See [SampleActivity]( for a demo of the purchasing flow. ### Gradle **For Android Gradle Plugin 3.0** ```groovy implementation '' implementation '' ``` **For projects using older versions of the plugin** ```groovy compile '' compile '' ```
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