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## git-commit-atom Want to use Atom's handy `COMMIT_EDITMSG` syntax highlighting? ���� Tired of waiting on Atom to open a new window with the `--wait` option? :hourglass: :sleeping: Together with [sister Atom package `git-edit-atom`](, this Go script allows Git commit files to be conveniently edited in the current editor pane... avoiding the launch of another instance of Atom! :star2: :smirk: ![A screenshot of git-edit-atom and git-commit-atom in action together]( ## Prerequisites * [Sister Atom package `git-edit-atom`](, highly recommended. ## Installation There are two steps to the installation process: * installing the Go script, and * configuring Git to use the Go script. There are two ways to install the Go script. If you have Go installed on your machine (want it? see [here](, you can use the following commands to install from source. ~~~bash go get go install ~~~ If your are installing from source, be sure your `GOBIN` is included in your `PATH`! If your `PATH` isn't already properly configured, try adding the following lines to your `.bash_profile`. ~~~bash export GOPATH=$HOME/go export GOBIN=$GOPATH/bin export PATH=$PATH:$GOPATH/bin ~~~ If you don't want to build from source, you can find pre-built executable binaries [here]( All you have to do is * download zipped folder appropriate for your operating system and architecture, * unzip it, and * toss the executable into a bin on your `PATH`. To configure Git to use the Go script, use the following command at your terminal. ~~~bash git config --global core.editor "git-commit-atom" ~~~ If you have preexisting Git repositories, you might have to use ~~~bash git config core.editor "git-commit-atom" ~~~ on them. ## Usage Once `git-commit-atom` is configured as Git's editor, Git `COMMIT_EDITMSG`, `TAG_EDITMSG`, `MERGE_MSG`, `git-rebase-todo`, and `.diff` files will open in the current pane of Atom. To complete the message editing process simply close the tab (`cmd-w` is convenient) if the Atom package `git-edit-atom` is installed or, if not, enter `quit` or `done` at the terminal. ## Implementation This project has two components: a standalone Go script that acts as the editor called by Git during the commit process and the Atom package `git-edit-atom`. When the standalone Go script is activated, it opens the `COMMIT_EDITMSG` file in the current Atom pane. When that file is closed, Atom appends a "magic marker" (`## ATOM EDIT COMPLETE##`) to the end of the `COMMIT_EDITMSG` file. The Go script, which is listening to the end of the `COMMIT_EDITMSG` file, recognizes the "magic marker" and terminates, ending the commit edit session. In addition, the Go script listens for user input at the terminal. The commit session can also be ended by entering `quit` or `done`. (This functionality allows the standalone script to function in some capacity without the Atom package in place). This project is directly inspired by AJ Foster's ``, [presented on his personal blog]( It is hoped that this implementation in Go and as an Atom package will yield greater portability and reliability.
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