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matlab创新奖代码 崔泽文 (Kevin) 教育 中国电子科技大学(UESTC) B.Eng., 电子科学与技术 GPA:3.72/4.0 (23/161) -顾问: 加州大学圣巴巴拉分校(UCSB) 交换,计算机科学正在进行的课程:机器学习; 计算机图形学; 计算机通信网络 出版物 郭嘉宇,医学博士; 张伟丽; 崔泽文; 刘安然; Yongmei Yan,光子传感器,PHSE-D-19-00159” 牙科使用随机光纤激光器的近红外透照成像” 崔泽文,张伟丽,郭家宇,国家专利“基于光纤随机激光近红外成像的牙科诊断方法” 研究经历 基于自步学习的深度聚类算法研究电子科技大学人工智能与智慧健康研究中心(CAISH) 导师:任亚舟,乔治梅森大学博士 尝试改进原有的深度聚类算法,模型达到ACC=0.973±0.003,至少比baseline(DeepCluster=0.854)高出14%。 使用深度神经网络(CNN)进行聚类,并在预训练阶段和微调阶段应用数据增强,以缓解深度聚类中的过拟合问题。 结合自适应步长学习(self-paced learning)排除远离聚类中心的样本,解决了边缘不
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![image]( # ZEWEN CUI (Kevin) [CV]( [E-mail]( [Transcript]( ### EDUCATION **University of Electronic Science and Technology of China(UESTC)** B.Eng., Electronic science and technology GPA:3.72/4.0 (23/161) -Advisor:[Yazhou Ren]( **University of California,Santa Barbara(UCSB)** eschange, Computer Science Lesson in progress:Machine Learning; Computer Graphics; Computer Communication Networks ### PUBLICATION - Jiayu Guo, M.D.; Weili Zhang; **Zewen Cui**; Anran Liu; Yongmei Yan, Photonic Sensors, PHSE-D-19-00159” Dental Imaging with Near-infrared Transillumination Using Random Fiber Laser” [PDF]( - **Zewen Cui**,Weili Zhang,Jiayu Guo, Chinese national patent ”Dental diagnosis method based on Optical fiber random laser near infrared imaging”[PDF]( ### RESEARCH EXPERIENCE **Research on Deep Clustering Algorithm based on Self-step Learning** **Center for Artificial Intelligence and Smart Health(CAISH),UESTC** advisor:Yazhou Ren, PhD of George Mason University * Tried to improve the original depth clustering algorithm, and the model achieved ACC=0.973±0.003, at least 14% higher than the baseline (DeepCluster=0.854). * Used deep neural network (CNN) for clustering, and applied data augmentation in pretraining stage and finetuning stage to alleviate the problem of overfitting in the depth clustering. * Incorporated adaptive step-size learning (self-paced learning) to exclude samples far away from the clustering center, and solved the problem of unapproachable edges. **Deep Learning in Computer Vision for Self-Driving Cars** **Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Tsinghua University** advisor:Zihan huang, PhD of Tsinghua University - Combined CNN and GRU to realize automatic recognition of graphic verification code. (captcha library is used to generate the verification code randomly.) - Applied Adam optimization method to solve the non-convex optimization problem of neural network-based model on high-dimensional and large-scale data set. - Implemented CNN and GRU based with CTC loss function to obtain 99.31% accuracy on captcha dataset. **Study on Random Lasers Tooth Imaging based on Genetic AlgorithmState** **key laboratory of optical fiber sensing, UESTC** advisor:Weili Zhang,PhD of Nanyang Technological University * Designed a transmission reflection random laser bioimaging device for better effectiveness compared with the X-ray imaging commonly used in medicine. than the X-ray imaging commonly used in medicine. * Improved the existing experimental device and combining piezoelectric tube with single-channel optical fiber, where the mode number of light sources could be controlled accurately. * Added genetic algorithms for the traditional optical imaging to ensure the stable imaging effect of biological tissue in the practical application. ### AWARDS - Excellent student scholarship*2(Top 15%) - Overseas exchange scholarship: Singapore management university (3/50) - The first prize of innovation and entrepreneurship team of university students (5/71) ### INTERNSHIP **Creative Fountain Pte Ltd** - Participated in the development of WeChat terminal small program: Findapro, and mastered the development process of QT and Dreamweaver CC in the current terminal development. - Mastered the WeChat small program own a set of framework system, Javascript+CSS, mastered to call the relevant API in the project, WeChat native application effect. - Implemented tag logic and data binding with Vue, and defined new tag libraries with react instead of HTML. ### SKILLS/ INTERESTS - Software: matlab, C, python, java, tensorflow, keras - Hardware: FPGA, STM32, keil, vivado