Askmethat-Aspnet-JsonLocalizer:用于.NetStandard和.NetCore Asp.net项目

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Askmethat-Aspnet-JsonLocalizer 用于.NetStandard和.NetCore Asp.net项目的Json Localizer库 努吉特 建立 项目 该库允许用户在ASP.NET应用程序中使用JSON文件而不是RESX。 该代码尝试最符合Microsoft准则。 该库与NetStandard&NetCore兼容。 组态 扩展方法可用于IServiceCollection 。 你可以在看看方法 选件 提供了一组选项。 您可以这样定义它们: services . AddJsonLocalization ( options => { options
# Askmethat-Aspnet-JsonLocalizer Json Localizer library for .NetStandard and .NetCore projects #### Nuget [![NuGet](]( #### Build [![Build status](]( # Project This library allows users to use JSON files instead of RESX in an ASP.NET application. The code tries to be most compliant with Microsoft guidelines. The library is compatible with NetStandard & NetCore. # Configuration An extension method is available for `IServiceCollection`. You can have a look at the method [here]( ## Options A set of options is available. You can define them like this : ``` cs services.AddJsonLocalization(options => { options.CacheDuration = TimeSpan.FromMinutes(15); options.ResourcesPath = "mypath"; options.FileEncoding = Encoding.GetEncoding("ISO-8859-1"); options.SupportedCultureInfos = new HashSet<CultureInfo>() { new CultureInfo("en-US"), new CultureInfo("fr-FR") }; }); ``` ### Current Options - **SupportedCultureInfos** : _Default value : _List containing only default culture_ and CurrentUICulture. Optionnal array of cultures that you should provide to plugin. _(Like RequestLocalizationOptions) - **ResourcesPath** : _Default value : `$"{_env.WebRootPath}/Resources/"`_. Base path of your resources. The plugin will browse the folder and sub-folders and load all present JSON files. - **CacheDuration** : _Default value : 30 minutes_. We cache all values to memory to avoid loading files for each request, this parameter defines the time after which the cache is refreshed. - **FileEncoding** : _default value : UTF8_. Specify the file encoding. - **IsAbsolutePath** : *_default value : false*. Look for an absolute path instead of project path. - **UseBaseName** : *_default value : false*. Use base name location for Views and constructors like default Resx localization in **ResourcePathFolder**. Please have a look at the documentation below to see the different possiblities for structuring your translation files. - **Caching** : *_default value: MemoryCache*. Internal caching can be overwritted by using custom class that extends IMemoryCache. - **PluralSeparator** : *_default value: |*. Seperator used to get singular or pluralized version of localization. More information in *Pluralization* - **MissingTranslationLogBehavior** : *_default value: LogConsoleError*. Define the logging mode - **LocalizationMode** : *_default value: Basic*. Define the localization mode for the Json file. Currently Basic and I18n. More information in *LocalizationMode* ### Search patterns when UseBaseName = true If UseBaseName is set to true, it will be searched for lingualization files by the following order - skipping the options below if any option before matches. - If you use a non-typed IStringLocalizer all files in the Resources-directory, including all subdirectories, will be used to find a localization. This can cause unpredictable behavior if the same key is used in multiple files. - If you use a typed localizer, the following applies - Namespace is the "short namespace" without the root namespace: - Nested classes will use the translation file of their parent class. - If there is a folder named "Your/Namespace/And/Classname", all contents of this folder will be used. - If there is a folder named "Your/Namespace" the folder will be searched for all json-files beginning with your classname. - Otherwise there will be searched for a json-file starting with "Your.Namespace.And.Classname" in your Resources-folder. - If there any _.shared.json_ file at base path, all the keys that do not exist in other files will be added. - If you need a base shared files, just add a file named _localization.shared.json_ in your **ResourcesPath** ### Pluralization In version 2.0.0, Pluralization was introduced. You are now able to manage a singular (left) and plural (right) version for the same Key. *PluralSeparator* is used as separator between the two strings. For example : User|Users for key Users To use plural string, use paramters from [IStringLocalizer](, if last parameters is a boolean, pluralization will be activated. Pluralization is available with IStringLocalizer, IViewLocalizer and HtmlStringLocalizer : **localizer.GetString("Users", true)**; ### Clean Memory Cache Version 2.2.0+ allows you to clean cache. It's usefull when you want's tu update in live some translations. **Example** ``` cs public class HomeController{ private readonly IJsonStringLocalizer _localizer; public HomeController(IJsonStringLocalizer<HomeController> localizer) { _localizer = localizer; _localizer.ClearMemCache(new List<CultureInfo>() { new CultureInfo("en-US") }); } } ``` # Information **Platform Support** |Platform|Version| | ------------------- | :------------------: | |NetCore|3.0.0+| |NetStandard|2.1.0+| |Blazor Server|3.0.0+| **WithCulture method** **WhithCulture** method is not implemented and will not be implemented. ASP.NET Team, start to set this method **Obsolete** for version 3 and will be removed in version 4 of core. For more information : # Localization mode As asked on the request #64, Some user want to have the possiblities to manage file with i18n way. To answer this demand, a localization mode was introduced with default value Basic. Basic version means the the one describe in the previous parts ## I18n To use the i18n file management, use the the option Localization mode like this : ``` cs LocalizationMode = LocalizationMode.I18n ```. After that, you should be able to use this json : ``` json { "Name": "Name", "Color": "Color" } ``` **File name** File name are important for some purpose (Culture looking, parent culture, fallback). Please use this pattern : **[fileName].[culture].json** If you need a fallback culture that target all culture, you can create a file named **localisation.json**. Of course, if this file does not exist, the chosen default culture is the fallback. **Important: In this mode, the UseBaseName options should be False.** For more information : # Performances After talking with others Devs about my package, they asked my about performance. ``` ini BenchmarkDotNet=v0.12.0, OS=macOS 10.15.4 (19E287) [Darwin 19.4.0] Intel Core i7-5557U CPU 3.10GHz (Broadwell), 1 CPU, 4 logical and 2 physical cores .NET Core SDK=3.1.101 [Host] : .NET Core 3.1.1 (CoreCLR 4.700.19.60701, CoreFX 4.700.19.60801), X64 RyuJIT DefaultJob : .NET Core 3.1.1 (CoreCLR 4.700.19.60701, CoreFX 4.700.19.60801), X64 RyuJIT ``` | Method | Mean | Error | StdDev | Min | Max | Ratio | RatioSD | Gen 0 | Gen 1 | Gen 2 | Allocated | |------------------------------------------------ |--------------:|-------------:|-------------:|--------------:|--------------:|---------:|--------:|--------:|--------:|-------:|----------:| | Localizer | 108.02 ns | 0.240 ns | 0.187 ns | 107.74 ns | 108.44 ns | 1.00 | 0.00 | - | - | - | - | | JsonLocalizer | 72.37 ns | 0.422 ns | 0.
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